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    Is it a crime to love oneself?

    It is said about many people that they only love themselves the most. Is it a crime to do so? I believe, if self-care is done sincerely, then only one can love others genuinely. Suicide cases are indeed rising, and hooliganism is increasing also. So, people who indulge in wrongdoings ignore the call of their conscience and disregard others' love. Loving oneself shows respect to family members and friends for their unconditional love, so there is a need for self-protection from every evil. Self-love must not become an obsession, rather a ritual. Such a type of practice conveys a thanksgiving message to the nurturers.
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    Plethora of loving oneself entails narcissistic elements, however, self respect is the essence of human character. This is what everyone needs have intact under all circumstances. Loving his self, parents, siblings, friends is a natural phenomena which instinctively emerges in heart. It does not require to subdue it, even animals have this love for their fellow members of their family.
    Human society needs social fabric kept intact with mutual interact, cooperation, understanding. It prevails peace, harmony, solidarity in human environment.

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    A nice thread has been shared by the author. Love is good in any sense, regardless of whether the person loves himself or his family. Love is an emotion that motivates us to take care of a particular person or ourselves and it is also important. But just as every emotion has a limit, so does love. If a person loves himself but forgets that he is a human also and he has to maintain his humanity towards society, then the situation can be worrisome. Love yourself and others but keep its balance. Never let your emotions get, out of your control. Think well for yourself but don't add bad thoughts for others.

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    Live for the self and love for the living is the attitude for many and this happens to us also, As long as our self interest are not compromised and our life is going smooth we are not worried. But when others intrude into our life and make it miserable to live, then people turn hostile and selfish also. By loving self it is proved that we care for self and others also because our work matters and performance proves. Therefore it is not a crime at all to be selfish and loving self and by displaying care for us.
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    Loving ourselves is very much desired. We should love ourselves, our parents, wife, children and siblings. It gives us more satisfaction and we feel we are in the right path.
    We know ourselves better than others. So we know much better what is good and what is bad for us. So we need not carry away with the suggestions of others. We can hear what others say but we should decide what is needed for us. Many people try to give us suggestions but astonishing fact is that many time they never follow that suggestion themselves. So we need not worry about what others think of us but we should implement what is the best for us.

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