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    When do you think is the right time to change the job?

    Switching companies is very common especially in the private sector. When you look at a person's company name he works in or has worked, you will find atleast 3-4 companies in the list. Some people change their job for higher salary and some might change for some good scope or promotion or willing to work in any other domain.

    But what do you feel should be considered to change a job. Yes, everyone works for money and definitely have to look for something better but should that just be the sole reason? Sometimes, switching job for better pay might not yield happiness and satisfaction. Or should a person change his job to work in the different field of his choice and compromise with the salary ?
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    By the way why a job should be changed when the things are going right and paid well. Normally friends gather at the week ends and exchange pleasantries and ask for job satisfaction and so on. Surely that discussion would trigger in new job offer with good pay hike. Having referred by a friends, that would be sure shot acceptance and thus without thinking twice the new job is accepted without knowing the fact that how the working would be conducive and better than the present job. One thing is sure we are alone responsible for good job or bad job. If we understand the job tasks well the out put would encouraging and the management would be happy and if we work with the half heart the productivity would be less and the management would unhappy. My suggestion is to sustain in the present job to become master over it.
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    Changing a job cannot be done on an impulse or an arbitrarily basis. It requires a lot of homework and analysis before leaving a job and going for the apparent greener pastures. A lot of prudence and maturity is required in taking such crucial decisions in our lives. There could be many other reasons for changing a job other than the career. For example a person may like to live cosily in his parents house and accept a small job in his home town and ignore a good job elsewhere far from the town. A doctor may not like to work in a village set up even if the Govt PHC salary is double than what he is getting in a private clinic in the city. A housewife may not join a job due to hassles of performing and shuttling out and in of the house and may prefer to remain as a housewife only. So, there are many other considerations also in this other than career. As regards the career, of course if one is interested in taking risks and want to rise in life then taking up a job in a challenging an emerging area sometimes results in phenomenal growth and many examples are there to showcase these transformations. In any case the risks and relative gains have to be assessed before leaving the present job and going for the new aspirations.
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    The man runs after a good job when he has a better job. Promotion, increment in salary allure a person to change the company. The working environment is also a very important factor. If someone is satisfied in a company, he would not like to switch his job. He keeps on doing his job and rejects any other company. Some people tethered at a place because lack of self-confidence, somehow they have got the job, so they're mentally settled at a place, they find it hard to adjust to a new environment. If somebody has employment in his city he resides in would prefer to stay at home instead of going away from family.

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    When, despite continuously working in the same company, if no growth or increment is found, then people think about changing jobs. But some people have a habit of changing jobs repeatedly, by doing these people do their own harm. Every company spends a considerable amount of money on a hiring process, in which case they expect employees to serve in the company for a long time. When people switch jobs frequently, then other companies also doubt their stability. According to my opinion, a person must have served at least 1-year or more in an MNC, and if he/she feels no growth can be possible here then only think about changing the job.

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    The decision to change a job can be taken at any time but it depends mainly on the relative merit of the existing versus the new job. One should see all the pros and cons of both the positions and then only decide for leaving and going for the new one. Some people do a mistake of simply comparing the salaries between the two and leave the present job. That is not correct as seeing only one aspect in such important things in our lives may lead to a situation of repenting only. Salary is one important aspect but we must understand that salary is not only everything.
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    There may be varied reasons for a change of job. Job Satisfaction is one reason for the change of job. When we are trying for a job without a job, we will be in a hurry and we may get into that job whatever we got. But after getting into it we will feel that the job profile may not be matching our interest. So we may look for a change and this time as already we are in a job we will be more choosy and try for a better position.
    Another reason is money. We all know that too people working in a private organisation know that as long as we have the energy and we work for the company only the management will keep you and the moment they feel you are not fit physically to deliver the things they may ask you to gap. So employees will also think to earn as much as they can during their active working years. So they will try to shift jobs if they get a better pay packet.
    Another factor is growth in career. When you shift a job you may go for a higher position which means you will be performing at a higher level than in the present organisation. That will give you better exposure and you may have better growth in your career.
    Like this, you can list many reasons for a job change. But frequently changing the job is not good for career growth also.

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