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    How can a manufacturing or service company keep the quality unaffected?

    In any area of working and manufacturing, quality of the products or services is given the maximum importance as that is the deciding factor for its acceptance by the customers in a big way. At the same time for making a good profit and make progress it is understood that quantity also matters much. More the sale or more the services, more the revenue will be pouring in. In business environment it is believed that more is merrier. So, for any business it is a challenge as how to keep the quality intact with increasing production. When the production increases the testing has to be increased still the chances of letting out a defective piece to the customers also increase. We have seen in many cases where the reputed manufacturers, on finding that a defective lot has been shipped to the customers, call it back and replace promptly to keep their reputation intact and untarnished. There are big challenges associated with the quality in mass production. How can a company keep the quality unaffected?
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    The ultimate criteria of such Business Enterprises is to earn profit with Customers satisfaction . Accordingly they planning the whole business activities is such a way that its run consistently , like-

    1.Proper Planning for procurement of standard quality of Input Materials by the Material Management Department.
    2.Maintaining Processing standard of the Product any quality reduction in process must be rectified .
    3.Packaging standard with specific Logo must be maintaining by the respective department.
    4.In case of service Industry the quality of Employees needs to be monitored on regular basis based on their performance. A standard performance analysis system to be maintained for the purpose.
    Customer service station point should be maintained in proper way.
    Necessary public relation through wide publicity of the product advertisement also to be maintained throughout the year to maintain standard demand. Product diversity system if required to be taken care off in due time.

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    For any manufacturing company the backbone of their sustained performance and popularity is the quality product for which they spend huge money and know how on how to maintain the quality away from the criticism of the customers and an eye on competitors. One thing is sure as long as the quality is maintained the customers through word of their mouth would bring in new customers for the company and if the quality is compromised one customer is enough to bring in very bad reputation to the entire company. So quality assurance matters and it needs to be followed.
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    There are many quality management systems are designed. Such systems are implemented by many of the organisations these days. . The documentation is made in such a way that anew person coming in should be able to follow the document and bring out the product in such a way that the quality is maintained.
    Internal customer and their satisfaction is also taken into account. For example if a product A is to be manufactured using other ingredients. The process will have different steps. The product after each step will be considered as an input to the next stage and the next stage operator will be the internal customer He should satisfy with the product he received for further conversion. This system is known as quality in built system. A close follow up and proper verification will make the system much better so that quality is maintained correctly.

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    I agree with the author that quality, quantity and service progress a company, particularly, services play very important role for boosting the demand of their product.
    Here one thing plays a vital role in business industry and it's the price of the product. There are different categories of customers. One group demands the best quality product, these customers do not mind price, rather, purchase costly items. Another group demand cheap and best items produced by well established companies, the third group belongs to lower class customers that purchases local products.
    Why China has defeated US in trade war. Reason is that their companies minimise the profit and maximise the glut of products.
    The author has raised a question how to maintain quality of products in this cut throat competition. Quality products can be produced if company has good return from market. Employer and employees must have healthy coherence. Demand graph of their product should be raised at any cost. When demand goes up, quality will also go up.

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    The reputed companies are concious of making quality products since they are familiar with the trust of their customers. Though revenue earning is the vital component of any successful organisation but it does not mean they will erode their trust by supplying substandard products. In order to maintain their image, they undertake several quality tests to ascertain the life of their products, identifying the defects during the process of the test and other chemical and mechanical properties. Their main aim is to secure customer's satisfaction. There will be certainly the growth of the business if the trust between the customers and manufacturers is deeply embedded.

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    In a large manufacturing capacity organisation it is very difficult task to keep the quality at the top level. Even a small mistake at one place can go unnoticed and will be known only when the customers starts complaining. I think those companies which conduct regular training classes for their employees and keep them motivated for having excellence in their work can only achieve this tough target of good quality.
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