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    Active GD- Regulations to monitor OTT platforms will bring in positive results. Yes or No?

    On the basis of lot many complaints received and also official observation, the central government is planning to bring in regulations to monitor online news channels and online platforms. It is on that ground that we are announcing this Active GD inspired by this thread by Paresh Gujarati on the topic 'Regulations to monitor OTT platforms will bring in positive results, yes or no'?

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    The best participants selected will be awarded a cash reward of Rs 150/- each. Other participants will also be considered for cash rewards if found eligible.

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  • #724047
    At present, OTT platforms are providing a lot of entertainment to their audience in the form of high-quality serials related to historical, scientific, fictional, mythological, etc. backgrounds. They also provide new movies, games, sports, and news channels on their platform with quality content. Their platforms will be successful only when they create high-quality content on their platforms. To maintain these platforms is a very costly affair for them. Creativity plays an important role to satisfy their audience. If censorship is imposed it will curtail their freedom of creativity. In the past, the same party that has fought against censorship on freedom is imposing censorship is quite astonishing. So I am against the Central government imposing censorship on OTT platforms. Initially, I am giving some cons against censorship on the OTT platform.

    1. It will severely crimple the creative nature of OTT platforms.
    2. OTT platforms create employment for youth as well as elders like the cinema industry and also in the form of its operators. Censor will discourage its growth in the initial stage itself.
    3. Censorship is really against the expression of freedom.
    4. Contemporary social issues, historical facts, political problems, etc. are discussed and debated on these platforms and this censorship will affect their objective.
    5. Audiences who pay a lot for these platforms cannot get the interesting creative content that they expect.

  • #724050
    There need to be controlling for any thing as the internet is the subject matter of viewing and appreciating and any bad content released on internet with OTT rights, there are every chance of going over board and the rules likes the censors are not followed. So the free for all in fives the makers the far reaching hand to add unsolicited acts and actions which are detrimental to family viewing and therefore I strongly recommend regulatory for OTT platforms so that best viewing pleasure is guaranteed and the lost entertainment through theaters would be restored in that way.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #724055
    OTT(over the top ) platforms are in popularity because they are cheap ,have some unusual content which normally is not seen on television and some people who are not having TV or living for their jobs outside their city preferring them. But ,on the name of original content they don't have right to hurt the sentiments of a particular society or a community . The craze is there on youngsters to watch webseries ,impacting on their studies .They are watching because the pornographic content they can't watch in front of elders, where they even hesitate to watch a kissing scene with whole family in the dinning hall .But , this gives them the liberty to have their own personal space and then imagine anything about any person in their own way .Such kind of content cannot be their for just entertainment purpose .Now, if someone argues that they bring out those content as original then they need to understand that now a days even a kid is using mobile phone or laptops and if he/she get to know about these content they insist themselves to watch though they have the 18+ warning but it doesn't work. That impacts for a long time on the minds , this thing one can also relate if he /she has watched any webseries on any OTT platforms.

  • #724057
    The Government of India has already put the Over The Top(OTT) platforms, news, and current affairs on online platforms under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting(MIB) in November last year. The MIB is given powers to regulate the policies for the digital platforms. These actions were taken due to certain complaints on popular serials like Tandav and Mirzapur on the OTT platforms. Presently the OTT platform is unregulated whereas TV broadcasts are regulated by the Cable Television Networks Act 1995. The Government says that the rules for the digital platform are ready and will be implemented shortly.
    In my opinion, the OTT platforms should not be brought under the control of the Government. The OTT content is highly creative and the industry is growing rapidly. There are big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, Hotstar, etc. The regional OTT platforms are also coming up fast. These days we can access a large variety of content on the internet. The OTT platform should be allowed to be free from censorship of the Government. Creativity will be the first casualty if censorship is implemented. The younger generation is coming up with highly creative content. They should be allowed the freedom to express themselves freely. Self-regulatory measures by the OTT are better than the Government control over it.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724061
    As we know that OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms are in trend and due to the current pandemic, many have taken over by this platform. Nowadays, we can get everything on the internet but is it right to be open to such kinds of information that can cause some sought of disturbance in people. At one point, we want our children to be under our guidance, should be taught the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, love and hatred, social and human commitment, our culture, customs, etc, how can we allow contents that harm the sentiments of people.

    It is right in one point to say that censorship will curtail the freedom of creativity but should that freedom be used to harm people? Should it divide people in the name of caste, religion through hate speech, etc? Should it be used to show vulgarity or nudity?

    We require censorship in the OTT platform and I fully support it. As mentioned in (#724047), "In the past, the same party that has fought against censorship on freedom is imposing censorship is quite astonishing. " Can we say that the past mistakes should never be corrected? When they were in opposition, they were against it but now, they realized their mistakes and want to correct them. Why can't we give them the chance of this correction.

    As mentioned in (#724057), "The younger generation is coming up with highly creative content. They should be allowed the freedom to express themselves freely. Self-regulatory measures by the OTT are better than the Government control over it." Many new serials, TV shows, films, etc have contents that cannot be viewed with family, and in such cases, should we say that they have done their self-regulatory and then released on the OTT platform or was looked over as there was no Censor board.

    Let every content be censored and categorized accordingly and if we want to keep a place for freedom of expression and creativity, let the government come up with a special platform like we have "ULLU" where most of the uploads are X rated. So on that platform, people can view but under the set rules and regulation from the 'Information & Broadcasting (I&B) ministry'.

    Censorship will not only help to protect the sentiments of the people by preventing explicit and hateful content from reaching people but also save the peaceful atmosphere, our culture, and social commitment towards the society.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #724063
    I am not in favour of the Regulations to monitor OTT platforms. During the lockdown period when all cinema halls were in shut down mode OTT platform has entertained people. There are several reasons of denying regulation on OTT platforms and digital media:

    1. It is providing a lots of entertaining content to the viewers and they can freely watch this content at very low cost. While the content telecasted by the satellite TV is much costly and they telecast repeated content. If a regulation will be imposed on OTT platforms as well, then due to the same type of content they will be just like the television programmes.

    2. OTT platforms and news channels are giving opportunity to new talent also otherwise it is very difficult to race with the well-established channels or programmes. Here I can give you an example of Gurugram News. It has gained attention during lockdown and covers all the Gurugram news and now it is a popular news digital channel which is being viewed by Gurugram people and present authentic news.

    3. There is no need of censorship as we already have 'Information & Technology Act, 2000' and some other laws to deal with hateful and explicit content. And on news digital channels there is absolutely no need of imposing any regulation as already many regulations in place like PCI norms, Copyright Act and so on.

    4. People can choose the content on OTT platforms according to their choice and OTT platforms also mention the appropriate age to watch that content. So, there is no need to censor them.

  • #724064
    These days OTT platforms are becoming very popular and that is mainly due to the pandemic. All movie theatres are closed and TVs were showing already shown serials and people are very badly looking for a way to see the movies and web series.
    This situation has given a chance for these OTT platforms and big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, Hotstar, etc are going ahead strongly. Many new platforms including regional platforms are also making progress. To that extent it is good and they are providing some recreation to the people.
    But taking this as an advantage we can't encourage these OTT platforms to show whatever content they like. We all should remember that here there are no restrictions and a small boy can also see these shows on his mobile which is being used by him for his online classes.
    School going children and college-going children also cam watch these shows. These young people still in adolescence and they don't even know what is right and what is wrong. If they go on the wrong path their whole life will get spoiled. Many times we say that we should guide the children properly.
    In the name of creativity, if somebody is trying to take advantage, we can't encourage such people. Initially, the government allowed all the content without any censoring and many complaints from different areas started pouring in. At this juncture, the government has decided to have some regulations
    In the guise of creativity and freedom, the channels can't take advantage and discriminate between caste, creed and religion. They should not try to raise tensions in some sections of society by their acts. That type of acts should be curtailed. I strongly feel that regulations to monitor OTT platforms will bring in a positive result and it is a positive move from the central; government.
    We are talking about OTT platforms saying that they are spending a lot of money. For making a movie also crores of rupees and a lot of work will be spent. Then why should we censor them. They are also creative and excellent movies are coming. They are also censored . Why?

    always confident

  • #724065
    Talking about the creativity then no one is having right to hurt the sentiments of any religion or any community . Specifically talking about the triple X season 2 by Ekta Kapoor which showed the uniform of Indian army in very offending way .Is it the creativity you talk about ? OTT is disrespecting the uniform of the armed forces .Then ,they just apologize on twitter and that's it .Making something for entertainment purpose needs to be for just for entertainment . If you look at the rating of these webseries they also get millions of views which people ignore at that time because that was just entertaining them at that moment. That's shows how much people ,even the directors and producers of these OTT shows have element of nationality and respect for our armed forces and for our nation .
    There was the time when whole family used to sit together and used to watch family shows .I am not talking about few decades before it is just seven to eight years before when people were using cables . Kids of just 12 years are also watching webseries ,i mean would you blame their parents who gave smartphones to them for study ?
    If the regulation is directly by the government then it will automatically stop spreading the violence and the content which is not supposed to be there in front of kids and even the youngsters of age group upto twenty two years .

  • #724066
    Some of the series that are coming on these platforms are showing very unwanted pornographic content. Even though they carry a warning saying that the content is not for under 18 years ages, how to stop the kids from watching the content. They have the internet with them and they have the smartphone in their hand and they have their own space and they can watch the content without any problem. Then how they are going to shape up their future. No parent is having that much time to monitor the student so carefully and see that they will not watch these content.
    The rules and regulations will be in place and they will be framed in such a way that the rights of the producers will be protected and never discourage them from making the series. At the same time, they will see that unwanted content will be there in the series. So that will not create any hurdles for the people who are really interested in producing quality content and see that the industry will progress.

    always confident

  • #724074
    Regularisation of OTT platforms will definitely bring the positive results and there will be a good control on this mode also as there is already existing the regulation for showing the movies or other programs in TV or Cinema halls. We must think of the young generation which is being misguided by the uncensored material in the media like OTT and there are many criminal activities that are resulting from this free for all and free material in the OTT platforms. The channels and maker of the programmes are minting money on the cost of maligning the young people who instead of focussing to their carer are getting addicted o the OTT channels. I strongly feel that censorship and other regulations must be applied on these programmes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #724077
    As many members are saying that children have smartphones and they cannot be stopped from watching these content but I want to say here that if the content of the OTT platform will be censored/ regularised, still there is many more medium from which they can get the access to the content. And what is the guarantee that censoring OTT platforms will stop them? So, it is not worthy to stop all from the creative content we have seen that the maximum content that are aired on the OTT platforms are reality based / closed to real life and at the end gives meaningful message to the viewers. Further, if any hateful or explicit content appears on these platforms it is immediately blocked or deleted by the channels themselves.

    Already there are enough regulations which regulates the alleged streaming content. There are various sections in Indian Penal Code and if any content portrays women character indecently can be penalized various section of Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. So already there are several laws and regulation which regulated the uncertified, un-regulated and vulgar content broadcasting. There are lots of explicit content available on internet and regulation of only OTT platforms seems unfair.

  • #724079
    As per the records there about 40 platforms that are in these lines. These are all brought under the I & B Ministry. They are advised to register under the ministry. As per the Minister, the framing of the regulations is going on and this process is in its final stage. They may be soon out.
    The Ministry had several rounds of consultations with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). A self-regulatory mechanism was proposed bt the Association. But the steps proposed by them are not adequate to meet the grievances received from various viewers. So the government is trying to amend and come out with fair rules and regulations.
    Keeping the future of the present youth and adolescent people the rules and regulations will be made. This is what the ministry is aiming for. I hope definitely these regulations will bring in good changes in OTT platforms

    always confident

  • #724082
    Those who are arguing in favor of censorship over the OTT platform have to think the following- Some of the members saying the harm of these platforms. The TV and Cinema media have government control over them for a very long time. But what the censorship brought to the standards of movies? We can see that the present movies have a lot of obscenities and lots of pornographic content in every bit of the movie. The women's roles were shown with a lot of vulgarity and obscenities. No government how strong they may be is able to control this menace in Indian movies. If any objection is raised by the censor board or citizen forums, producers are getting clearance through courts for their movies on the basis of freedom of expression. The same thing also can be experienced in the case of TV programs. Moreover, we are living in a virtual world where any kind of content can be available on the internet. So saying that because of the OTT platform lot of harm is caused to society is a baseless argument. So, according to my opinion self-control over creating good content is a good solution to this issue.

  • #724085
    I think it is a good move to monitor the OTT platform. These days, everyone has a mobile, internet connect and the access to various OTT platforms. So, it is better if the platforms are monitored as to what type of content is available. I agree, OTT platforms have given us a lot of entertainment during the pandemic and still continues to but monitoring is no wrong.
    Many people use OTT platforms for entertainment and the number is people using it is also increasing day by day. This platform is not for one single age group and we see all the age group people. We can control the access while giving to kids but we cannot control the teenage people or others as everyone wants their own privacy. So, if the platforms are monitored for the type of content given, then there would not be fear of any vulgar or obscene content.
    Also with the phones being used for online classes and everything, students might go to these platforms for some entertainment so its best to have controlled entertainment which will not distract people with absurd scenes or movies.

  • #724086
    If the present control on movies and TVs is not adequate, the corrective action should be to further tighten the belt there. But as it is not working properly, leaving other platforms without any censoring is not logical I think. I agree that the standards of censorship are to be tightened for movies. At the same time, the same regulations should be made applicable to OTT platforms also. That is fair.
    A section of the entertainment providers has to work under some restrictions whereas some others should be left without any regulations? It is never correct. In fact, I feel OTT platforms should be having more stringent rules so that we will have good content on these platforms.
    The younger generation should get benefitted from watching the web series and other content. Attempts should be made in that direction.
    Some members feel that there are many other ways for children to get exposed to unwanted content. May be and one after others should be controlled. The government has initiated an action in that direction and that should be appreciated. Once the OTT platforms are brought under some regulations, the same can be extended to other areas where it is needed.

    always confident

  • #724087
    There is one more concern with a regulatory body for OTT platforms and digital news channels, which due to the government intervention will curtail the freedom of expression which will become an issue with artists and filmmakers. These OTT platforms provides the path to a talented people to create some original creative, innovative content with liberty. Which will not be possible if there will be a conventional regulatory authority. Imposing limitations to the creative expressions of OTT platforms may lose their sheen as it attempts to dictates on creators and viewers as well.

  • #724091
    I agree with Srinivasa Rao, When a section of the entertainment providers has to work under some restrictions then the same should apply for OTT also. There is nothing wrong in restricting the OTT for some good content so that everyone can watch it and parents need not fear about the bad content.
    Yes some members worry about children getting exposed to unwanted content many other ways but why to make this OTT platform also useful for unwanted content. Let strict rules be implemented for content in OTT so that atleast this can be spared of useless content.

  • #724093
    #724087, imposing regulations will not at all affect the talent. Talent should be used in a good way and not to showcase something not good. Also real talent is to work and do things under the rules and following it.
    When we see any events or talent shows, they will have they set of rules and only people adhering to the rules are allowed to participate. so its always good to have rules and regulations so that people don't forget the values and can give valuable and decent content.

  • #724098
    There is no government body to control digital content in place. But the Government still has full control over filtering or blocking of any explicit or hateful content or even stop internet access if required. Information Technology Act, 2000 is already there to control the online content. However, explicit and hateful content is blocked by OTT platforms themselves. Last year Hotstar blocked John Oliver Show. Netflix removed an episode of Hasan Minaj Patriot Act. Similarly, the Netflix documentary Bad Boy Billionaires India was also stopped by the court. In 2019, the government also suggested OTT platforms for the formation of a self-regulatory body. A self-regulatory body of OTT platforms namely the Digital Content Complaint Council (DCCC) was formed. It is an adjudicatory council and Hotstar, Jio, SonyLIV, Network 18 and Eros are its members. They have signed the self-regulatory code. The council moderate content on OTT platforms and prevent them from coming under government censorship. Further, The Government has full power to remove any objectionable content which can harm India's sovereign interests under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000. The government can issue directions for blocking public access to any information through any electronic resource. So, there is no need for any new regulatory body for digital content.

  • #724100

    Rules and regulations do not affect talent. And self-regulation is also regulation, it is not necessary to impose any law or rules by government or formation of a government body. Events and talents shows has also their own rules and government has not set rules for them. As I have already explained in my response #724098 a self regulatory body of OTT platforms is already there that is called Digital Content Complaint Council (DCCC) and several OTT platforms are member of it.

  • #724103
    I will give an example of how censoring will affect of freedom of creating content. In the beginning, DD has provided a limited number of programs, in the absence of any other things these programs attracted all of us. In the case of government-run DD, there will be a lot of restrictions in program making and creating, money spent on the programs, strict rules in the authorization given by authorities, etc. will restrict the quality of the programs. But suddenly as new private channels entered into this arena, as these private channels created interesting and innovative content for the audience, DD channels disappeared from the minds of people. Private channels encouraged new talent, gave full freedom to their creators, spent more money according to the needs of the programs helped them to reach peaks in this field. This is truly the result of the freedom given to the creators of content by these private channels. So you can understand how freedom of expression helps in creating quality content.

  • #724105
    DD is an independent body under the ministry of I & B. They have to work under a certain framework. There was no competition those days and whatever they are airing was being seen. The poor quality of the shows those days can't be attributed to the rules and restrictions. The reasons for that are different and lack of commitment and creativity in the people there was the problem. The same DD improved to some extent after other channels came and the competition was there.
    Freedom of expression will never go away with the regulations that are going to implement. Still, the final draft of the regulations that are going to be enforced is not known. Definitely, the regulations will have a check on the content and not on the quality. Is it that the quality of movies that are coming in India is bad due to rules and regulations that are imposed by the censor board?

    always confident

  • #724107
    I am in favour of the censoring and regulating the OTT channels. Let us go in the background in which OTT was introduced in India in a big way and people subscribed to it in such a large number. The main reason was closing of the cinema halls and multiplexes due to corona threat and then the people who were hard core fan of movie viewing switched to other options. Due to the attractive subscription schemes OTT soon caught the fancy of the cine goers and its subscriber base jumped to new heights. This was the point at which the movie or serial makers perceived that OTT being a new thing the existing censorship rule were not applied to it because of the legal reasons of not telling a thing explicitly. Law is always like that and at the time of its enacting such comprehensive inclusions cannot be conceived. Anyway, as the law did not cover it the producers had a field day and they floated the uncensored creations in OTT platform and the audience took pride in it.

    Now we are awakened to the reality that our audience is seeing the uncensored things in OTT platform and mocking our censorship rules which are framed based on the Indian culture and heritage. So, it is the natural thing to do for a govt in that situation and there should not be any surprise or intriguing on this action by the authorities. We have to do it for bringing consistency in implanting our laws.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #724108
    #724063, As mentioned that OTT platform has lots of entertaining content that is available at a low cost, giving an opportunity to new talent, people can choose the content on OTT platforms according to their choice, etc but can we allow them to telecast any type of content for the normal public. It is true that people are free to choose but it's the case everywhere but we need some guidelines, rules & regulations for the platforms to upload without defaming others, hurting people's sentiments or caste-biased contents, etc.

    #724077, children have smartphones and have access to these content, have enough regulations, various sections in Indian Penal Code which regulate such streaming content but yet they are aired freely but when such censorship will come into effect, such contents can be controlled if not stooped to an extent.

    #724087, freedom of expression will become an issue for artists and filmmakers, to create some original creative, innovative content with liberty. Can we say that freedom means to hurt others by making content that hurts and divide people in the name of religion, caste, gender, or give a delusion to children that back answering, killing, using alcohol, gutkha, etc are a fashion. Don't you feel that even at home, we have full restriction or control over our children but they do try to watch such content? So bringing censorship to OTT & news channels will to a certain level control the publishing of such content if not completely put a brake on it.

    #724098, When we say that the Government(under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000) still has full control over filtering or blocking of any explicit or hateful content or even stop internet access if required, then why should one have a problem when the center is bringing censorship to the OTT platform. Be assured that only explicit, objectionable content which can harm India's sovereign and hateful content is blocked by OTT platforms and other content can be aired giving full freedom to the creator.

    #724100, A self-regulatory body of OTT platforms is already there that is called Digital Content Complaint Council (DCCC) but yet we see many explicit and derogatory contents being aired over the OTT platform. We know that censorship will only bring a bit of strictness to the creator to again self-monitor their content and prevent it from being aired for the common man. When people can choose what they want to watch but it should not be content that can rise hatred, lust, adulatory, fake, and pirate in the heart or mind of people.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #724118
    #724100 Self regulation is important but do you think people will apply the self regulation? In the name of entertainment and making money, they can go to extent and hence it is required for some regulation so that people know the limits.

    ##724103 we cannot compare DD with the entertainment we have today. Those days DD was the only channel available and there was no competition. But now, technology, entertainment and everything has been emerged. And by restricting and applying rules, it does not mean that the entertainment cannot be given or there will not be any new shows or talents. It is only applied so that people do not forget their limits in the process of giving entertainment and making money,

  • #724119

    Yes, people chose the content they want to see. Than those who do not like these content may choose other available options. Why stop others who like it and want to see the content? Still there are so many alternatives. Satellite televisions like Airtel, Tatasky, DTH are still telecasting their programmes. Those who do not like streaming content must avoid it They can go for satellite TV. Nobody have compelled them to see OTT platforms. Further, the filmmakers also create the content that is liked by the most of the general public. Self-regulation is their which moderate the content of OTT platforms. Conventional regulation on the OTT platforms will hamper the creativity of the content and also hurt the young talent. These platforms have given the chance to those youngsters who are talented but cannot even it imagined without being aired on these platforms.

    Children are having the smartphone or they use the smartphone of their parents. Than it is parent's duty to watch them and not to use this platform in the students' mobiles. Further, everybody knows that these apps require login and password so parents should keep the login and password out of reach of the children and should not share with them. Every platform mentions the age category for each content so parents can avoid the content which they feel may not be appropriate for the children.

    Then content which hurt anyone sentiments is blocked by the OTT platforms themselves as already I have given some examples in my post #724098. I don't think so that if parents will restrict their children and keep a watch on them definitely they will not try to watch such content. Censoring the content will not serve the purpose as if anyone who want to see such type of content he will try to get access to the content by other means. We all know that apart from OTT platforms, there are several other ways to access objectionable content.

    Explicit objectionable content is stopped by government at any time so there is no need impose any specific regulatory body to censor the content. Creator create the content which is liked by the public. OTT platforms and digital news media provide a greater voice to the general population, but only if it's allowed to flourished without oversight.

  • #724120

    I request you to please read my post #724098 once again. A self-regulatory body is not made of a single entity but it has several members. So it is not so much difficult to self-regulate anything. Any objectionable content is stopped by OTT platforms themselves.

  • #724127
    I am for a self-regulatory body with guidelines than the control of the Government. Whenever Government control is exercised, there will be many problems. For one thing, the Government does not want any remarks on its functioning. It will take a serious view of it. In a democracy, the Government should be open to criticism and comments. They should be viewed objectively. The medium is used for not just entertainment but also to make certain messages to the public. The government's control may curb such freedom. The self-regulatory body will have certain values and will implement them so that no objectionable matter is shown on these platforms.

    From the responses above some members are for Government control and some are for no control. The lines are clearly drawn. Those who want the OTT to be under the control of the Government advance the reasons that the content at times is not fit to be viewed with family. I want to make one thing clear. The OTT is not coming free of cost. It is to be paid to be viewed. Those who fear need not subscribe. They can as well keep away from it. The younger generation knows very well about how to access the content they want. To think that they are very much innocent and know nothing is our folly. The kissing scenes are allowed in cinemas also. The family goes to a picture hall and watches them. Certain things which are not common earlier have become common.
    Another point is that some of the content is hurting the sentiments of some community, religion. When there is a criticism of anything, we have to listen and analyse it. These days intolerance is increasing and people are taking objections to many things. This was not the case some fifty years back. If the objections are genuine, then some corrective action may be taken by the regulatory body. If any pornographic material is shown, the regulatory body itself will take action and remove it. The regulatory body should be comprised of with persons of forward-thinking and integrity. Such a body will take care of all the aspects and clear the content which is good for society.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724138
    When no censoring is required for OTT platforms then why for movies. As mentioned by some members, parents are supposed to take care of their children. The same parents can take care of their children and see that they will not go to the movies? How far it is practicable?
    There are problems with this uncensored content on OTT platforms. Some are trying to create tensions between different religions. This type of content will provoke unrest among the people and may lead to complications. Why such content should be allowed. It is not alone about male-female relations and sex. Some content is trying to widen the gap between different religions and working against the interest of the nation also. The content in some is teaching how to perform a crime and teaching unwanted issues. Keeping all these in view a regulatory body with some framework is very much welcome.
    The self-regulatory body is already working but the complaints about the content from various section of society are pouring in. So it is welcome to have regulations in place.

    always confident

  • #724140
    Freedom of expression is very important to bring out the real problems of society. When debates and discussions are held freely only real solutions come out. Why government fearing about this I don't know? Politicians of BJP and its allied RSS bringing a lot of discussions, debates, and their thoughts about Gandhiji and Nehru in a negative way. They are tarnishing their images of these great warriors with the freedom of their expression. Don't they know all other people also have such freedom to air their thoughts? Varied opinions and thoughts to be honored in a democratic and progressive country. In this aspect, I fully support KVRR views #724127.

    Contrary to the argument of some members, the OTT channels are free and cheap is not true. To view any OTT channel you have to pay and subscribe. Those who are arguing that some OTT channels are not fit for viewing can subscribe only that are safe and good for them. Unlike TV, people can choose their required and interesting content on OTT platforms.

    An independent regulatory body with elite members from different areas of society is enough to regulate the content of the OTT platform. The government should not have any such affiliation with such an independent regulatory body. This regulatory body work as the third empire in an international cricket match.

  • #724148
    Censoring was required for movies which were aired by DD and by other satellite TVs because it was seen by the all most all classes of people. But the OTT platform are seen only some specific classes because they are not free and only available at subscription. And also require good internet connection. The main purpose of the OTT platforms is to provide videos on demand. So if the content of OTT platforms will be censored then definitely the creativity of creators will be in vain. And if the consumers/viewer will get the same type/level of content (as provided by satellite TVs) even after paying a subscription fee, then what will be the benefit of it. Why they will use the OTT? It will also cause a great loss to this industry. If people are bothered with the content available on these platforms can avoid them and they must not subscribe them. The content which create tension or hurt sentiments of people is blocked or removed by these platforms themselves.

    It is not correct that this type of content teaches how to perform a crime and teach unwanted issues. Because we all are well aware that satellite TVs telecast several programmes like Savadhan India, Crime Petrol and so many other programmes, and I must say that anyone who want to do some crime can also get clues from these programmes. Government even itself cannot be able to monitor the whole content available at OTT platforms and it is not an easy task. So It is better that the matter should be kept with OTT platforms only as already a self-regulatory body is there.

  • #724149
    Freedom of expression should not be biased towards one community only. You must have incidents of violence and firing everything on the way by some goons just because someone posted something on social media but the same community can mock and make fun of other community. The question here is not about of freedom of expression but misusing the freedom of expression according to the convenience and mocking others. Freedom of expression should not be biased or used to create tension and without any regulations for sure such contents will be created and adding up all the cooked stories to make it more interesting and provoking to people resulting in tension among people.

  • #724151
    The Government has already fixed the new rules to regulate these platforms. The Information Technology Rules 2021, gives the rules as to how the digital news organisations, social media platforms, and OTT services will be regulated by the government. The Internet Freedom Foundation has made public the draft rules. A committee with representatives from the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Law, Ministry of Information Technology, and Ministry of Women and Child Development will be formed. The code of ethics to be followed will be released. The committee will have the powers to take upon its own for any violations it feels. It can ban any content affecting "the sovereignty and integrity of India" and that which threatens national security. This is a too-long rope. The sovereignty and integrity of India and its national security mean a very large scope to the Government to suppress anything it wants. The Government will appoint an officer of the rank of Joint Secretary and above. This officer will have the power to block any content. The OTT platforms have to abide by the authority of a committee to be appointed by the Government and headed by a retired Justice of the High Court or Supreme Court. This committee will entertain complaints against OTT content and will take up the matter. If this committee feels that the law is violated, it will send a recommendation to the Government to ban the content.
    This will put the OTT platforms under pressure and they will not be able to express what all they want. This is nothing but curbing their freedom and creativity. Social media,

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724155
    I agree with Sushma mewundi. I have freedom of speech. The other person is also having the freedom of speech. So we can misuse the same and scold each other and create tension. Is this for freedom of speech given?
    To watch a movie either in a cinema hall or on TV, we have to spend money. Nothing will come free. As of date, OTT is more famous and the majority of people are going for it. It is not that only a limited number of people are watching that. Another question is, Why a limited number of people also should watch such content which is not going well with other people.
    I think none of the members said that the entire content that is coming on OTT is bad. Censoring will never stop good content to come on OTT platforms. The public is looking for content that will bring out the truth of the society and more importantly it should not hurt the sentiments of a single class of people.

    always confident

  • #724156
    #724103, When you mention that censoring will affect of freedom of creating content and the quality of the program then can we say that creativity and quality can be maintained when freedom is given. Just think the other way, we have quality control in every department that checks the quality of its product. Even the manufacturers know that they have to give a good quality product and to a standard that is good for the masses but yet we hear about adulteration, expired and outdated products in the market. They too have self-governing responsibility but yet there are chances of such mistakes or deliberate attempts made to make a profit. When one needs to make good and quality content then it's not the freedom that they need but good ideas, keeping in mind the other mixtures that will build the output yet keeping the originality for the masses.

    #724127, As mentioned in the comment, " The medium is used for not just entertainment but also to make certain messages to the public. The government's control may curb such freedom. The OTT is not coming free of cost. It is to be paid to be viewed. Those who fear need not subscribe. They can as well keep away from it. The younger generation knows very well about how to access the content they want. The regulatory body should be comprised of persons of forward-thinking and integrity."
    You have pointed out right that the OTT platform is for entertainment and comes for a price that can be subscribed to or not as per people's choice but do you want to say that just because one content shows obscene video, the full channel should not be subscribed. There may be other series that are good and want to watch so the full package has to be subscribed to. Secondly, when you mention that the younger generation knows very well how to access the content they want, should we say that many know that poison kills but yet they have a label, warning, and precautionary measures for people to understand it. Thirdly, when talking about the self-regulatory body, what self-regulations are we talking about? We know that we should wear helmets and should ride at a given speed but yet we have many offenders. Can only self-regulations give full control? The answer is a big NO! Let the censor board come in, bring or make rules that can be followed, and yet give the creators full freedom to make contents that are not objectionable to any sect, religion, gender.

    #724140, When you say that unlike TV, people can choose their required and interesting content on OTT platforms and Politicians and News channels bringing a lot of discussions and debates in a negative way. They are tarnishing their images of these great warriors with the freedom of their expression. It is true that there were many debates on News channels where many speakers of the known political group say utter rubbish, tarnishing the image of many well-known figures and warriors who need to be punished for their hate-provoking speeches that spread division among people. When we bring in Censorship, it should be with strict action for all and not only for common men. Everyone ( be it politicians, anchors, celebrities, etc) should be under one umbrella. We need to use our freedom of expression to unveil the truth, creativity and unite people.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #724161
    In this topic some members have opined that if we impose restrictions and censorship on the contents in OTT platform then it will hamper the creativity and free presentation of creative arts in this media. In this reference, I have to mention that we have to consider these things in totality and not from the entertainment point of view of the adult viewers. Everything has a limit and once it goes beyond the graceful ways of society and also against our culture and heritage then it has to be controlled in a rational and logical manner. The idea of censorship is that only. It is never to affect the quality of a creation. That is never the purpose of the censorship and it is wrong to attribute it in that way. The Govt has a responsibility of stopping or correcting anything which can malign the minds of the viewers in any negative way. We cannot show anything in the name or disguise of creative arts.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #724181
    Refer to my response @ 724151. The Government has already issued the guidelines and other details. The rules include a code of ethics that bans content affecting "the sovereignty and integrity of India" and that which threatens national security. The scope of this too large. No online newspaper will dare to criticize the Government. The social media comments also come under the purview of this. We have seen the case of Disha Ravi and her comment on Twitter. The Delhi Police interpreted it as a large conspiracy and booked her on sedition. Consider the comments of the court while giving her bail. It simply said that the reasoning of the police is conjecture. We are considering only OTT platforms like Netflix etc. Social media and online newspapers are also covered under this. This sort of power will certainly curtail freedom of speech and expression. Self- regulatory body is good than the control of the Government.

    @724156: The guidelines and other points brought out by The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and signed by some OTT platform members are presently there to guide them. The Government of India did not accept them and now brought its own. A self-regulatory body can look after the content of these. There is no need for Government interference. You have pointed out about precautionary warnings to understand. The OTT platforms can also have a rating for the content just like in movies where they are graded as adult content. Just like a censor board, a self-regulatory body will have a committee that will look after all the aspects as to the content.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724182
    #724156, When you talk that strict censorship is the medicine for all these nuisances then we have to think about what is the present censorship board doing good to movies? The censor board of movies working under the government for ages not able to bring any good standard in movies with respect to obscenities and vulgarity. The bad indicator is progressing from low to very high. Any audience can easily tell the worsened state of present-day movies when compared to the past? At present, very rarely a movie can be seen sitting along with the family. Such a long-standing statutory board is not able to serve its good purpose, what we can expect in the case of a new OTT platform? The censor board working under the government have a political bias, dishonesty, moreover influenced by money. These corrupt practices were never controlled since their inception till date and thus resulted in the grave situation of present-day movies. I think a self-regulatory independent body is fine enough rather than a government-controlled statutory body that will demotivate these platforms through their corrupt practices. Why so many members arguing for such inefficient government-controlled statutory bodies?

  • #724184
    The code of ethics brought out by the Government of India says that any content that affects the sovereignty and integrity of India, and that which threatens national security should be banned. I fully agree with that. I am concerned about how content will be judged by the committee formed by the Government. Will the committee be unbiased? The Government is by a political party or group of parties. We have seen that successive governments failed to be impartial. When it comes to their own people or when it comes to their own performance, they behave in a partial manner. Social media comments bear proof of this. Whatever Government may be, it will not tolerate comments on its performance. We need an independent self-regulatory mechanism that will be impartial.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724187
    For any regulations, we have to depend on people. The government will appoint a committee to censor the content. There will be some guidelines to make the committee and the committee has to work unbiasedly. There will be a monitoring system.
    The self-regulatory mechanism will never work in our country. The people who are there in the system will have their own ideas and they will try to bring in their own systems which are favourable to them. So there should be a control on the committee to the Ministry.
    If we start doubting everything, nothing will go forward. The committee will be given full powers to work and take decisions in the given framework. That itself will bring in a lot of discipline in the system,

    always confident

  • #724188
    What is the guarantee that the Government will not influence the committee? The members of the committee will be appointed by the Government. I have already mentioned the Disha Ravi case. The court has severely commented on the Delhi Police for its own unreasonable interpretation without any plausible proof. The same thing may happen with the committee. They will have their own interpretation to judge the content of any OTT platform. The OTT platform is a huge one. I doubt very much the capability of the Government to monitor such a vast content. I am also saying that we have to have a belief in self-regulating bodies and their functioning. If they do not function properly, the Government can always direct it. Everyone accepts that there are corruption and nepotism are rampant. That may also reflect in the committee.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724190
    In the Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 there is a 3-tier self-regulatory system. In the first tier the grievance redressal will be done by the company itself. The 2nd tier self-regulatory body of the publisher will be headed by a retired judge of a High Court or the Supreme Court. 3rd tier will be the oversight mechanism by the government. So, Government has also developed a self-regulation mechanism involving the companies and its official as Government cannot overlook the Companies/industries. So, Government has also strengthened the self-regulation by the publishers.

    They will have to do the self-classification of the content into five age based categories and that is not a new thing because I have seen OTT platforms still mention age group and category in the description of the content.

  • #724191
    It is welcome news that the Government guidelines allowed self-classification for OTT services on content. They have to classify the content as for 13 plus, 16 plus, and adults. This is on the basis of the content having violence, and nudity. This so far is good. It seems the guidelines are not much objectionable.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724193
    Whenever Govt wants to do some control on certain activity which are harmful for the common masses in a clandestine way and will not be seen in an obvious manner but the importance would only be seen when controls are in place. Another important point that I want to mention is that the control and censorship cannot work in isolation that for some pocket you enforce it for others you flax it. That would be an ambiguity. I want to ask why then the Govt is censoring the movies and TV programs? Let everything should be free and open in the name of creativity and the producers mint the money by exploiting the human sentiments towards enjoyment and thrill. There is a big reason and rationale behind imposing the censorship and control on the content in TV and film area and same logic should be applied for OTT also. Why we should distinguish between the two. Viewers are same, country is same, then what is that differentiates OTT from others. Why it should be given a preferential treatment. Actually our Govt procedures are too slow otherwise by this time the regulations should have been in place.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #724201
    Information Technology Rules -2021 already notified. They are available all over the internet.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724208
    I agree with the Government's move to regulate the OTT content. The reason is too much use of streaming content like OTT web series, movies are not providing the innocent content that matches with our culture and gives us pure entertainment. Too much violence, abuse content, the adult scene has really affected the young generation of India in this pandemic of Covid. The maker takes the opportunity to serve anything because of no foolproof rules for content displayed on OTT. The rules and regulations are always for the betterment of society allow us to be within the limit. Freedom of speech or expression should never go against the culture. When the government is trying to set rules, I believe it will be in the interest of the masses.

    Today's update on OTT regulations: The government has also asked Twitter and WhatsApp or Facebook to identify the original creator of content that is considered as anti-national or against the society. The government also in the process to appoint an officer to address the grievance redressal system in the respective country where the content is displayed.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • #724210
    #724181, As mentioned in your comment that a self-regulatory body can look after the content of the OTT platform, and there is no need for Government interference. The OTT platforms can also have a rating for the content just like in movies where they are graded as adult content. Just like a censor board, a self-regulatory body will have a committee that will look after all the aspects as to the content.
    Let them have their self-regulatory body but along with it, let it work under the censor board. Once the guidelines, rules & regulations are set and followed, we can ask the government or the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) to make the changes. For the time being it should be under strict vigilance to control such unwanted contents.

    #724182, When you say that, The censor board of movies working under the government for ages not able to bring any good standard in movies concerning obscenities and vulgarity. The bad indicator is progressing from low to very high. The censor board working under the government have a political bias, dishonesty, moreover influenced by money. These corrupt practices were never controlled since their inception till date and thus resulted in the grave situation of present-day movies.
    It is very true but we also know that the censor board does cut many scenes that have nudity, obscene language, vulgarity, and for some, they have to close their eyes as it is required to give the originality of the films but that should not be on the cost of keeping it open for anyone to play with peoples sentiments. As you pin-pointed that, the censor board has a political bias, dishonesty, moreover influenced by money and it is a fact that everywhere such bias and money power plays its role but at least a committee is there who can be questioned or addressed when such derogatory films, serials, web series or news are telecasted.

    Even the developed countries have Content Regulation Provisions and we normally try to copy them when we talk about progress, technology, and development.
    - In UK, all domestic pay-TV services are regulated by Ofcom
    - In the USA, all the pay-TV services are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but the OTT platform services remain unregulated and they just have to comply with the standards and closed-captioning requirements.
    - In Australia, all the broadcasting contents(online and telecommunications) are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the only authority.
    Broadcasting, online content, and telecommunications are all regulated by a single authority â€" the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). There are no licenses or approvals required to enter the OTT platform but all the contents are still regulated by the industry Codes of Practice.

    When everything is open in such countries but yet have boards for broadcasting and regulation the contents telecasted, why not in our country where we have diversity in religion, caste, creed, sect and need to have one to keep our unity intact yet can enjoy every content without hurting anyone's feeling.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #724211
    @ 724210: The Government of India has already notified the Information Technology Rules,2021 as mentioned in my previous response. The Government has accepted self- regulation and self -classification rules for the OTT content. The classification will also be done by the OTT platforms depending on the violence, nudity as 13pplus, 16 plus, and adult. My argument is also the same and the Government guidelines also say the same. There is not going to be any censor board. The details are available on the internet.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724213
    Information and technology- 2021 guidelines that came new clearly provides protection for those complaints argued by some members in this GD.

    With regard to children get affected by OTT content, in foreign countries, parents are using child lock for these OTT platforms that cannot be suitable for them. With increasing global trend of abusive content in visual media it is the only solution to keep away children from this type of content on any platform.

  • #724214
    I also want to say here that these are the 'Rules' and are to be followed by all but no legislative backing is there. The rules establish a soft-touch self-regulatory architecture and a code of ethics and three-tier grievance redressal mechanism for OTT platforms and digital media. It is not an Act and thus not an enforced law. The self-regulatory body of publishers will be there who will follow the code of ethics and will also self-classify the content. This is mainly a grievance redressal mechanism by 3 level self-regulatory system which will moderate the content and also address grievances. Further, a facility of parental lock will be provided by the OTT platforms. I want to mention here that it is parent's duty only to use this parental lock to stop their children from watching these content.

  • #724217
    Child locks can be used for children of certain age. But do teenage children or little grow ups can accept the child lock? Every growing child expects privacy and not interference. And with child lock and constant monitoring of parents will have impact on children and they might feel parents don't trust them or they don't have enough freedom etc.
    So it's always better to know we have safe content in OTT so that parents need not fear of anything else or not go to the extent of spying of what they child is watching which can create a rift.

  • #724218
    OTT platforms mention the age group and category in the description of the content. And now as per the new Rules the OTT platforms will self-classify the content in to five categories based on the age.

    So parents need not to worry about it, they will be getting the safe streaming environment by self regulation of OTT platforms.

  • #724225
    We cannot separate the entertainment and fun activities in our country in different compartments telling that some of them are to be managed by the Govt while others will be in private domain and should have their own regulatory systems. It is ridiculous to think like that. Any performance in our country aimed for the entertainment and amusement of the viewers has to abide by the law of the land and if due to some hiccups and bottlenecks the Govt had not been able to do that earlier then it would do it now. We cannot have different yardsticks for different platforms or channels. That would be very discretionary and amounts to the favouring a party which is always seen from the angle of favouritism and requires even investigation as why such an unwanted favour is being done to a fistful of them. Govt has to see things in broader perspectives and not from the angle of a few who want to have full freedom of content expression and under that guise the program makers show whatever they want and make money under that shady umbrella. I reiterate my view that regulations and censorship is a must for all the platforms including OTT, active in the media and viewed by the people in our country.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #724230
    The OTT platforms are creating and showing content which is not just entertainment. Some programs deal with contemporary problems and take them into the public. An entertainment program just entertains the audience. The audience enjoy the program and forget about it. There will be some programs which makes the audience think about the content in the program. They are excellent programs which make the audience think. To create such memorable content, the creator needs creativity, and freedom to express his or her views. In the name of customs and traditions, many bad practices are prevailing in the society. If a program brings out such bad practices there will be protests. If such content is censored, the message to the public is lost. A creator needs freedom to bring out the evils in the society through his content of the program. Creativity should not be killed in the name of monitoring the OTT platforms. The guidelines issued to self-classify the content will help the content in reaching the appropriate audience.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724233
    The government has come out with new rules. They are very soft and never taking away any right from the content publisher as long as they are not becoming a threat to the country and its citizens.
    A digital website or content publisher has to appoint a grievance redressal officer who will be based in our country. He has to act on any complaint received within15 days. This is the first tier.
    The second tier will be the self-regulatory body. It will be headed by a retired Supreme Court or high court judge or an eminent person. This is will not lead to any political people involvement as suspected by some members.
    Third-tier will be the inter-departmental committee constituted by the concerned ministry for hearing grievances.
    These regulations appear to be very mild compared to the kind of pre-censorship of content many expecting. These are not going to give any adverse effects on the creativity of the content makers and as long as "the sovereignty and integrity of India" are not affected.
    These rules should shatter all the fears of some members who felt that the media will not have freedom of speech. I welcome these rules and regulations and the classification of the content. Now the responsibility of knowing the original content poster on social media to the site itself is most welcome. I think with these rules coming into force we see a good change in OTT and social media content.

    always confident

  • #724245
    OTT platforms have the reach to the largest audience due to its different way of telling and showing stories and fresh content due to free ideas, innovative, diverse opinion and real life based content. It has given the chance to the new writers, artists, film makers etc, and which was not very easy before it. Though this industry is still it in nascent stage and any legislation may harm the creativity of the content and freedom of expression. As the Government has come up with the mid way solution and have given the Rules of self-regulation and self-classification it is a sensible decision for OTT platforms and the viewers who want to see the real and innovative content. Now this self-regulation and self-classification will also give the feeling to the parents that their children are watching the safe content.

  • #724249
    Members who are arguing for censorship have to understand that the content created on OTT platform are quite different from movies or TV. Various historical issues of the past times, burning issues of present, the intricate problems faced by present society and the solutions for them, international and global related problems, on various sensitive issues, etc. in a creative way. So this type of creative work needs more freedom and peace of mind. The rules and regulations provided in the 2021 proceedings clearly indicates the government's acceptance of freedom needs of OTT platform. The new act 2021 provides different levels of self regulation that what OTT platforms are hoping or expecting. Already OTT platforms showing classification of content on the age basis.

  • #724250
    While going through the responses and counter arguments given by various members I find that the point of freedom of expression is stressed upon much which is not at all relevant here. Freedom of expression means to express the thoughts or ideas or show plays or movies based on that only to an allowable extent. Unlike western cultures we have a legacy of good and graceful social decorum and to preserve that it is must that if needed we will take stringent actions to preserve them. So considering all thee crucial factors I strongly believe that regulations to monitor the OTT platforms by the Govt will bring in positive results.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #724261
    Now when the Government's guidelines on social media regulation are out, we can be satisfied after reading that even though the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 has mentioned Censorship on the OTT platform but is the same as thought by many. Let me put it in points:
    - A three-level grievance redressal mechanism: Level I is the publisher, level II the self-regulatory body, and third-level under the ministry of information and broadcasting.
    - The self-regulatory body(which is the 2nd level) will have headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court/a high court, or by a person from the relevant field to provide advice to the publisher.
    - The OTT platforms will a chief compliance officer, nodal contact person, and resident grievance officer for the social media regulatory mechanism.
    - All social media platforms will have a grievance redressal mechanism that shall register the grievance within 24 hours and ensure control in 15 days.
    - The mediator will publish a monthly compliance report about complaints received, action taken on the complaints received, and details of contents removed proactively.
    - For the online safety and dignity of users which includes contents that expose the private areas of individuals, full or partial nudity or in a sexual act, morphed photos to be removed or denied access within 24 hours of receipt of any complaints.
    - All OTT platform contents will be self-classified into five age groups and reliable age verification mechanisms along with parental locks for content classified as U/A to U/A13+ and higher. The five age groups are U (Universal), U/A 7+, U/A 13+, U/A 16+, and A (Adult).
    - All social media platforms will have a provision for a voluntary verification mechanism of their users.
    - If the government is not satisfied with the self-regulatory body set up by the OTT platform, then IMC will fill the gap and take charge.
    - The guidelines will take effect within three months.

    After reading the present guidelines, I think everyone would be happy as it is not affecting the creativity of the artist nor for the public but it should be noted that if any content is aired wherein hurts the feeling of any group can complain and such part can be removed within 24 hours of the complaint registration. Hence, Even censorship as mentioned by the ministry is in favor of every member or the masses.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #724265
    I want to answer the post #724250 that why freedom of expression is so much stressed? Freedom of expression is the ability of an individual to express his/her thoughts, beliefs and ideas about different issues and it is important in case of OTT platforms because they are coming up with the new ideas, some sensitive and social issues. Sometimes to present a sensitive issue in a clear and understandable manner it is needed to put some explicit content. Here I am giving an example of a court case (Bobby Art International & Ors. v Om Pal Singh Hoon & Ors.) on a very famous and much talked movie Bandit Queen (Biopic of Bandit turned politician Phoolan Devi). The movie had some explicit rape and abuse scenes. At that time in the Supreme Court there was a query of disallowing of public exhibition of movie on the ground that it was disrespectful towards women and a specific group in India known as the Gujjar community. Central Government also suggested to censor some women sexual violence scenes. Court made the decision that "the films dealing with socially relevant themes must attract the least censorship as adult citizens can be relied upon to understand the underlying message."

    So, sometimes it is required to put some explicit content/scenes to understand well the issue and give the relevant message among the public. But it is not possible in traditional TVs due to censoring by Censor Board of India. If freedom of Expression will not be there OTT content will lose edge. And the people who are bothered with the indecent language and vulgar scenes, after implementation of these Rules, all the OTT platforms will follow the Code of Ethics and Self-regulate themselves.

  • #724269
    The guidelines issued by The Government of India are a vindication of the arguments of all the members who did not want the Government to interfere with the OTT platforms. There will be self-regulation and self-classification by the producers. There will not be any interference by the Government. There is a redressal mechanism by the Government and it is always welcome. The core point of self-regulation as argued by us is ratified by the Government.

    I conclude my discussion on this note.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #724282
    Better late than never. I failed to make my entry into this GD at the beginning. Anyway, today being the last day, I am posting my points.

    I strongly support that OTT regulations is a must.

    Regulation of OTT platform is very much necessary because these shows are often being watched by all family members sitting together. Many such films/programmes/shows are not good for young children.
    Let me give an example. Two years ago, there was a Forum post in ISC on stopping the ads of condom in Indian television before 11 p.m. Almost all Members of ISC supported it. Why didn't they remember Freedom of Expression of television channels and advertisers at that time?

    The censorship in cinema has been going on in India for more than 75 years. No one is opposing it. Why? Such censorship can be seen in all countries including western countries.

    Some sort of similar regulations is applicable for television channels and print media. Those who are opposing these regulations for OTT, are not talking about those regulations. Why? Is it because that those regulations for television channels and print media were brought by their favourite political party?

    Who first put some limitation on the Freedom of Expression? Don't forget, it was Jawaharlal Nehru. Please go through the first Amendment of the Constitution of India.

    OTT platform is being used to malign Hindus and Hinduism. It is creating social unrest in Indian society. This unrest must be prevented.

    Finally, no censorship has been proposed for OTT platform. The proposal is for some regulations, mainly self-regulation.

    I conclude saying that regulations to OTT platforms would certainly bring positive results.

    Jai Hind.

    No life without Sun

  • #724289
    Mr.Sun, Already center has a brought an act in the form of Information Technology guidelines-2021 during the course of this debate that proposes and indicates mostly self regulatory guidelines. These guidelines are on the lines of protecting the rights of subscribers, integrity of the nation and even the freedom required for the OTT platforms to create innovative content. In this act they clearly indicated that OTT platforms should announce five levels of age criteria for viewing their programs. It also clearly mentioned OTT platforms must provide child lock system for the parents to take care of in viewing these programs. In addition to this, the OTT platforms should announce the schedule of the programs as well as the age relate viewing of these programs in advance for the safety of children.

  • #724294
    As mentioned in my earlier response(#724261) and comment by KVRR(#724269), There will be self-regulation and self-classification by the producers. There is a redressal mechanism by the Government which means that if the redressal is not as wanted, the government will interfere and make the necessary action. This itself means that there will be censor but not as applicable in the Cinema industry.

    #724265, sometimes it is required to put some explicit content/scenes to understand well the issue and give the relevant message to the public. I do support your take, it as some issues need to get the appropriate scene to get the impact but it should not that that vulgar that it give more important to nudity, vulgarity to obscenity. When we have a censor board, then there will be fear of ban, penalty, etc and thus they themself will do the self-analysis before its release. Now as the guidelines are out, we all understood what the ministry meant by bringing the censorship or rules for the OTT platform and news media.

    I would like to conclude my discussion with support to the rules and guidelines set by the Government of India and notified by the Information Technology Rules,2021. We all want a peaceful and progressive nation where everyone enjoys their Seven fundamental rights and the Six Right to Freedom that was originally provided by the Constitution to every citizen of our country without hurting anyone i.e through Speech and Expression, religion, caste, gender, work, etc.
    There is only one point that the government needs to focus and that is that every guidelines, rule, and regulation set or put forward to the OTT platform adhere and followed so that the Sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state, relations with foreign states, sexually explicit content, hate speech or debates, etc are monitored and strict action is taken with whoever plays with the sentiment of the people for a vote, spreading hatred, exploitation, money, etc.

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    Few members are putting a point that freedom of expression and talent will be hindered with regulation of OTT platform. But this definitely is not going to stop the expression. As I mentioned earlier, anything can happen in the name of freedom of expression. So to avoid the misuse, there should be some regulations to monitor things and avoid any negative circumstances.

    # 72428926, mentioned OTT should mention 5 levels of age criteria for viewing the programs and also should announce announce the schedule of the programs as well as the age relate viewing of these programs in advance for the safety of children. But what is the guarantee that children or teenage give their correct age. Is there any validation for the same? When viewing any explicit content, it will be asked to enter age and many might enter age more than they are. Initially, FB would allow only 18+ but I saw many younger ones less than 18 having FB with fake age and this is what will happen even here. People will give fake age. And there is no point in having age criteria as for sure there will be many who will register as 18+ or more.

  • #724298
    #724294, Government has come up with the rules not censorship. Government has made Code of Ethics and self-regulatory system for publishers. Grievance redressal mechanism is to address grievances.

    I would like to conclude GD here with following points:
    OTT platforms which are popular due to their creative content, may lose their sheen. If there will be a total censorship it may convert OTT platform into other traditional cinema or satellite TV only and will leads to the increased piracy and use of unethical means for access of content. OTT platforms and digital media is giving opportunity to new talent like directors, artists, singer, musician etc. and helps to showcase their skills to viewers. Full intervention of Government may be harmful for this industry as power and money may control the content and may harm the freedom of expression. But as we know that Government has announced the new Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediary and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 for digital media and OTT platform and introduced a three-tier self-regulatory system for publishers. After these rules, to manage, moderate content will be the responsibility of the publisher/ OTT platform itself. They will regulate the content themselves. Self-classification based on the age and category will also be done. Parent lock facility will also be providing by the OTT platform. Overall this initiative of government is appreciable and really a sensible decision and will not affect the growth of this industry and also satisfy its viewers.

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