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    When we motivate others, we actually motivate ourselves too.

    Many times we have people who constantly give efforts and work hard every time, but still, they are not able to succeed due to any reason. Such people are not weak but sometimes become a little nervous in front of the situation.

    Failure even after continuous efforts makes him unhappy. At such a time, if you are able to motivate those people, then it must be considering this as an opportunity, and we should help such people.

    By motivating a person, you keep him moving towards his goal, but in the process, you too feel more and more positive. People should give emotional help as much as possible.
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    People should always help and encourage each other for better things. If anyone is in need and if one can extend help, he should not hesitate to help others. Helping others elevates confidence and positivity and the person receiving help would always be indebted to the helper, guide or you may say a mentor.
    Life is a perfidious struggle where a person has to undergo a lot of situation - some easily manageable some difficult to handle. That is the stage when people need a guide or mentor to help and motivate overcome the difficulty. Every person is bestowed with rationality but in a difficult situation, it becomes even more difficult to maintain composure. Little help and motivation would do wonders for the people who need some help and motivation.

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    It happens that some people fail despite their sincere efforts to succeed. End result is not in their hands. Sometimes, this situation cause disappointment for them. This is the time when they need support of other people. We should come forward to motivate and encourage them to face the challenges again. Indirectly it motivates us too. But it should not be neglected that his sitution warns us to be more alert about reasons of failure.
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    Rightly said by the author that by motivating others we get self motivated for many reasons. That we rewind the same process of how to go for the work and how to achieve the sucess and by revisiting the task and explaining the same we also get into know the missing things. By the way when we motivate others, for being the senior and known person in the organization others take interest in our motivation and performance also expected. Motivation should be with the postive motive for the development of the organisation and nothing else.
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    True. When we try to motivate somebody, we will also get motivated. It happens. When we have to motivate somebody we have to tell him many positive aspects and we will be thinking about those positive issues, our mind will also work on positive issues only. In our mind, we will not have any negative thoughts and we will be working on gathering many points which will leave a positive impact on the other person. So we will be full of positive thoughts. I have experienced these facts many times when I tried to motivate some of my friends and relatives in various issues related to his/her job.
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    Motivation is a great thing whether we motivate others or get motivated by them. A person may be capable of doing something but due to lethargy and apprehensions about the results or returns of the process one might not go for it. Motivation plays a crucial part in such conditions and removes the lethargy from the person and forces him to act voluntarily in a constructive way. Many organisations use this fact to motivate the employees to get more output and productivity. The management subjects deal with this entity in a big way in all the management courses where the power of motivation is shown time to time. Another important thing is a preacher or a Guru when trying to motivate others will see the result of his efforts and in the process understand more about the power of motivation and will utilise that in his own life also. He will be motivated to motivate more and more disciples in future.
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    Motivation has got an important role in the human lives. It is said that a dullest person can give miraculous output if we can somehow motivate him in the desired direction. In the act of motivation both the parties are benefitted. One who is being motivated starts doing the same job earlier which one he was ignoring. One who is motivating simple finds that he has the requisite art of motivating others and this realisation is itself an achievement.
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    Yes, I truly agree that while motivating others we will get motivated. While motivating others we also get alot of positivity and the zeal to do something.
    I am a short tempered person but I very well remember while telling my friend about having patience I analyzed a lot of things and also tried to work on them and had better results also.

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