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    Are open book exams easy than closed-book exams?.

    Many countries like the United States have implemented open-book exams in higher education. In open-book exams, students are allowed to carry their textbooks and other reference books in the examination hall. While writing answers students can open their textbooks. In India also the government is thinking about the introduction of open-book exams. During COVID-19 pandemic season, Delhi University conducted an online open-book exam.

    How beneficial the open book exams to students. Are open book exams easy than closed-book exams?. Can open book exams practicable in India in higher examinations?
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    Good question asked by the author and it is the fact that closed book exams to which we are habituated are easy because we would remember what is told in the class by the teacher and also the reading habit at the home would prove to gain some knowledge and that becomes handy while writing exam. But open book exam is very difficult because we have not read the entire book and does not even know from which lesson the question was asked and the candidates would waste hell lots of time in searching for question and the time is lost and nothing is written for the exam and that results in failure.
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    I personally feel that the closed book exams are better. The candidates make an effort to read and understand the texts, and appear the exams. They put in the answers in their own words. But when it is open book, well, the student still has to read the text beforehand in order to know where to find the answers at the right time, still, the student may not be writing in his own words and this may end of as just a hand written copy paste of the book.
    The setting of questions in the paper as well as the evaluation would also be a bigger challenge to the examiner.

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    If the question papers are set in such a way that the student may not utilise the text book or any reference book for answering then the open book system would definitely work and the real knowledge of the students will be tested otherwise it will create ambiguities as students will answer without understanding the subject. Developed countries have different types of mind set in their students and they can adopt that system.
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    Either it is an open book examination or a closed book examination, the student should get familiarised with the subject before going to the examination. If the student never opens a book before the examination, he even doesn't know where he has to refer. Then only it will be useful for him to carry a book with him.
    In objective type questions, even though you carry a book with you, you can't find the answer to that question. Some descriptive type answers may be traced easily by spending some time on that book. But a person who understands the subject well can answer the questions easily even without a book with him. Anyhow, I feel an open book examination may not be good for the candidate.

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    Thanks for sharing this information that in US students are permitted to open their books in examination hall. It may be a new experiment in our country if it's implemented. I think the system must be well planned considering this aspect that students will copy from their books, therefore, the examination papers must be set in this way that students despite having books on their benches can't copy.
    But this system is implemented in India for decades but unofficially. Many colleges and institutes provide this facility that their teachers speak answers of question paper. Some examination centres permit their students to take their examination paper and answer sheets to their homes and they may return answer sheets after two three days.

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    Closed book examination is definitely better since by going through the questions, at least the examiner can recapitulate the answer of a particular question as stated by his subject teacher. In that way, he can attempt some questions with the details related to that question. He might have practiced such set of questions previously at his home. However, if the books are provided to write down the answers of the questions set in the examination. They cannot find the answer of a question if the text has not been read properly. It may so happen that the entire alloted time for writing answers is lost but the answers could not be traced out due to lack of revision of the text.

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