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    Do you follow traditional method of cutting vegetables or modern equipment for the purpose?

    In olden times we used to cut vegetables or green leafy vegetables with Iron blade wood vegetable cutter. As time passed, sharp knives, vegetable peelers, and of varieties vegetable cutters cut vegetables are in market freely available. In cooking preparation, cutting is one of the works that take more time. But with modern cutting equipment, we can cut vegetables in very little time. This saves time in our cooking preparation. Whenever I venture into cooking preparation, I use this modern equipment to save time. Do you still follow traditional methods of cutting or modern equipment in your kitchen?
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    When it comes to dicing of the vegetables and fruits nothing would match to the convenience and following the old method to which many house holds are habituated and passed the legacy of the same since the ages. Though the modern ways and equipments are available the house holds are not habituated and feel like connected to it. Even the fast dicing machines are not used to it by the house holds as they are made for the mass use and not for just use. Therefore I strongly feel that triditional method of vegetable cutting is the best way to go about.
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    I always prefer using knife to cut the vegetable. I can cut the vegetables very finely or also thick. I am never comfortable to use the wooden cutter were are sharp knife is attached to it. Though that is only used by my mom or my mother in law. I need to have a sharp knife to chop and I can cut the vegetables very quickly and neatly.
    Once I did try to use the cutters that are shown in ad were we have to cut the vegetables in thick pieces and put them in the cutter. But that did not work and once when I tried hard to cut onion, the blade was fallen inside the container. These modern cutters are not as easy as portrayed in the advertisements.

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    Nowadays so many kitchen tools are available in market and some are really great time savers but at the same time some take time in preparing them for using them and some of the tools are cumbersome to use and require thorough cleaning after use. That is somewhat inconvenient to handle and the experienced old people use the old technique with a sharp knife and complete their work. So, it means that the choice is ours whether to do it in old ways or adopt to the new tools and techniques. Time is an important factor but the surprising thing is that some people have plenty of time in their lives in our country due to obvious reasons which I need not to narrate and they can work leisurely in the kitchen. The busy and employed people of course can use the efficient kitchen tools.
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    It seems that the author himself cooks food. I don't do cooking . It's my who does it. She prefers to use traditional methods to cut or chop, however, she sometimes, she uses latest available tools too. Generally, people like to follow traditional methods because they are habitual to using them. It is confined vegetable cutting only.
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