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    By asking doubts are we showing our weakness to others?

    In a company or orgnization each job is designated and the employees concerned are alone responsible for that task. But the work has to go on and employees need to cooperate and cordinate with each other and do the needful. Invariably when those who are in key positions would not reveal their work ways to others and thus one has to stand at them for the required information. Is that not mean the weakness of the seeking employee is under display? How to over come this peculiar problems in the companies.
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    When there is any doubt that has to be clarified. Having doubt is not a weakness but if one always expresses doubt on any assigned task then other colleagues will not cooperate every time. In any organization, one has to learn continuously and self-learning at times may be a good option. There is no need to think one is weak, rather one has to concentrate to overcome any weakness she/he has in a particular domain. Not all seniors are cooperative in an organization and there are employees who never cooperate but an expert to find faults. The best way would be not to give too much importance to such persons who are not at all cooperative and remain focused on the assignment. One also has to pay attention to the areas in which improvement is required. If proper attention is not paid, the weakness will remain a weakness and when others will realize the weakness they will try to find more faults rather than providing proper guidance.

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    I don't think having a doubt is a weakness. There will be many things which we don't know. Instead of living with that doubt, it is better to ask somebody about that and get our doubt cleared. This is true in all phases of our life. When you are a student you may have some doubts about the lesson taught by the teacher. If you hesitate to ask the teacher your doubt will be there with you forever. The same is the case in the office also. If you have some doubts about the work you have to do and if you want any additional information, you should get it clarified. Otherwise, your performance will not be on par with others. One should never feel that having doubt and asking for clarification will make them value less. That is a very wrong concept. Our seniors will have more information than us and getting that information as required is the perfect way of working.
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    I don't think communication gap between senior senior officer and his subordinates is tenable. Senior officer who has to get the work done by employees it is his duty to give all necessary instructions and also supervise them how to work on the given project or assignment or task.
    If any employee does not know about his duty or task he should contact his senior of to know it, why there is weakness in asking about his role in certain work. He has right to ask about what he has to do. I don't think it is possible that any employee can start doing any work without getting any instructions from seniors. What an employee has to do does not know unless he is informed about his responsibility and work.

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    Yes, it is the responsibility of the key personnel while assigned any jobs to any employee for proper guidelines and with required information to do the jobs. But if any job is assigned without the required documents and information on urgent basis, the Instructing authority may put a remark on the file like 'please discuss with some specific documents' so that when the subordinate come to meet with the documents, the jobs can be completed on the table together. When this is absent, it may be due to ignorance or luck of knowledge of that key personnel. There may be such incidences in the official works in any office even these are not desirable. Thanks.
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