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    The decline in employability for engineering graduates

    According to Wikipedia:
    "India is one of the largest producers of engineers in the world. Yet the quality of engineers is quite poor and by some estimates only 7-8% of engineering graduates are employable."

    According to the HRD ministry, India has 6,214 engineering and technology institutions. Some states which have maximum engineering colleges/institutes are:
    Tamil Nadu. 934.
    Maharashtra. 739
    Uttar Pradesh. around 700
    Andhra Pradesh. 512
    Haryana. 342
    Madhya Pradesh. around 310
    Karnataka. 210
    Now the question is why engineering graduates are increasing the unemployment graph? Why institutes are not producing employable graduates? It may be that teachers are not good or students are not good or language problems exist or old. method of teaching or old curriculum etc. Where is the quality of engineering graduates? Is it not a matter of concern?

    No matter and regardless of what else you may point, but the sole reason I blame is the system itself for allowing to commonize the engineering education, and thereby depleting the quality.
    We should focus on quality instead of quantity. It will improve employability for fresh engineering graduates worldwide.
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    India is a highly populated country and though we are churning out engineering as well as other graduates with a very high speed, it is true that there is no employment for them. Just by having qualified people in hand does not mean that they all will get employment. The problem is probably we do not want so many engineers and rather require more electricians, health workers, plumbers, helping hands, cleaning personnels, attendants, peons, security guards, police constables, army jawans etc. Unfortunately, our higher education institutes are now becoming a liability for us as they are producing highly educated people who are not capable of working in low positions. In a populated country, frankly speaking, the higher education should be given only to the high scoring students and not to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. People should stop acquiring higher education and instead try for self employment, business etc. We have to change our mindset - get the highest education and then enjoy a Govt job throughout ones life without contributing much.
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    The output of engineering graduates is more than the demand. There is a craze in our country for Engineering and Medical college degrees. This is because the chances of employability are more in the country or outside. The quality of the graduates coming from the colleges of these two faculties is really poor. The main reason is that many private colleges were opened. They want to make money. Many of the colleges do not have proper infrastructure. The quality of graduates coming out of such colleges will definitely poor.
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    It is the fact that the Engineering graduates population is increasing day by day and they are not getting the right jobs and these students are forced to go for short term courses related iT and thus accommodated as the trainees in IT Industry. And the real Engineers of civil, mechanical and other fields are lacking the right job and this year the takers for these courses would be minimal or nil and there are apprehensions that many Engineering colleges in Telangana would be closing as last year itself the intake was less and that made the colleges to hike the fees which not even completing the salaries given to the staff. So Engineering courses seems to have gone to the saturation point and the govt nor the private sector cannot assure new jobs. Though infrastructure given the big boost the result of it is not known.
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    It is not only the engineering graduates but the same is the scenario considering the other specialized courses as well.

    There is no denying the fact that India got huge burden on its resources. Post IT revolution and with the availability of Internet, all industries have adopted to the automated mechanisms as a means of cost cutting techniques which has highly reduced the job opportunities across all sections.

    Due to increased population, many small institutions have come into existence providing cheap education to those who are not capable of clearing competitive exams and the numbers are huge.

    I would find it inappropriate to put the blame on the elected government but instead the onus carries with the common people to go for another child only when they find it appropriate as per social and financial norms but this hardly seems possible till this get strictly administered by the government.

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    In our country, the number of persons who are getting qualified in Engineering degree is more. Every year lakhs of students are coming out from the institutions with a BE/ BTech tag. But their level of knowledge in the subject matter is very poor. The quality of education is very poor. In many engineering colleges, we don't even find qualified teachers. No proper laboratories in the institute. In the Telugu States, there are many such colleges and no student is opting to get into such colleges and slowly they are getting closed. Quality is more important and the institutes should give a thrust on the quality of the education they are imparting.
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    While we look back the number of Enginnering colleges in 1980, the numbers matched the demand of the industries and passing out from any such institution provided them guarantee for being inducted in any one of the manufacturing industries through the tests included for the selection of Engineers. Afterward, the trend of such institutions multiplied manifolds with the mushrooming of these engineers
    In fact, the growth of such colleges is due to their business tricks to earn substantially from the market by luring the aspirants for having an engineering degree which could ultimately change their lucks in getting lucrative jobs. In the initial phase, they were successful in their ventures but later their business has dropped significantly because of non absorption of the engineers available in the market. The quality parameter has not been maintained apart from drop of demands of such highly qualified candidates since no industry is coming up.

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    There is no point in giving engineering degrees to the young people when there is no appropriate commensurate jobs available for them. I think there is a big mismatch in the demand and production of these qualified people and until unless that is properly addressed, the problem will remain like that and the new engineering graduates will find it very difficult to get a job.
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    Earlier days, an engineering degree was a big thing but these days it is very normal. We can see engineers in almost every house. Most of them do engineering just for the sake of being called as engineers without any much interest. Also, with increasing number of engineering colleges, most of them can get into any college to finish the degree. No matter how the college is. In fact, few colleges in rural areas do not have proper staff or proper teaching.
    Also I can say the system is so bad that the main focus is just to finish the syllabus and concentrate of theory. Students are not given any real time projects or are asked to do something innovative. In fact, I have seen many engineering students, who buy the projects in the final year to finish the project without really investing their knowledge and time on it. Also the seminars are just another copy of someone else and no research is done.
    With this type of system, engineers are graduation out of colleges and join some training institutes to take up some course to find a job. There is a joke which says, engineers first finish the engineering degree and then they decide what they want to be in life.

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    That is because of lack of proper education. Lack of motivation and dedication in work. Looking out for short cuts to achieve the targets. That is resulting and effecting the end result.

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