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    Is it bad to be little selfish at times?

    Do you think being yourself and doing everything as you please, at times, just to keep yourself happy is fine? Being selfish is not an accepted trait but being so for your own sake, in between, is not a sin. Right?

    It is not good to be selfish always and selfish people are usually not liked by anyone. Selfish people only think about themselves and do things only that is beneficial for them and never care about others. This is definitely bad as we should always consider others and not just think about is.

    But I feel at times it is okay to be selfish and care only about us. There are few people especially housewives who are selfless and selflessly serve others or the entire family. In this process, they do not even care about themselves and be so busy looking after others. But some times it is okay for such selfless people to think about themselves by not caring for anything and doing what they love. Sometimes, it is okay to be selfish and buy what they want or do they want without compromising with anyone or for anything.

    But I see that even if people think about themselves once in a while is termed as self-centred and tagged various names. But I feel it is absolutely okay to be selfish. What are your views on this?
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    Selfishness is not a sin if it does not harm others. There is no one who is a perfect selfless.person. And it's not possible too. However, level of selfishness may differ from person to person.
    Some people are really selfless. They do some unprecedented sacrifice. You might have read the story of Panna Daa'ee, a maid servant of Chittor, Rajasthan who sacrificed her son to protect Udai Singh.
    Who can do this sacrifice? It was not her duty. It was something beyond any kind of obligation which inspired her to get her only killed in place of the prince.

    I think as common people we should think about others too ,how we can help someone who needs our help. How we can contribute to this society or country. Being selfish is not bad but being too much selfish is not good.
    I agree that women do a lot of sacrifice in a family, because we are habitual to see it. Women are deprived of equal rights in a family or society. It's normal attitude of this society. Man wants women to sacrifice and they should yield to Man's demand in all situations.

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    Even I beleive that being selfish sometimes is not bad. In life there comes a moment when we have to think about ourself without taking care of the others.

    But we have to be selfish for the people who are selfish. It's of no use to work for selfish people in their favour when in return you don't get any recognition or appreciation.


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    I am completly in agreement with the other. Sometimes we should have some selfishness.
    When we travel in an aircraft the air hostes while advising us about the safety precautions we will be advised to wear the oxygen mask first and then try helping others. If you are not there, what service you can do to others. SO definitely we should be selfish to the extent needed.
    The example given by the author is very correct. The lady works from morning to evening in the house and takes care of all the members in the house. But if she is not taking care of her self nobody will take of her and she has to suffer. So she should be selfish and take care of her health and food and other needs. Many housewives neglect their food. That is not correct. At least for the sake of serving others, she should have energy and hence should eat sufficiently. I always see that my wife will eat properly and take sufficient rest so that she will not be in trouble.

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    The author is right, we should take care of others but should think about ourselves also. To an extent, every person is mean because whenever we do any work, first we think about what is our interest in it. This does not mean that we always think only about our own interests, but it means that we think of others while giving value to our own life as well. But everything is evil and this behavior is wrong when people start thinking about themselves and using people for their own meaning. It is wrong to break the trust of others by being mean.

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    On 23rd Feb, I started a thread titled, Is it a crime to love oneself? Either loving oneself or being selfish at times is almost a parallel human feeling. If I don't love myself, then I cannot be selfish at times. I think it is necessary absolutely to love my existence and enjoy some me-time, which some may term as a selfish moto. What's wrong with being a little selfish, which might give a little pleasure to an individual. For my benefit and happiness, if I spoil someone's life, then it is wrong. On the other hand, if my selfish act is not harmful in any way, then it should not be condemned. Yes, at times some family members, friends or colleagues might need to adjust to my choices. If so, there is nothing wrong with it. We all must learn to adjust and respect each others' priorities. Unless we become a bit selfish, then personal life gets hampered, and life becomes a burden. We all must enjoy our lives without exploiting and harming others, so a little selfishness is not at all bad.

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    Is it really possible for us to not be selfish everytime? No, sometimes we want to little selfish to care for us. Like the author mentioned, especially housewives really sacrifice their time and effort in serving the other family members.

    They never have time for themselves. They don't even get time for personal care. So for such people it is needed to be selfish at times and keeping in mind, no one should blame that kind of selfishness. In fact, it has to be appreciated by other family members so they will feel happy and comfortable.

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    Being selfish depends on the person and situation and by the way by being selfish we are not doing any sin and only taking care of our interest first. Even in those days when the alms are given to others, they would eat and contained then donated the residue to others. In that case it is proved that nothing comes in between the selfish motives and it is duly supported by all. But the our selfish moves should not bother others progress and should not give trouble to others and in that case we may be held responsible for the selfish moves. So be careful during the course of time when it would be proved about selfishness.
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    This is an interesting thought and being a housewife I can only say that if we take care of the whole family and at the same time take our own care also then it cannot be termed as an action under the periphery of selfishness. I perceive selfishness when we only think of ourselves only and do not care for the welfare or benefit of the other person. That is of course a bad trait. As regards caring for oneself without affecting others is a normal thing and should not be understood as a matter of selfishness. Probably the author has mentioned the term 'little selfishness' in place of these small things only.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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