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    Listing daily tasks save time and money. Do you list daily tasks?

    We are all surrounded by various responsibilities in our lives. Sometimes we forget to do very important work at the right time. Sometimes too much work leads to clutter in our brain resulting in unwanted troubles. Due to which many times we take wrong decisions in quick bets. If we do not work on time then we have to pay more for it.

    Creating a daily to-do list will prove very constructive for us to avoid this problem. By its use, we can avoid many disappointments. There are many empirical advantages to creating a daily to-do list to prevent unnecessary chaos in our lives.

    It brings the layout for the day. Following the layout helps us accomplish the task in an allotted time which results in our mind being more peaceful and giving rise to more productiveness.
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    While there are some routine tasks on daily basis that need to be attended without fail , there must be some urgent task which cannot be over looked and need to be attended first and there is no denial about that. Some tasks are inter related to each other and they must be given more priority. By the way what I feel that if we are regular to the work and finish the day to day assignments and task, there cannot be escalating concerns of having left over any task unattended and people habituated to get the redress on the same day and we have to equip our self to reach that level of working.
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    Planning and listing daily tasks may be good. It may help to attend all e works n a methodical manner. I personally feel that much of the planning and listing of daily tasks is not necessary on a daily basis. Our life is short. We have to live our life to enjoy it. Worrying too much about planning our tasks and spending time always in a planned manner, makes life without any adventure and thrill. We are accustomed to our daily routine and it is always in the back of our mind. We do all these tasks in a routine manner. Even if something new and important task comes up, we can remember it and do it. Too much planning makes life dull and drab. Many people may not agree but to make life enjoyable, we have to live it. To live the Gods given life is the best thing in the world. Most people exist but they do not live their life. If we cannot live our life fully enjoying it, what is the use of it?
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    There was a time when there was no need to list the tasks. The reason was that the memory was not a problem and the number of tasks were less. With time both the things started to change drastically - memory decreasing and tasks increasing. In such a scenario listing the tasks and checking them for completions is the only solution and it help all of us immensely in not missing out on those jobs or responsibilities. Making list only will not help as we have to follow it rigorously and methodically to complete the things in the scheduled time frame. Of course it requires discipline and zeal.
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    I also completely agree with the author that when we list out our works, then we get an idea, and accordingly, we can distribute our works on priority. But it is not only by making the list of works, but it is also necessary to follow it. Listing is of no value unless we are strict with our scheduled schedule. People who are more disciplined by their nature, it is easy for them to make the list of their daily work and follow it but careless people mostly unable to follow their schedule.
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    Chalking out programmes and to finish the same according to convenient dates would make our planning hassle free and in that we can priorities the sequence of the jobs. It does not necessarily crate any stress but these jobs can be done in the times specified for the same. Listing the jobs in the list reflects our sincerity relating to the jobs. Time to time, we must look into that list to ensure the status of progress of the different jobs. However, in the initial phase prior to making lists, we are not serious but once we start doing the same, we could feel the importance of such listings.

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    It is a good habit to keep a list of what to do and should spend our time accordingly. It saves time and we are aware of our upcoming activities too. It helps much when there are several works to be done during the day. They may be listed on priority basis and should be carried out accordingly.
    I don't make any wrtten list, I just keep in my mind how many works I have to do. If I have to meet someone at a certain time, then I don't forget to call him before leaving my place. Sometimes, it happens that someone has given time to meet but all of sudden he has to go somewhere, when I reach there without making a call I am given another appointment, so now I always make a call to the concerned person or his office to confirm if he is available. It saves time and money.

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    I want to add one more thing to this discussion that I had found useful. In addition to the daily listing it will be wiser to make a list on annual basis also so that certain mega jobs or tasks that repeat every year at a certain point of time are listed and daily list is to be prepared and seen under that umbrella. This is essential otherwise while addressing to small and micro jobs in our daily routine life, we would just forget the most important big jobs. When I say big jobs then I mean like paying the annual taxes in time, insurance premium payments, renewals and extensions etc.
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    It is a good habit to make a list to do and see once in a while into the list. We will have many works to do daily and we plan the day as per the works to be completed on that day. If we have a list, the chances of forgetting a task will be very less. Whenever we look into the list we will get reminded about the works.
    I was having this habit when I was very active and at the peak of my career. I used to have a small note pad in my pocket. I used to make a note of the things I have to do in the factory and things I have to do at the head office. I used to refer to the list and complete the works one by one so that before I leave for the day, I know whether I did all my jobs or not.
    This habit helped me a lot in my career. When I discuss with the boss or other employees, the points that emerge and I have to attempt were being noted down by me so that I can follow up the points without forgetting.

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    We should never be overconfident of our memory and it so many times happens that we forget the most common things. Listing the job or other items is always helpful and leaves no scope for guessing in case we forget the important tasks.
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    I agree, listing daily tasks is really very beneficial. It ensures we do our work and not forget things. I have seen many people who have the habit of listing the work to be done everyday and make sure to complete them. I list out all the activities related to me job that are important and that needs to be finished soon and work on them. This way I don't forget anything or any task is left out. Listing out the tasks is really helpful and beneficial.

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