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    Shouldn't there be a limit to character assassination?

    Teasing among the friends is common and they take liberty in taking some choicest jibes whenever spotted with other friends. But we may feel awkward in that situation as our weakness is further known to others. Teasing and mudslinging should be within the limits and if it exceeds the tolerance level we cannot keep quiet. How to control such persons who target our personal assassination in front of others and though it may be for joke or time being it hurts a lot for many.
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    Mudslinging occurs between rivals or enemies but a friend can never do mudslinging against his friend, however, joking, teasing with comments or pulling Mudslinging occurs between rivals or enemies but a friend can never do mudslinging against his friend, however, joking, teasing with comments or pulling his legs in the friend circle. But intention is not to insult each other. If anybody who is or is not a friend insults someone his words, tones, way of expression will reveal his hidden intent. If a friend starts insulting his friend, separation is better between them before they start quarrelling each other.
    There should be a limit of comments against each other. When banter crosses a limit, it hurts and hurting each other is not fair and logical. If someone doesn't like to banter with other person , people should also abstain from banter with him too.
    Some people insult other people but if they reply in harsh language they get angry. If these people can't tolerate harsh words against them then they have no right to insult other people.

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    If the insult is harsh then the response would be more harsh than expected.
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    A friend will never pull the legs of his friend. If he does it, we can't say he is his friend. Sometimes some friends may cut some jokes in a lighter way and need not be taken very seriously. I think we can't call it mudslinging. In reciprocation, the other person can also cut some jokes. We need not take this matter up to character assassination.
    A real friend will never go to the extent of character assassination. Character assassination is a really big word and once somebody is doing that he is not fit to be a friend. It is better to say goodbye and leave such a friend.

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    The author has made a perfect observation; there are times that laughter can sometimes hurt others by speaking or teasing more than the limit. Making jokes or leg-pulling should be made as much as it is appropriate, now the question is how should we determine its limits. In general, it is only right to tease a person about a limit so that, that person should not be upset. Making fun of someone's personality or weaknesses are not involved in good behavior. It is wrong to make fun of the front person to ever degrading him.
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    I have seen some cases where the friendship between some people is broken and relations become sour because of going beyond the limits in joking about each other or even mocking others on some issue. We have to take much care when we are enjoying jokes and other such material with a group of people and take care that we do not say something which might hurt others and spoil the show. We may not say such things with any bad intentions but if someone is seriously hurt then it is difficult to make relations with him back to the earlier form and then it becomes a bad situation altogether.
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    You can mark the behaviour of many people praising his friends in their faces but they may be back biters often speaking bad things at their backs. However, they can be identified and ultimately their charecters are exposed. Later bitterness between the two develops and they start commenting, taunting and use offensive words. Such a relationship is not tenable and this ultimately becomes the root cause of the sower relationships. Before you feel that you cannot sustain such a relationship any longer, say good bye to such a companionship. Relationships does not mean to keep yourself under stress.

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