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    If we had four hands?

    Sometimes the thoughts fun wild that if we had four hands, probably more multi tasking would have been done at the little time and we would have saved time for rest and leisure. Not that two hands are tied, but sometimes the work is more and we feel like having additonal two hands. When ever I see the God photos with so many hands, my thoughts would go with it as to why the human beings are not bestowed with addtional two hands. Please share your views as to what would be your plan of action for two more hands if we had?
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    Having four hands in the God pictures is a symbol that the almighty is capable of doing much much more than the human beings. Before conjecturing about having 4 hands we can also think what would it like be if we had only one hand. It is actually a relative term. We feel that with that enhancement we could do more or do things in a multi mode. But the fact is that it is not so straight forward. Those who are capable of doing multiple things simultaneously will be able to do it with whatever number of hands they have but those who do not want to work would sit idle even if having so many hand.
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    If all human beings are having four hands, corruption will become double. Now many people are earning with both hands, one on the desk and the other below the desk. Now if they have four one will be there on the desk and the remaining 3 will go under the desk.
    We eat with a single hand and if we have four hands we may start eating with three hands. We may be able to do more work and turn out may increase.
    To carry out a job, alone hands are not sufficient. We may require help from other parts of the body and we should have coordination with other parts. So to be more practical having more hands may not be of very much use to us. Our mindset only and our thinking capability will decide the work turn out more than hands.

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    Oh! I am really scared.
    The corruption will double. The corrupt will take bribe by four hands. Even with two hands we see corruption so huge. Imagine what will happen if the corrupts, bribe takers and usurpers have four hands?
    Even with two hands the goondas and terrorists create havoc for innocent people. Can we even imagine without shivers those people getting four hands?

    No baba, no, Let it be just two hands as is now.

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    If we had 4 hands, perhaps our brain would have been even more active. Looking at it, we will understand that even when we are doing the same thing, we still have different thoughts and activities in our mind, to perform some of those, we can use other means such as our feet or any other part of the body. We can do it to an extent but for some work, we need hands only and with two hands we can not do all that task so the brain operates the body according to it. But if we had 4 hands, perhaps the brain would have known that our body could do 2 or more tasks at a time or simultaneously, thinking that the brain's capacity would be increased.

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    If we had four hands then our works will be doubled. A women at home would be burdened even more and also a moms work will be doubled. Even to imagine us with 4 hands is really scary.
    I am also getting various funny imaginations about the fashion that would exist if we had four hands.

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    I don't think four hands could make any difference. Do we perform two different works simultaneously with both hands?
    Our mind directs our limbs to work and our mind focuses on one work at a time. When two hands can't perform two different activities simultaneously, how four hands could perform four different works at a time.

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