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    Why so much Inspections by the CBI, CID, and ED during Elections.

    You were noticed since one to two months, there are breaking news in every time in the TV Chanel, that some political leaders have been called by the department for enquiry relating any scam. Some have been arrested, they have raided someone's houses, offices etc. Why this happens before election time, why not throughout the year? Is it the policy of some groups to disturbing only, Sushant Singh Rajput cases was such a situation during election of Bihar. After that this is stop now. Those Inspections department are a prestigious Institute loosing their importance. Please share your view.
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    It is quite interesting but can we look at it in the other way? Nowadays, no media is telecasting the news. I would say they are telecasting their personal views in some form where the public is forced to make opinions according to the views of the hosts or anchors of some programs. If I say the investigating agencies are working round the year and conducting the usual raids but such news is not reported through those channels all the time and covered more prominently during election time will it be absolutely wrong? That's my personal view. We get to know only what is reported through media and every media is controlled by some political groups and used as a medium to showcase their agendas. Is there anybody who is absolutely neutral and report only what has happened? I doubt!

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    By the way our law enforcing agencies are given super powers to go into the investigation whenever they find some fishy deals through which huge money transfers take place. And during the elections the leaders indulge in quit pro co method that is getting transfer of money for having done a favor and this way the leaders accounts are confiscated and attached if found illegal. Though political donations happen and every political leader plans for huge donations through his power but often fail to understand that the law is very is much vigil and every paisa must be accounted for. Moreover some leaders are not maintaining accounts on daily expenses during the elections and their past spending spree is already known to the investigative agencies and thus have the eye on the erring leaders for new cases.
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    I agree with Sankalan. These days no news channels are reporting the happenings or news. They air airing the way they wanted and want to we get is the managed information. They try to use every incident for their benefit and use as a tool to increase their TRPs. Another problem these days we are seeing is that every channel is having its own political attachments and the news from those channels will be of that party only. So these inspections by different agencies may be happening throughout the year but we are getting the information during the election period only.
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    CBI or CID or ED will always be raiding the houses of the people or calling them for interrogation whenever these departments get a lead or clue from some reliable source. There are many sources of these information like the media, email from some unknown persons, observations of the field inspectors working in these organisations etc. So, they would do their duties throughout the year but near elections or such events because of more complaints and information from the opposition camps these raids might increase in number. People are also conscious during such times to find such news and take it normally.
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