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    Unfulfilled dreams of parents and their expectation from children.

    Everyone dreams for something in their life and makes every effort to fulfill it, but not necessarily every dream of yours is fulfilled. Unfulfilled dreams often stay in our minds, and even with time, those dreams remain intact. A strange trend is seen in our society that both mothers and fathers expect their children to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams.

    Thinking about your child's future or wanna see your child on the path of progress in life, every parent wants and this, and that is fine. But make your unfulfilled dream, the dream of a child's life, this idea is wrong. If the child has talent and interest that he too can progress in the same direction, then it is ok, but if the child's interest and dream are different then they should be allowed to decide accordingly.

    As far as the matter is to fulfill the parents' own unfulfilled dream, then the dream which could not be fulfilled in any time, due to any reason, you can fulfill it even today. If you wanted to become a singer, then you still learn music, because there is no age to learn. Fulfill your dream yourself, and let your children decorate their own dreams.
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    For the parents the day the child was born their planning goes deep and definite with a aim to achieve something for the child and they strive to work from the day one. But on the part of children they feel that they are being looked after and pampered well and thus have the notion that even a not good performance would be tolerated by the parents. I have seen that every parent wants their children to excel and be one step ahead than others and for that they are ready to walk one step further to acquire and provide all want and comforts to the child. When the child gets good rank and marks the happiness on the face of the parents has to be seen and believed. But at the same time when the parents spend huge on education and the child performs average then the position of the parents seems to be worrisome for ever.
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    I agree with the author. Our unfulfilled dreams can't be expected to realise by our children. Being a parent is very good and children should respect them. But parents can't expect their children to dedicate their whole life to the parents only.
    As a parent, we expect our children to have a happy and decent life. But we can't force them to live the way we want. They will have their own dreams and wishes and we should encourage our children to realise their own dreams. Parents should not expect their children to take up all the responsibilities of them and work for them. It is too much expectation, I feel.
    As a parent, we should have our own boundaries and who should not overlap our boundaries with theirs. Otherwise, the relations will get spoiled. Children should respect their parents but parents should also behave in such a way that their children will get humiliated.

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    Parents have to monitor their children in a very meticulous way and help them in achieving their goals in their lives. In many cases the ambitions of the children might not match with the thinking of the parents about their career and it is possible that there may be a conflict in between them due to the differences. Parents have to be very patient and deal with such conflicts in intelligent ways. They have to understand the liking of their children and pinpoint the passion areas in their mind so that the children can do better in those areas where there interests lie.
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