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    Do you also follow the rules of the directions?

    In general studies, we have read about 4 directions and when we take information from spirituality, then we get a description about eight directions in it. It is believed that some work should be done only by facing towards a certain direction, such as at the time of food, at the time of worship, at bedtime, etc.

    Nowadays, most people, while building a house, determine the position of their rooms, etc. according to the directions. Even if we look at science or geography, we know that the Earth is a planet whose magnetic fields and different forces act around it and the effect of these forces and different waves from the polar to the equator is different. Thus, it has been proved in every way that the influence of directions affects us.

    In my family, from the very beginning, we were forbidden to sleep in the north or south direction, and the head should always be in the east direction while sleeping and worshiping. Apart from this, there are many other rules which keep telling us from time to time. Do you also follow these rules of directions and believe in them. Please share your experience or thoughts.
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    Every orthodox family and the person would certainly follow the directions which benefit the individual person as per their demand and action.For many the east and the north facing homes are much preferred and even for going to rented house the facing should not of South or the West. Our elders and their fore fathers have proven time and again the good day and time always matter along with the good directions. And those who have bountiful knowledge of the same would not miss any opportunity in life. And those who are the shop owners have some business would sit facing the east and the cash counter is placed facing the east.
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    We follow these points very scrupulously. We should sleep by keeping our head towards east or south. But we should not face south when we pray to God or when we perform Pooja. Like this, we have many rules which we are accustomed to following them. These days Vastu is attaining a lot of focus and almost all the people are trying to follow this Vastu to the maximum extent possible. The Vastu regulations are designed in such a way that we will have good air and light and ventilation in our houses.
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    There are some guide lines in this matter and a lot of material can be found in the old scholarly Indian books on the subject of directions. It is a mystery that how these directions are related to our comforts and well being but some scholars tell that it might be something related to the Earth magnetic field and the direction of Sun rays. There may be some benefit of these things if followed precisely.
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