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    Clarification regarding the article

    I have posted my article Corporate governance and role of women directors which was rejected I wish to know the reason as the comment said content copied, over which I would like to say that the content is original only the quotes which have been said by celebrated personalities have been used from the net. Otherwise, the rest of the text is original.
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    Please provide the URL of the article in question.
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    We checked out the deleted article. There are a number of issues with the content. Note-
    1. When putting in a quote, due credit should be given to the person whose quote it is.
    2. The article should not have words like 'bro', 'ain't', etc.
    3. The article must be checked thoroughly for English errors before submission.
    4. The article should be presented properly with headings and the relevant HTML tags.
    5. Above all, the article should follow the current policy of having content that is related to the new niche on academics.

    We request you to please read articles submission guidelines and take time to go through Help Topics and FAQs. As a new member, it would be good to also go through the comprehensive guide for new members before starting to contribute.

    Let this be a learning experience for you. Once you learn, you will definitely be able to provide quality content and start earning as well. In case of any doubts, raise a forum thread and we will guide you. We are all here to learn and earn.

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