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    When we are unable to get rid of it, we get used to it

    Look around and you will find a lot of example of such things. You wanted to get rid of a nightmare. You tried a lot, but couldn't. So, you got used to it and that nightmare doesn't bother you anymore. You wanted to get rid of a particular person who is continuously disturbing you but somehow the situation became such that you need to interact with him on a regular basis. Now you are not feeling the same. Think of an interesting situation faced by a political leader and his opponent, who is always critical about his activities and keeps no stone unturned to use tricks to harass him found one day that the opponent switched sides and joined him in the same political party. You can say a political enemy became a colleague. You feared a particular subject when you were a student and used a lot of tricks to get rid of that subject; ultimately you cleared the subject somehow. Lastly, we all want to get rid of corruption, instead, it has increased so much that we became used to it. So, if you are unable to get rid of something don't worry, you will become used to it. Now don't ask me how because I am also searching for the answer of how it becomes possible.
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    Good thread from the author and it is time tested and proven that when we are unable to get rid of it we get used to it. For example we are working with a company with a half heart as the salary and position was not satisfactory and at the same time we are not getting new job with improved offers. In this case we are continuing with the same job in spite of non liking and over the period of time we get attached to the same job and would be doing even better than the thought. One thing is sure, there are challenges in life and we are unable to confront the same for the want of time and resources and thus we get to adjust for the reasons best known to us and thus fuming inside we keep on adjusting with the new tasks and challenges and keep on gong and by virtue of it we come more experienced and strong.
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    The author has mentioned a very important aspect in our lives and I am sure that many of us might also had experienced such a thing while interacting with other people or even fighting with their own selves! If we go to the theory of human evolution then one thing that Charles Darwin had long back observed was that the species which were able to adapt with the changing scenarios were only able to survive and others perished. There are many examples given in this context and it is true that in the nature the living beings have to change their ways as per the changing circumstances and only those who can go through those slow mutations can live long in the sense that their future generations in a modified form would be able to rule the planet Earth. From that learning I also endorse the authors view that we have to change as per the surroundings and environmental changes as we cannot change them and only recourse is change ourselves to survive.
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    I agree with the author when something happens and we face it or live with it for a long time we become habitual of it. We don't resist and accept it, like corruption in our country has become an integral part of our system.We don't mind about it and we don't complaint about it, the reason is that who will you complaint to is also the part of this system.
    This system makes us habitual to work in a certain way or live in a certain environment. Although men and women are equal, but we see that women are considered as weak and downtrodden. They are deprived of their rights in large part of the society. Overall situation is that practically women are not equal to men. Women are habitual to be treated like this and they have adjusted themselves that they are not equal to men.
    Caste system is the result of this adjustment. When something is continued for ages people don't resist any longer. They begin to live with what is trending around them. Some people who resist are marginalised.

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    We get used to many things when we are unable to get rid of them. This is true. Why we are doing so is only because we want to be in peace. Otherwise, we will not be at peace with ourselves. In our country, the common man remains in good spirits even though he is troubled by all sorts of problems. This is just because he gets used to facing the problems. He will certainly be not happy with the rising prices of all commodities. There is nothing he can do about it. So he makes peace with the problems by getting used to them. In fact getting used to is the only option.
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    True. When we are not able to get rid of certain things, definitely we will get accustomed to them. We all want to avoid using vehicles as the fuel cost is increasing but we can't overcome that and we got accustomed to paying the money and use the vehicle. Once we get habituated to certain issues we will become conversant with them and manage with them. It is true in almost all cases. We can't fight against everything we don't like. We have to make a compromise somewhere and once we start living with that we will get accustomed to that.
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    The author has raised an interesting issue where we don't find any solution of leaving the the job because of the poor pay but we cannot leave it either since we cannot find a better job. Loosing the present one would mean that we would be unemployed and it would prove to be a painful situation. The only left to us is to be accustomed to that situation. This can open up a new avenue how in that situation we will do that job in a better way in the prevailing cercumstances. The same thing is applicable even with the price of the petrol which is making daily record of steep hike, but we cannot leave our bikes if we have to go somewhere because we are used to it. This is the philosophy of our life.

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    The author is completely right, and if we look carefully around us, we will understand that this situation is very much related to the life of everyone. Whether home is in the family or at our workplace, the conditions have become such that we are disliked and what we do not want, but still, we cannot remove or change them from ourselves. In such a situation, it is prudent to adopt them and make them part of your life. When we are used to them, it does not become our choice but still, our situation becomes somewhat normal.
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    Very well explained. It's true that we get used to thinks when we can't avoid to them. Even if we sit in a stinking place, we have no choice to go away, after sometime we don't feel it because we get used to that.

    I am still trying to learn how to get used to that repeated and irritating talks by my mother in law. I am sorry if you feel about my complaint. I am not offending her. She has the habit of repeating the same thing until the work is completed. She keeps on telling silly things. This irritates me a lot. I can't get used to that.

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    I totally agree with the author. We get used to so many things that we once wanted to get rid of. I remember getting some scary dreams very often and the more I thought about it the frequent the dreams became. But slowly I got used to it and stop bothering about it and slowly even such pattern of dreams declined. So very true that we get used to things that we wanted to get rid off.

    #72427426: Mallela jyothi, I do not want to offend you but I seriously laughed out loud when I read that you want to get rid of your mother in laws repetitive talks. I am also experiencing the same things. I cannot stop nor want to listen but no option I keep quite.

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    This is a very interesting and thought provoking post by the author which simply highlights the fact that human mind is able to accommodate with even extreme conditions and situations when the frequency of those things is more. We read this in psychology subject and it is known as conditioning of human minds. It is an amazing fact that human minds are very accommodative and adjusting in nature for repetitive activities and slowly make themselves in tune of those circumstances. Most of the cases it happens like that except in a few where one rebels against the present situation and escapes the scene.
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    Jyothi and Sushma, keep a note as you also will become a mother-in-law sometime. You can't get rid of a mother-in-law's tantrums but have you ever thought whether you are on the wrong side? How to adjust and being happy, is, I think, the message of this thread.
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