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    Is prejudiced mind a negative attribute?

    Many people are having prejudiced mind due to many reasons which could be attributable to things like their learnings of a particular nature, their experiences obtained in their own ways, their outlook of the world around them, their approach to a problem or discussion etc. They do not listen to others attentively and without understanding as what the other person is emphasising start to understand the things in their own prejudiced manner and response in that way only. It is not only embarrassing but totally out of the context and illogical to do such things but a prejudiced person is like that only and will not get convinced by others especially in matters where he is highly prejudiced and has some firm convictions about the particular subject matter. I firmly believe that it is a negative attribute if someone possess it. Have you seen or encountered with such persons? What do you think about them? How to make them agree to something which is universally correct?
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    It is a normal thing. Almost all of us are prejudiced, the author himself is prejudiced or not he knows it better but I am also prejudiced. The irony is that we assume that we are perfect and all others have issues in their habits, manners, lifestyle, thinking etc. Nobody is perfect. We are stubborn, we are hardliners. We resist what we dislike. We don't accept it, so even it is logical and conducive in a big way.
    Many people accept the theory of evolution and many people reject this theory. Survival of fittest and process of mutation and all the stupid theories of atheist which deny even the existence of Almighty Lord. They believe that this whole universe came into existence on its own.
    They are prejudiced but they will not accept it. If you believe in God you are backward and prejudiced.
    This is trending around us what I think is perfect, whereas what others think is wrong. Now, who will decide - who is right or who is wrong?
    I don't run after people to reform them because I am not a social reformer, nor have any interest to take the contract to reform this society as some people have taken this contract. If I am a hardliner in certain issues, so other people have this right too. I think we should not resist anything which is based on truth and logic. We should not succumb to the false and wrong environment We should not adjust to what is wrong, unjust, harmful for human society.

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    A person with a preconceived idea and thought about an issue will never tend to hear what others speak. They will try somehow to push their thoughts and ideas. They will have a prejudiced mind towards their thoughts.
    When we sat for a discussion, we should hear to understand what is the idea of the other person and what is he trying to bring in. One should think about the merits and demerits of the issue but not about the person who brought the idea or thought. Then only a meaningful discussion will happen.
    A prejudiced mind will never accept the suggestions that are coming from others. In fact, it is a big loss to the person who is involved in the loss. Because of the prejudiced mind, he may not be able to get the best solution to the problem he is facing. When we open up our mind and invite and pursue various ideas and select the best option, chances of solving the problem will be on the higher side.

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    By virtue of their own experience and qualifications some people pre determine their own actions and stick to it as if their own decision not to be disallowed nor rejected by others. Such rigid thinking cannot yield results always as those in chain action and responsible for the happenings has to be accounted for every moves of them. By prejudiced thinking they are not allowing others to work on their line and thus the cooperation suffers for the want of one person approval. If one person is of negative thoughts he can infleunce others also to his fold. Thus he must be kept out of the main chain.
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    We have to consider the things based on open mind and not prejudiced minds. The reason is that when we observe and study things in details considering all the pros and cons of the matter then only we can take a correct and prudent decision. A prejudiced mind will see the matter in a limited extent and will not be able to see all the dimensions attached to it. So, it is imperative that having a prejudiced mind is not a desirable thing and is not a healthy sign.
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    When a person gets his opinion or prejudiced about any subject or discussion, then he/she does not understand the importance of the words or advice of others. Such people get this nature for whatever reason but by doing so they harm themselves. Such people become proud that it is appropriate to be prejudiced. Being prejudiced on the basis of your thoughts and experiences is also right to some extent, but it should not increase its impact so much that the thoughts and thoughts of others do not have any value in your eyes.
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    Prejudice need not necessarily be negative all the time. Some prejudices are positive also. For example, if someone says Indian culture is the greatest in the world. This is a positive prejudice. He may not be knowing much about other cultures in the world, yet he says our culture is the greatest. Most of the time prejudice is negative only. We are all prejudiced in some way or the other. Thinking others prejudiced is also prejudice in my opinion. If two persons are discussing a matter and have different opinions and do not accept with each other's opinion, then both of them think the other one is prejudiced. In a way all are prejudiced.
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    We say a person is prejudiced when her/his actions are based on some preconceived ideas and do not follow any logic. Not following any logic and doing/saying things according to certain ideas cannot be said a progressive trait. In that way, it is a negative one. One the other hand, as Arafatuzzafar and KVRR mentioned in their replies most of us are somehow prejudiced. In general, our thoughts and actions may seem quite logical to others but there may be some traits and actions which can be found only by people who closely observe us all the times. Those actions may be based upon some prejudices which we keep on performing unknowingly.

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