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    Online Educational portals proving a boon to students without schooling

    Many school students found online educational portals beneficial in the absence of actual lessons in a classroom. Do you really think such online lessons were a boon?

    Last year when the education sector was confused and confronted with how to cope with the academic year many online educational portals came in handy for the students to keep their learning going in spite of schools arranging their own online classes. Some students whom I met told me that they are now giving less credence to school lessons and giving more importance to those portals contents and proving to be improved far better than the school books content. What is your take on this matter?
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    It is true. Online Educational portals provided very good information and subject to many students. Many portals came in handy and came out with good matter that is useful for the students. In addition to the material they are getting from the classes conducted online by their institution, the additional information obtained through these portals enriched the students with their contributions in almost all the areas. This is an additional facility for the students and they can continue to use them even after regular classes starts.
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    Online learning portal may be suitable for the student of higher classes. But in the Classes Nursery to Stand.1, the children are showing their face only nothing is learning. I have seen several cases in my locality, the children's doing Classes since Aug'2020 but not able to Read and write ABCD , but in Exam they scored 100/100. The teachers teaches as per their routine and Question papers are uploaded timely, the Parents opening the question paper and answering by clicking yes or no (MCQ Type) and submitting the answer papers where the student are playing almost in most the cases. Now one year study period completed ,they all will go to next classes. What will happen.
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    Dhruba - We have already had multiple discussions on online classes vs. school classes. This thread is not discussing that aspect again. Here, the topic is about whether online learning platforms are better than the material provided in school via books or other materials, basically, whether those online lessons are really beneficial or not.

    Dr. Rao - instead of merely repeating the core topic of a thread, or repeating what others state, what you need to do is bring your own views to the table and come up with interesting elements to discuss. That is what helps to start off a good discussion if you are one of the first responders and makes the thread as a whole relevant with more responses as others join in with their views.

    Everyone is again requested to go through the earlier accurate pointers in this announcement

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    Generally text books are fixed in their content while online portals can modify their content time to time as per the calibre of a particular student. This is a big facility and the student can choose a lesson accordingly in various categories like basic concepts, normal concepts or advanced topics. So, relatively more options are there in the online educational tutorials or plans.
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