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    Why our energy level diminishes by the evening we return home?

    In the morning we wake up with freshness face and get ready for the work with all enthusiasm and want to finish the task on day to day basis so that we do not bring office tension to the home life. Though the office works may be over and we would have got the good comments from the boss , what irks the travelling time back home which makes our journey more tiresome and by the time we reach home our energies exhausted. And my thoughts are with those who travel from Pune to Mumbai for work without tiresome.
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    In every big City many people doing their daily duty from their home which is far from the City. In Kolkata thousands of people are coming from the district of Bankura, Paschim Bradman ,Birbhum which is a 4 hours Train Journey. The daily Passenger used to awake at 4 AM ,after preparing they go to nearest Railway Station by Cycle or Motor Cycle with in time and got on the Train , arrived at Howrah Rly Station , by Bus or Ferry arrived office with in 10 AM. Similarly they return home at about 9 PM through the same route and routine. Their is some relaxation for their timing in the office. After office hour we think that the duty has been over and now is for rest time at home but their duty completed when they arrive at the home. So their energy not exhausted. Habit make our Body more tolerable. Thanks.
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    I used to travel about 50 km daily to reach my workplace from Hyderabad. Of course, I used to commute in my driver driven car. While coming back from the office in the evening I used to lie down in the back seat. That was giving me some rest.
    During the day we attend many works which involve both physical as well as mental work. That will take away our energy and we feel tired. We will not have any strength to further work. That is why many of us prefer to take a rest in the evening.
    It is true that after working whole day travelling back home in crowded public transport will be very difficult and that will make the people very weak.

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    If the drive has to be self for the long distancce and that would be more taxing.
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    There are many reasons for a decrease in energy level or fatigue. If we talk about science, we find that the cause of physical fatigue is the lack of oxygen in the body and the formation of lactic acid. Sometimes energy level also depends on your mental process. When we wake up in the morning, our brain knows that we have to work all day and keep us active accordingly. After working from the office, after coming home, there is a demand for physical rest in our mind and we also feel tired. For those who do updown jobs, it becomes quite challenging.
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    It is a natural thing to feel exhausted after working in the office. And it becomes more tiresome when one has to travel a long distance from his office. By the time a person teaches home, it leaves his all low with energy and diminishes the stability.
    In the morning when a person leaves for his or her work, he leaves with energy and enthusiasm to his office. Working in the office, the pressure of the work and facing different things in the office and then returning to home crossing long distance diminishes energy. Some rest rejuvenates a person to start afresh.

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    Many of us have to report for the duties from the far flung places so as to reach duty place in time. This is especially true for the people of west bengals reaching their duty places from the different routes and they start their journeys for their duties as early as 4am. Finally they reach their offices at 10 am sharp. The work pressure of the office make them tired within a couple of hours but they have to deliver results within some specific time. Finally reaching home at around 9 pm, they remain no more active unless they recharge their energies with a cup of a hot tea followed by a light snack. This is not the affair of a single day but this follows regularly without having a break in such a schedule.

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    The tiredness and fatigue that we feel in the evening is due to physical as well as mental exertion and sometimes it is only due to mental exertion. Why I am telling this is because I have seen some people just sitting in house from morning to evening and seeing TV or chit chatting and by the evening they also start complaining that they are tired and then they want a strong cup of coffee (that also after taking the meals, snacks, and tea/coffee so many times already). As the night time approaches, our body starts seeking for rest and sleep after which the next morning we become fresh and full of aspirations to do so many things. If a person feels tired by the evening but next morning finds himself fresh and fit then it is a good sign that the individual is a healthy one.
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    Those who are going out and commuting between two places to attend to their jobs and come back late in the evening would definitely be feeling tired once they reach home and would require complete relaxing and rest. That is the time to chit chat with the family and enjoy some group activity to refresh the mind. Some people prefer to take a bath and get refreshed while others would just sit and pass time lazily.
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