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    Creators' or their Creations which is most Important to Us.

    If we look at the past there were many important personalities like Poet, Philosopher, Educationist, Freedom fighter, Filmmaker, etc. who have contributed to various spheres of our life. Because of their contributions what our country is today. People is more interested for their creations as reflected by their activities ,they are happy with the creations of those Personalities. Sometime they even does not know the name of the Creator. Now the creations along are in the society without their Creators. What do you think.
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    Very nice post from the author and we some times altogether forget the creator and give credence only to the creations. Today morning only I happen to get the tallest statue of Iron man of India Sardar Patel and it was taken from the drone and the whole area was visible and it was dwarfed against the biggest statue of the worled. Suddely my thoughts went to the creator or the idea of the person who envisaged such a huge single piece statue. We are now appreciating the statue and never appreciated those who are instrumental and associated with the creation of the worlds best statue.
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    Without a creator, there are no creations. So creators are very important. Taj Mahal is very beautiful. We all like to visit the same any number of times possible. We say that so and so king constructed the same. But he might have spent the money, the architect and the builder are to be appreciated for the beauty of the creation.
    So due importance is to be given to the person whose toil has gone into the creation. We remember freedom fighters who are responsible for independence to the country. We are enjoying independence and we remember the persons who made us independent. In the same way, we should always remember the person who created the creation.
    Many Scientific laws were named after the inventors. So we remember the names but we don't know the details of how that invention was made. If we know those details also we can appreciate the scientist more for his inventions.

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    Very interesting thread posted by the author. Although both the creator and his creation have their own importance, if one is chosen then the creator is the most important because he is the one person due to which his related creation is among us today. Granted, the Creator may not live among us after a time, but the Creator cannot be forgotten as long as his work or creations are with us and are part of our lives. If seen, there was a creator first, due to which creation was created, and then the creator is known till date by the same creation. In general, both are parallel, which should be of equal importance.
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    Yes, the Creators and their creations both are equally important. But sometimes we ignore the creators and only enjoy with their creations.
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    A post that can make you thinking. True, both are important. The creator creates and we enjoy the creations. We often forget the creator, but we do remember the good times or moments we enjoy through the creations.
    The creator lives through his creations. People will remember him only when the creations exist.
    So to me, creations are more important than the creators. Who will remember the creators if the creations are not good?

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    Generally creators are always credited for their creation. It is a tradition of manners and etiquette. When we talk of electric bulb the name of Thomas Alva Addision comes in our mind automatically. We have studied it in our text books. How can we forget it. We have read about Gandhiji and his non-violence doctrine. It is in our memory. So, in text books or other places generally the source or the creator's name is invariably mentioned and I think we all should practice this in our lives that whenever we are talking about something we must be courteous enough as who gave us this idea. For example, last year I wrote a mystery cum suspense story (no promotion intended) for which I got ideas and elements from the works of Jaffrey Archer who is a famous writer in that category of fiction. He has not written any story alike that but I got the lead from his works only.
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    I think both are important and we have to give due weight age to them. Creator creates and that is his greatness and abilities through which the creation is evolved. We can appreciate the creation without appreciating the creator but that would be taken as lack of gratitude. When we view a good movie then we also have to appreciate the actors and the director behind that and of course we usually do it.
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