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    Sometimes nothing works as we think.

    It really hurts when all the hopes are collapsed. We try hard but nothing is in our hands we really feel if some miracle would happen at that time.

    Despite all the responsibilities I have, I work hard to continue my education. I wrote B.Ed entrance exam and got 51 rank and was so happy to get a seat.

    I should have post graduation to qualify for doing B.Ed. I was eligible for the exam as I am studying final year post graduation. Due to lock down, my final year exams which were supposed to happen are postponed and I am still having two exams to appear. When I went for B Ed counselling they said I am not eligible to get a seat because I don't have marks card for post graduation.

    Why this lockdown should happen to postpone my exams. Why I should spend an amount of RS.1000 only for counselling process which was useless? Why I went all the way travelling so far thinking I will get a seat? All my hard work gone in vein. Very disappointed. Simply travelling for 140km to and fro without any use.

    Could the counselling authority help me? They just said come with the certificates for which the exams were postponed due to lock down.

    Are there no other students in the state facing this problem? Am I the only one?
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    There are times when nothing works according to our plans. There must be many students like you who faced the same situation and I am sure if any one of such students is a member of this site she/he will share the views.

    It is understandable that you are feeling clueless at the moment and thinking there is no hope. No need to think of it in this way. You know that post-graduation is required to secure admission to B.Ed courses and since your post-graduation exam was postponed because of lockdown you are yet to get the final marks card and certificate. Now there is no point in thinking why this happened or it could have happened in a different way because it is not possible to go back to the previous position and start afresh. If counselling authorities are accessible to you at the moment ask what are the other options. Consult the university/institute from where you are doing post-graduation. Remember, the same situation was faced by a lot of other students who couldn't secure admission to the B.Ed courses because of the postponement of post-graduation exams. Talk to your friends and I am sure a solution will come out.


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    When the things are not in our hands the happenings would be more disturbing to which we are not habituated and expected and for those middle class who hopes to have the best career through the academics and luck it would be great shock of the life if the expected things does not happen upon which we have much hopes. But the world is not closed for us, there may be better chances waiting for you to grab and move on near future, and therefore be brave and accept the reality that nothing is in our hands when we plan many things and that does not happen for want of congenial situation.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Mohan sir, for your encouraging words. I will do my best.

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    It is good that you have narrated and shared your feelings and concerns about your career with the fellow members. Life is a big challenge and by comparing our status with others who had been successful, we will only increase the melancholy in our lives. It hurts when we fail and it hurts more when we miserably fail and do not get even the part of what we aspired in our lives. There are many things which cannot be explained like as why the bad luck is only following us and not others. Some people simply make the destiny responsible for it. You will be surprised to know that today in our country there is such a big unemployment problem that except the very high scoring students, no one is able to get a good job. Most of them are doing small jobs which is not commensurate with their educational credentials. So, what I would say is that forget the past wounds and if there are innumerable bottlenecks in a path just leave it and go for some alternative. There are many things which a person can attempt. In my town, some ladies have made a cooperative for supplying home made food and they are earning very good amount more than what a normal salaried person gets. Do not cling to something indefinitely where the result is already known.

    I am not sermonising, just to tell you, in 1972, after doing my post graduation with good marks, I had to do many small jobs for 3-4 years and then only I got a good job, even at that time when employment conditions were not so bad. Come on, stand up and there are many things which we can do till we get the best of the lot.

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    Mallela Jyothi,

    Other than the advice given by Sankalan Bhattacharya, I would suggest that you approach the District Education Officer where you are located. Look for a contact email and phone number at the official website of the Department of Education of your State/District.

    Do not give up and throw up your hands in despair. Be persistent and stubborn. I really cannot understand why your application for a seat was rejected if you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements. I submit many articles on admissions here at ISC, and I have seen that in the notification they clearly state that students will be given provisional admission while results are awaited and final admission is dependent on producing the required mark sheet/certification by so-and-so date, this date generally being before the actual start of the academic session. So you absolutely must follow this up with, first, the parent University of the college where you have applied for the seat. Contact the Registrar of University directly who is in charge of the admission process (check the website - you will get the contact details), even the University Dean if necessary, and at the same time send communication via email to the local Education Officer. Be polite, but clearly convey your distress at being denied a provisional seat despite the circumstances of the pandemic.

    Note- I would strongly advise you to send communications with English properly corrected. There are many errors in the text of this thread. A lot of errors in English in your communication with authorities will not make a good impression.

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    I also agree with the author that this is not always what we think and want. Nobody thought that the corona epidemic would one day affect the whole world. After the arrival of Corona, the plans of many people were limited to mind and on paper only. But still, life is a continuous process and even if the time is according to us, we have to make ourselves according to the time. Well, it is better to be sad than to think that the time has passed that we should move our efforts forward. It is possible that what we have not got now, we will get something more than that in the future. Always keep a positive attitude.
    Swati Sharma

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    Thank you Vandana mam, I will definitely try to contact the higher authorities regarding this. I am really happy for all your support.

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    Actually, I am not able to understand why we require PG for doing B Ed. Any graduate is eligible for applying for B.Ed. I know many people who did B Ed after BA/BSc/B Com. I don't know whether any new rule has come that only PGs are eligible for B Ed.
    Certain happenings are out of our control. We can't do anything and we have to accept the happenings and move on. However, we can try the possible ways. The problem mentioned by you is not a specific problem and many others also might have faced the same problem. So all such people can make a representation to the university authorities to extend the date for submitting marks sheers or asking them to accord BEd admission based on Graduation marks. Another alternative is to go to court. For all this, you should contact other people who also suffered like you.

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    Though at present you are suffering from a setback due to the circumstances beyond your control. This being the corona phase has impacted careers of many aspirants including you. However, there are ways to settle the issues. Instead of being sentimental, you have to take up a prudent step writing your grievances to the chairman of the admission committee indicating your annoyance that the authorities are insensitive to the situation when you are not able to submit your mark sheet of your post graduating due to the pandemic phase.
    Keep the same thing informed to the vice chancellor of the university from where you are undertaking your post graduation course. They will in turn make a contact with the chairman of the admission committee of B.Ed course and the present deadlock can be settled favourably. At the same time, write to District Education Official of your area appraising him of the full details.

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    Sometimes there are some setbacks in our lives but we have to sort them out patiently and by asking the help from the seniors who have knowledge about the matter. There seem to be some missing links in your narration as it is not clear as why they are not taking cognisance of your UG degree which should be sufficient for applying for B.Ed. Once this point is clarified then some solace will be there for you.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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