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    Can Rahul Gandhi ever become the Prime Minister of India?

    An interesting political discussion is ongoing here on the possibility of the Congress President becoming a future Prime Minister of India. Join in and express your analytical views.

    In 1984, the Congress, led by Rajiv Gandhi, won the largest majority India has ever seen and Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India. Since Rahul Gandhi became the Congress president, the Congress lost control of many states one by one.

    Can Rahul Gandhi ever become the Prime Minister of India?
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    Yes, why not? This is a democratic country and people choose their representatives following the true spirits of democracy through elections. If after winning an election a political party selects one of its leaders as the candidate for the post of PM any leader of that party can become the PM of our country. The same thing is applicable to Rahul Gandhi.

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    Congress Party is now on the opponent seats in the Indian parliament. But since independent they are on the rulling seats in major time. In a democratic country people supported present govt. and they are engaged to served the Nation. In next election the people may accept them if present govt does not fulfilled their expectations. Accordingly Mr Gandhi is quite a good politician, there is no doubt that he can be the PM of India. His father was also a good politician and one of our past PM. But the question is, is it possible that the Congress party will win in the election in next time. I would say due to various regional party in the country proper coalition and combination is only the way to the solution as Congress a single competitor can not do such win. Let see what the people do for this.
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    Still the congress party is having considerable time to show its strength in their upcoming election and what is store for congress in future, it cannot be predicted this time. Favourable situatIon may strike with the proper alignments of this party. Some new members may join and can change the fate of the party. The entire equation of the party may change helping Rahul Gandhi to win the confidence of the electorates and this could be a win win situation for Rahul Gandhi in the next election.

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    At present the Congress party is in the ventilator support and the party has gone bad to worse in the recent past once the tallest party of the Indian politics which has governed the nation for many years has now become dwarfed in front of mighty BJP. For Nehru family UP was the take away seat for them in the past and Rahul Gandhi failed to create impact with his voters and thus chosen Waynad in Kerala. And what I feel tht he does not know the politics of India nor he has the good adviser behind him. All the good leaders deserted the party or in the brink of going to BJP and by the next general elections the party would be further deserted paving way for one sided win for the BJP as the third front bogey started by the TS CM has also fizzled out and thus the saffron party would win courtesy the Lord Ram blessings from Ayodhya.
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    Yes, there is every possibility that Rahul Gandhi may become a PM. Congress party is in opposition position at present and if conditions become favorable this party may come into rule next time and thus Rahul will be in PM position. For this the Congress has to work hard and get the blessings of the people in the form of votes. This party is able to win big states held by BJP in the past and why can't in whole country? So there is no impossibility in the game of politics. In my opinion it is good for Rahul Gandhi to prove his mettle as CM in any of the states ruled by Congress before he enters into Central politics.

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    I appreciate some members open support to Rahul Gandhi to become as the PM of India. Even I wanted him to become for his good looks, brisk in actions but very much disappointed with home work on politics and that is the reason being so even when the foreign dignitaries visit India, they rather meet Sonia Gandhi and not him. That amply proves that he was not a recognized political leader of international reputation and that is biggest minus point for him. He may get votes for being grand son of Indira Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi and brother of Priyanka Gandhi but cannot be a PM candidate because a big no from me and along with many crores of voters.
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    The good old Congress of the past is not the same as that of today's Congress. Congress has lost its balance and is not able to stand on its own leg. To defeat BJP, Congress needs to recover the loss and prove good, but it is an impossible task for the Congress under the leadership of RG or SG. Congress has no good leaders to lead. Recently, Congress has lost Puducherry. RG is an immature guy who doesn't think well. He has no good advisers.

    As rightly said by a member that RG should become CM of a Congress ruled state first to prove himself as a good leader to be PM of this country. Then we can think of RG becoming PM of India.

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    In a politically active country like India, the entire political scenario can change in a very short time. It is very difficult to say which party or which leader may forge ahead by the time of next general elections. As of now the BJP and Modiji seem to be in a comfortable position. All of this may change at any time. If the Congress party manages to win majority, Rahul Gandhi may become the Prime Minister of India.
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    The four states and one union territories are going to the polls shortly and on May 2nd the fate of Rahul Gandhi would be known as 20 percent of India's voters spanned over those states and UT are going exercise their franchise and it is the acid test for the Congress in general and Rahul Gandhi in particular to prove the mantle as political critics weigh these polls as the prelude to the big general elections and if the Congress can make inroads or gains in this elections, surely Rahul Gandhi could be a challenge to BJP in Parliament elections but Congress seems to be not seeing these elections seriously.
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    The ways of politic and ways of mandate of the people of a country are unpredictable and anything can happen in future depending upon the course of events in the political arena. Unfortunately, congress party is entangled in the biggest error that it is adamant to choose the leader from the family only. This is a mistake which in my opinion might cost congress a heavy fee. If they choose a strong leader from the big congress lot who can again bring the congress back to the main stream and fight with the convictions and democratic principles then there are crores of people in this country who are ready to take side with congress. In fact the rise of Aap party was only as an alternative to congress and it was benefited by congress' weaknesses to a great extent. Congress has many inherent advantage if they do their homework properly and do not waste time in opposing everything that the present regime is doing.
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    What Umesh has said is true. Instead of criticising and down playing every moves of the govt let the Congress party strive for its position to regain public confidence and alligiance.
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    Rahul Gandhiji had come to Kerala the other day. He had nothing to say about politics. We wonder about this person who is going to rule India. He is not an MP from Wayanad? He went back without asking anything about the problems of the people of Wayanad. Came there and drove the tractor and played. That's all. What politics does he put forward beyond the traditional dramas of eating in the hut, jumping down and giving flowers when he sees a crowd, making biryani and eating, and jumping into the sea?
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    The way the Prime Minister and the ruling parties are trying to do dictatorship everywhere in the country and as the public is losing confidence in their government. There are more chances that Rahul Gandhi should be given this opportunity once. But it is doubtful that apart from the mob of youth resentment and agitations, there is a large community that is still followers of BJP and it is also a part of the public that will not easily allow, to replaced PM Modi's place with anyone else.
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    The author has nicely summarized what Rahul Gandhi is and why he came to Kerala and done nothing proves he is not serious and we do not want such person to lead us.
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    Sobha, are you sure that Rahul did not interact with the locals? How can you be so assertive? Please note how the general public is so friendly with him. Do you think you would be able to go near, so much, to even the CM of Kerala? Leave alone PM of our country! That personal touch is what Congress is relying on to date. Take any leaders and you will find that those from Congress are closer to the public.

    Coming to your query, why can't Rahul become our Prime Minister? If Shri Narendra Modi can, Rahul can, very well.

    As Mohan has rightly pointed out at #724390, it was UP that kept Congress in power. But the State has been tactically (religiously) hijacked by the BJP and that is actually the problem the nation is facing today.

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    Anything is possible in politics. We never predicted that NTR will become the Chief Minister of the then AP State. He started his own party and in 9 months he became the CM. So we can't rule out anything. Rahul Gandhi may become PM or may not. It all depends on time only. We can't predict the mood of the people.
    As of date, BJP is in a strong position and it is in power. People are having confidence in that party. Before that Congress was in power and the family members of the Nehru Family were ther as PMs of the country. Tomorrow again Congress may come into power and RG may be elected as the PM of the country by that party MPs.As of now, Congress is not able to find a proper leader who will lead the party successfully against the strong BJP. Let us hope that they will find a good leader and fight successfully in the coming election will come to power. Then their automatic choice will be RG only.

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    @ Saji Ganesh

    Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi were powerful Prime Ministers of India. But Rahul Gandhi is interfering in many things without any political goal.

    In Kerala, it seems that Congress is abandoning its secular face and becoming more communal. In order to get a few votes, Congress has a soft approach to the BJP. The Congress in Kerala is not fighting against the BJP. Here only the Left is fighting against the BJP. In Kerala, Congress is in a position to join hands with any communal forces to defeat the Communist government. When the Congress leader at the Center comes to Kerala, why does he not speak against the BJP? In Kerala, there is no difference between Congress and the BJP. In Kerala, the BJP is nurtured by Congress. This is the approach that Congress MLAs in North India are turning to the BJP.

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    Sobha, please do not be misguided. You are getting it all wrong. You are wrong in saying that Rahul is interfering unnecessarily. If so, why is the BJP afraid of him? And your notion that it is the left that is fighting against the BJP is totally misconceived. Let us not be unaware of the relation between Kerala's CM and India's PM.

    [Edited. Stick to the main topic.]

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    Pinarayi Vijayan is not the subject of our discussion. The Supreme Court has adjourned the Lavalin case to April 6th. We can see when the case comes that day. For now, we can discuss Rahul Gandhi.

    Ignoring the farmers' strike in Delhi, Rahul came to Kerala to support the farmers. The cause of the farmer's problems is the liberal policies implemented by the Congress government in the 90s.

    Why doesn't Rahul Gandhi, who is keen to criticize the LDF whenever he comes to Kerala, have the same attitude towards the BJP?

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    We cannot conclude about the suitability of Rahul Gandhi for the PM position because the political situations can turn in any direction. Because of the peculiar reputation he has earned many people think that he cannot become the PM of this country but that is not the only point of rejection as situation can being anyone at that position in case the party fares well and a leader has to be picked up hurriedly.
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    Now that senior leaders of group 23 seems to jump to BJP sooner or later, the position of Congress has gone bad to worse and it is better Rahul pull up his socks and set right his house.
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    Why Rahul Gandhi can  not become prime minister provided that he gets this opportunity. But it's not easy to defeat Modi government which despite all opposition it is still winning states also. Democracy can bring another political party or alliance in next elections at centre and if he is the chosen leader of the alliance he may be the next prime minister.
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