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    Is India Study Channel really running towards an academic Portal.

    There are some modifications brought in the channel regarding posting of Articles of Educational activities and many Members are contributing also. But in modern digital markets there are many super built education information sites or channel already occupied in the upper search positions. To achieve that level Re-structuring of the channel is required .The key personnel needs active participation with a new look so that we the general members can follow their guidance for the success of this channel. It is my personal opinion, what's the others view.
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    I have been witness to the leap and bound progress of this site for the past 11 years and our three webmasters are constantly trying to bring changes so that the site matches with the modern requirement. What I feel that presently we are very much famous with the students community and our job search on internet is good and our article section is full of student centered information and the admissions to various colleges and other courses offered are also famous famous hit among the mass. If your suggestion holds good our webmaster Tony would going through this post and makes necessary inclusions.
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    ISC was already an educational portal but the thing was that it accommodated many other knowledge areas in its kitty like My India section, English Learning section, Articles on any subject, Forum discussions on everything possible (partially that is still going on), Ask Experts section on all sort of questions (that is going on), contests of all sorts (still going on) etc. But these 'still going on' things are also required and important due to various administrative reasons and concerns of good traffic to the site.

    Last year, Google modified its search engine criterion in certain ways and started to weigh the focussed sites much and then the webmaster informed all of us that there are going to be some structural changes in accordance with those new search engine requirements and SEO concerns. I have witnessed a lot of change in ISC since then. For example earlier I did not participate in information updates on colleges or schools or things like that but after that change I had to do that because that has become a thrust area now. I even started to write on admissions, courses, and related matters. So, members have to change their contributions according to the need of the platform and only then there can be a significant growth by which we can mutually benefit. There is always scope for improvement but it has to be from the both sides. Members are equally responsible for the growth of a portal.

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    After the change what I found is most of the past major sections are still continuing as it is except a few sections. Reviews of movies and books, general topics, articles on academic topics, etc. were not encouraged now. I felt comfortable in contributing to the site when all these also included. Academic and general topics are my favorite in this site and admission related topics are not my cup of tea. Anyhow it is the decision of management to go in the direction they wish. I think general topics on burning issues, articles may be allowed as they help in various ways to students in exams and interviews.

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    Though the original structure of ISC is more or less preserved in the same way but now the emphasis is for more and more educational materials is there and is evident from the increased educational content like articles on admissions, articles on courses, career related articles etc. Many members have also tried and are trying to mould their work in that specific area and soon it will be a highly focussed site covering all the facets of education and career. I was earlier contributing recipes which is my favourite but for last one year I have stopped that and have started school updates. It was initially difficult for me but with the guidance from editors, once you learn the basics, it becomes a smooth work.
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    There is some change. Articles are coming more on education matters and some good contests are also being conducted related to courses, institutions and related matters and members are participating very actively. Courses, Institutions and related matters are also getting posted by many members.
    There is a lot of change and that is more visible in some sections especially in sections liked institutes, courses, articles etc. WIth in the last one year also we have seen a good change towards making the portal as an education portal. I hope further we will see many changes in the coming months.

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    As per your post, it looks like you want the ISC website to come up with Google's top results in the education corner. This is a really good idea because ISC is a really useful website in the field of education.

    As we understand that there are other terrific websites in the world of the internet for the same niche. So of course there is a lot of stiff competition among all the education websites.

    According to my analysis, ISC is quite a distinct educational website as compared to other websites. If you look at other websites which are getting quite a good rank in Google, as they are drive by some professional people.

    Professional means they serve there as a job. All the work is to maintain all the educational stuff on the website. They arrange the marketing of the website and all equipment that lead to an extraordinary education website in terms of both information, data, and marketing.

    Nearly all information in the ISC is shared by webmasters, editors, and members. Members and editors are sharing knowledge are not time-bound (exclude contests). They share information at their comfort and choice. They are not forced to share information and knowledge. So in ISC, everyone has a choice to share knowledge and engage in discussions (forum).

    Originally ISC was started as a directory of schools, colleges,s, and universities in India. Gradually it becomes a portal of knowledge sharing by anyone. As most of us are just sharing great information here without bothering about Google's ranking system.

    At that time ISC is one of the most searched websites in India. As different players come in the field of education and they worked strictly according to Google's algorithm and got high priority. From the perspective of Google's algorithm, ISC went a little low in search results. So the webmaster comes up with new changes in different sections of ISC to cope with the new Google ranking system.

    ISC is still in the top position for many articles, ask experts and forums, etc. What I have seen is that now Google recognizes ISC as a 30% educational directory or 70% general knowledge website. I want to point out here that members need to share some particular kind of information with good SEO to achieve a better position in search results. Particular information here means some less shared information on the Internet. Members need to share most information about the admissions and courses etc to lift the rank also.

    We hope that with the new modifications we will get favorable outcomes in the future.


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