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    Be your own critic for betterment

    Instead of others pointing out to your mistakes and errors and then getting annoyed for their jibes, it is better to have self probe on every work we initiate and always view every action with critical angle as to how the others would respond and be prepared to have the answers for the questions or the complaints they raise. Many may not like this idea because we are used to pamper and getting a pat from others and down playing our own actions is something not the acceptance of many for obvious reasons. What is your take?
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    Knowing our own mistakes and correcting them is a really great quality of the individual. If we can realise that we went wrong somewhere and if we correct on our own before hearing from others, it speaks about the understanding one had about himself.
    Self-introspection is very important and needed once in a while. We should think about our weaknesses and we should correct them. When we taste a failure, we need not get worried too much. But we should not ignore the failure also. We should analyse the situation completely and we should understand where we went wrong and see that we will not commit the mistake again in the course of our actions further. If we practice this we need not hear any comments from anybody or need not hear any criticism from others. We should start practising this whenever any issue goes wrong so that we will understand our faults well.

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    Self criticism entails mental disorder in the long run but we should rectifying our wrong ways like indulging in indecent activities. We should try to not hurt anybody who cares about us, however if we ever try to hurt someone else he will hurt us back .
    I read some excellent teachings of a great saint. He advised his pupils to cogitate over all sins they might have committed during the day and should start their another day with fresh spirits to do something good for humanity. He emphasised to control our tongue.

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