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    Do some people whistle just like that?

    I have seen some people whistling some tune or song or just like that in random ways. In some cases it can be attributable to some good news or some achievement or some award or things like that but sometime it is, I think, just to keep oneself happy or cheerful. Have you seen someone whistling just like that in your surroundings or you yourself might had resorted to it? Have you whistled intentionally sometimes? Was it for seeking the attention of some person? What could be the reason for whistling just like that? Is it an activity to enjoy oneself in ones own world? Any opinions in the matter please.
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    I am also at loss to see some of my friends just bend their tongue to make huge noise through whistle and that would be truly responded. Why many people want to see the movies in theaters beause of this reason that the audience would whistle, make noise and hoot for every good performance, chasing and fighting. Whistle making is the personal trait for many and we cannot copy it. Some use their two fingers pointed fingers to make the whistle noise, What ever it is I always enjoyed the whistle sound and I encouraged those who make the noise in different style especially during functions.
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    Yes. Some people do that. When they hear some happy news or when they receive any good gift or appreciation from any of their friends or relatives, they do that. Whistling indicates that the person is in a happy mood. He might have received his salary or he might have got an appreciation from the boss. When we are in a group or gathering we may not be able to do that as we will be feeling shy or others may feel that we don't know how to behave in a group. But when we are in our house or when we are with our friends or even when we are alone we will feel free to behave the way we like and in such conditions, we may whistle just like that.
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    I think many people whistle softly when they are in a free and relaxed atmosphere and of course a little bit happy in their lives and enjoying those light moments alone just by whistling some tune or without tune. It is an expression of pleasant times. I have also seen many people calling their pets by whistling and surprisingly the pets respond to that. When we were in schools, sometimes we whistled in a group of students and it was a big fun thing. In our school whistling was not considered a good trait but we used to do it while coming back to home once the classes were over.
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