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    Understand the pain behind every anger

    We always try to control and contain those who vent their anger against us but never give a thought as to why the person get into anger. If the problems are redressed or addressed in proper manner there is no question of anger, but often the problems are not heard or down played thereby giving the chance for the angered person to shout at and create the scene for which we take it as his or her abnormal behavior. No one wants to waste time in their life and it is our duty ti understand others and be amicable with solutions.
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    The author has rightly said, when a person is worried or upset about something, then he expects that his/her people will understand his problem, but when it does not look possible then the person's expectation takes the form of anger. It is not so easy for us also that we are always able to understand the problem of the front, because everyone has their responsibilities, stress, troubles, etc. in their own life. In such a situation, it is not possible for everyone to understand the real reason or pain behind someone's anger, but if we try, we can apply it to some of our special people. And maybe this happens too, sometimes when the child is angry or irritated, the parents find out the real reason behind it and the younger ones also try to calm their elders' anger by understanding their problem or pain.
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    When a person is in an angry mood we should try to understand why he is in that mood? What made him be in that mood? Try to think from his angle and see that he will come out of that mood. If nothing can be done, just we can leave him alone and give him some time so that slowly he will come out of that mood.
    But many times it happens that the other people start arguing with the person who is in an angry mood and that will make him more upset and start shouting at others. The problem will escalate and unnecessary strain will develop in the relations. So waiting for some time and believing that time will solve all the problems is the best approach in such situations.
    Even in the offices, if our senior is in an angry mood we should not go and try to passivate him. We should leave him alone. He will become normal after some time. If we try to do something when he is in an angry mood we may have to face the music.

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    Another aspect of anger is well highlighted by the author. Sometimes, a person who vents out his anger may be victim of some menace and an onlooker blames on angry person without knowing reason of his anger. This aspect shouldn't be neglected. But he who controls his anger is The real hero .
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    Yes, "for every action ,there is an opposite reaction" the famous third law of Newton. If we define the 'Anger', there must be a route cause behind it. Who is in anger position must act in that situation for every equitable activities. Many of us enjoying by giving them more sensitive disliking object, so that his anger become more. But it is always desirable to keep them cool and try to solve the related issues. In the society everyone has his own fields and they always expect self respect from the others or may expect somethings for which he deserve but become upset when someone refused. This is actual fact. Thanks for such a nice threat.
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    If the route cause of anger is known, we would never blame anyone getting angered.
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    The feeling of anger is an emotional state and it depends a lot on how an individual controls the emotion. Creating a scene because of anger may be the nature of some people but not all behave in the same way. For the same cause, you may find one is shouting and trying to hit others and another is handling it in a decent way without expressing the anger. The cause of anger varies from person to person so there is no way to find the exact reason for someone's anger. You will find many people shouting and quarrelling with others when things do not take place according to their choice. Do you think it's logical that every time things are going to happen as one wishes? If that is the cause of anger is there really any pain behind that anger or is it because of the adamancy?

    I do not have to find the root cause of what makes you angry. Rather, you have to find out what makes you angry and how you can handle the situation in a better way by not showing your anger.


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    Most of the times someone is angry because things have not gone as per his wishes. The person reacts also to that failure and that is seen by us in the form of his anger on someone who may or may not be connected to that event. We do not know why the other person is angry and many times take it as our fault. We should also be cautious in understanding his source of anger and should not take it on our head.
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