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    Education in like a Boat without Rudder.

    The general concept of education known to be the only solution of life. But actually it's seems different. One can educate anyone, but if he do not teach them the proper application I. e. how to apply the information they have acquired from the formal education. What action need to be taken during actual operation in the working fields. You can see lakh of well educated people are Workless, one Postgraduate are doing a peon Job, Engineers are doing salesman job, those who are working are not doing the works related their streams. Why so happens? There may be some exceptions due to the reasons behind their control or necessity. In another fields there are a group of Literate persons who are basically from agricultural or labourers. Poverty stand in such a position in our society, general academic education becomes a Car without fuel or driver. Please share your view based on current scenario.
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    Education is not like a boat without a rudder. It gives direction to life. The education gives knowledge in chosen areas and gives an idea as to how that knowledge can be utilized in field applications. A person working in the field gains practical knowledge with experience. The field problems make him to apply theoretical knowledge in solving the problems. The more work experience, the more will be practical knowledge.

    In our country, it is common for educated people to work in unrelated fields. The reason is the lack of jobs and opportunities. Unemployment is more in our country as the population is more. Our population is the second biggest in the world.

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    I like to say impotency of formal education for success in life. Formal education fills our brain with information, in the other hand learning transforms our lives and the world demands always applied intelligences. Accordingly there are less value of formal education exist in the fields of business worlds. So success always not correlated with education.
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    Education can be compared with anything but the fact remains that those who acquire the knowledge they should know how to use it for them and help others too. There are some people in the world in the past and present who innovated great products and had huge thoughts, but never shared the secret of the same and thus when they died, their legacy cannot be transferred to anyone and their innovations remained on paper. Even today if we know something that must be shared with others and dissimination of information is the hall mark of life and who ever does it they are great.
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    Education can't be a boat without a rudder. Education is a guide to the boat called our lives. An educated person will be known how to live and which is the best direction for him to live. Unfortunately, we all feel that education is to get a job. Of course, that is correct but that is not the reason alone.
    But in our country education is not giving the desired results. By coming out of college, they may be getting a degree certificate but how much they have learned in college is not known even to them. This is the reason for all the problems.
    Another point is Jobs. In India, we have much-educated youth but they are not getting the jobs as per their educational qualifications. Unemployment is becoming a big problem. Thinking of self-employment methods and trying to become an entrepreneur so that he can provide jobs to at least one or two other people are some solutions to come out of this problem.

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    Dhruba, I am retaining this thread just to give you a chance to clarify what you mean? And your response at #724328 is again confusing.

    I would have deleted this thread (irrespective of the responses) but thought otherwise just to let you know that you need to correct yourself. Do not be emotional while expressing what you feel. Take care of your language and spellings. That is very important.

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    I am trying to express my opinion to give priority to value education rather than formal education. Our great leaders, social thinkers have continually stressed on value education, like Patriotism,Honesty, Belongingness, Solidarity, Fraternity, Confidence, Emotional intelligence etc. which is knowledge boosters,may not be in formal education. Without formal education there are many Eminent personalities who have explore in highest level like our Rabindranath Thakur, with poorly educated : Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Dave Thomas, Michael Dell, Dhirubhai Ambani, Azim Premji etc. I have tried to explained 'life itself has a profound meaning even without formal education'. And our society required value education by putting your skill in the right place and the right time, otherwise the education itself may be a Motor car without fuel. I think the picture is clear now. Thanks for giving the opportunity again.
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    The education is primarily to learn to read and write, and to understand. One need to learn the alphabets to read a language and to write in that language. One need not go to school for this purpose. Further, experience would help the education. An illiterate farmer with experience would be far better than a guy who passed Ph.d. in Agriculture. A businessman need not be educated, but the experience makes him great.
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    Education has to be such that it imparts formal as well as skill based knowledge. In that way it will inculcate the usable things in our workplace and in our lives. Only formal education will not be of much use as the practical aspects would be missing in it. The author's apprehension about the real applicator of education is probable based on these mixed premises but one thing is there that only education is not sufficient for success. There had been many people who became the great leaders and businessmen without any formal education but what is their proportion? I do not think that such cases were in plenty there.
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    Education refines ourselves in many ways if we implement them seriously in our lives including our cultures, making an attempt to percolate down to the people needing the same desperately. We have seen many educationists not interested to pass it on other interested people thinking that by doing so they would loose their influence among the masses. This too is applicable for the people working in some industries having acess with the higher levels due to their sound concepts in some of sensitive area but they would not share it to a new employee so that he too is benifited with that technology resulting in reduction of time while implemented in the working area. However, non sharing of the knowledge proves to be stumbling block in many situations.

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    The basic purpose of education is to educate the minds of the human beings so that it can be differentiated from the mind of an animal. A small kid is a wanderer, it does not know where it is going and what it is doing. It's senses are limited to hunger and sleep only. When it grows up it gets educated in the home environment learning a lot from its parents and surroundings. Then slowly it is exposed to the academics and starts learning that what is around him and what is the name of those things and what they do in our lives. Then he gets exposed to stories of all kinds. He learns that there was a king who was kind hearted. So, through gradual education only he starts to learn various traits and attributes in our lives and ultimately he is shaped up as an educated person. Education is not for job only. It is a myth that many people have. The basic purpose of education is to bring people out of their world of ignorance and darkness and expose them to bright light of knowledge and learning.
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