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    Decision to change the name of the stadium in this way, right or wrong?

    The largest stadium of the country was built in the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the freedom fighter of the country and our first Home Minister, who had given a great contribution in making India a united India. Hon'ble Prime Minister of our country changed the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium to Narendra Modi Stadium in Matora, Gujarat. Do you think that is right?

    It is not new, that a lot of things are named with the name of famous and great personality or celebrities, but it was a very strange decision to rename the stadium of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. We know that the government must have taken this decision thoughtfully, but it also relates to the sentiments or emotions of the common people, so a lot of thought should have been taken in this matter.

    Members, what do you think about this decision? Please share.
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    I do not think anything wrong in this. If Iron Man Sardar Patel was the architect of ancient India, PM Narender Modi is the creator of new India and he had already shown his profess in many fields and he has been most accomplished politician of this country as a CM then and PM now. And being the son of the soil Gujarat, I do not see anything wrong to name the stadium after him. In fact Indians should feel happy and honored to name the stadium after the PM who created sensation through Covid handling and the vaccine thereof and the whole world is appreciating his moves and this is great gesture.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Generally, our Prime Minister is against having his name tag on any scheme or any project. So far I have not heard of any project or scheme with his name. This is the first time I am hearing about naming a place with the name of the present PM.
    Earlier also many schemes named after the then CM or PM were changes when a new CM/PM comes to power. Probably the same practice continued in this case also. The decision might have been taken by the State Government of Gujarat and may be Modiji is not a part of the decision making members.
    However, there is no necessity of changing the name of an existing stadium place. They might have named a new stadium or some other project on Modiji name instead of changing the name.

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    Personally, I feel that the change of name to that of Modiji from Sardar Patel Stadium is totally wrong and is an insult to that great leader. One respectable member said Modiji is the creator of "New India." How true is that member? A "New India" more intolerant than ever, a "New India" whose economy was put into a spin with demonetization, a "New India", where the unemployment is at the highest in the past four decades, and many more. If these are creditable performances, we have to applaud. Regarding covid management, Modiji may be credited with a sudden lockdown giving 4 hours prior warning, and putting the migrant labor to unimaginable difficulties. Regarding the vaccination process, India did its best.
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    If a big change is mooted and successfully implemented as regards to demonetization and black money it is surely a great creation from the thoughts of great leader. And all those who were enjoying their stashed black money were gone packing including Congress party and thus they are unable to fight election with full mite and thus it is the great achievement on the part of PM Modi. And unemployment legacy was passed from the previous govt and this govt created new jobs through infrastructure development. And the way Covid was managed none other than WHO has commended India's success and the vaccination is the stupendous performance of this govt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    In my opinion, changing the old name of great warrior of the stadium is really a very wrong decision. Replacing Sarder Patel's name with present PM name for popularity sake is an insuting action. As told by Dr.Rao if the BJP think so can do with a new stadium. Many of the members always taking every issue on political side and we cannot find any reasonable logic in their replies.

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    If Modi can construct a record breaking tallest statue for Sardar Vallabhai Patel in Gujarat, I don't think that the name change is taking place with the concurrence of Modi. It is not right to change the name of a great leader of India. It may be the Gujarat BJP leaders who don't like the names of Congress leaders wanted to change the name of the stadium. And I don't know whether the information is correct. It could be some other project near the stadium or a branch of that stadium.
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    Having built a statue worth about 3000 crores and trying to place him above the Mahatma, I, as a citizen of India, do feel that it is incorrect.

    Mohan, you are proving yourself again! How can you compare Narendra Modi with Sardar Patel? Being with BJP is fine but don't be blind!

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    We have seen in past on ample occasions that Modiji is not interested in these things and he does not want to get famous by these traditional things of giving name to buildings, constructions and other such structures. He has already got much fame and name in the international arena and the whole world is looking up to India for Ayurvedic information and formulation, Yoga, and other things like spirituality etc. So he has emerged as a leader who is honest and wants to make India a powerful entity in the world. This name for the stadium is a small thing for him and probably people down the line must had insisted and had done it. Anyway it is not a matter to feel ashamed if we compare the earlier regimes where thousands of names are only on the names of Nehru-Gandhi family. In fact we should feel proud that a capable person like Modiji has been persuaded to link his name to this stadium in spite of his own convictions in the matter. It is not a big deal. Let us not Make a mountain out of a molehill.
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    Umesh, with due respect to Modiji, our PM, should we not remember his dramatics? His kissing the steps of the Parliament? His crocodile tears while speaking about Adwaniji and Murali Manohar Joshi? If it was not for them and Atalji, of course, Modi would not have been what he is now. He sidelined them! Let us not forget that he is a businessman. And, please do also note why Amit Shah was cleverly shifted to the post of Home Minister and a cooler Nadda was brought in.

    And you say Modiji is not interested? Funny!

    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    How long we say good about the old stalwarts and leaders who have impressed us and they have done the best. That is gone history. Given the present circumstances when some one does good out of new thinking, that needs to be appreciated and that super ceeds and dwarfs the achievements of past leaders. In that contest I was telling that Modi has done exceedingly well and a tribute to him was in befitting line. By the way he never sought to popularize him with all these kinds of hyping him, it is out of respect and pride some people are doing it to which he need not be held responsible.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Even though our great leaders are not among us today, but their sacrifices and their contribution was given for the benefit of the country will always be appreciated and respected. In such a way, changing the stadium name in this way is an insult to them, which is completely wrong.
    Swati Sharma

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    The cricket stadiums have two pavilions. The Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium also has two pavilions and named as 'Adani End' and 'Reliance End'. The Twitter is having some memes on these pavilion names.
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    It is never right to rename the Sardar Patel Stadium, the largest cricket ground in the world, as the Narendra Modi Stadium. First, the image of Mahatma Gandhi was removed from the Khadi calendar and replaced with the image of Narendra Modi.
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    There is no harm in giving an acceptable name to a stadium or any such public utility item but what does not look proper is that there was no need to change the already given name to it. In future there will be so many big projects where the name of Mr Modi could have been linked. This seems to be hurried decision by some lower level people. Mr Modi might have also not agreed for it. Anyway we do not know the inside story.
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    There is a correction in the naming. The complete sports complex is still named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The only part that is changed is the cricket stadium which was previously called as Motera stadium is being renamed as Narendra Modi stadium.

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    This is an afterthought by the BJP to counter the criticism. The Sardar Patel Sports Enclave will come up later which will include Narendra Modi Stadium.
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    Saji, my point is that from one stray incident of name changing and bringing the name of the PM in it, we should not label them that they are doing things in that perspective only. If I remember correctly this is the first of its kind in the present regime and seeing the history of last 73 years where these things were so common and names of institutions, buildings, roads, national monuments etc were named frequently on the names of the ruling dynasty family and its past stars. If these things start happening on a large scale now also then definitely we would condemn them citing that they are doing it for the selfish personal glory motives.
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