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    Do not consider the feeling of peace as boredom.

    There are times when we are alone, there are no humans around us or even if we are, we are not familiar with them. This is the best time when you can identify yourself, give yourself time. In this alone time we get an opportunity to understand the dilemmas of our mind, by doing this we find solutions to many of our big problems very easily. But some people find that lonely time boring and try to engage themselves through other mediums, the biggest medium they find to being busy is social media which truly makes you feel more upset or lonely. I will not discuss here, harms of social media in this thread, because we have already done many such discussions in different threads earlier.

    My main objective of this thread is that people should understand the difference between boredom and in a time of silence and peace. Whenever you get a chance to sit alone in peace, do not waste it, but understand and refine yourself.
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    Definitely, there is a big difference between boredom and peace. When we are in a peaceful mood our brain works very actively and we will have positive thoughts. But when we are getting bored our mind will not be at rest. It will be thinking about how to spend time and what to do? We will feel restless. When you are at peace, you can concentrate on any work you do. But when you are feeling bore you can't concentrate on the work you are doing and you will be searching for work which will give you some activity and bring some happiness to your mind. Many times I feel bore and then I start looking for work that will be making me active. When my mind is pleasant and I am at peace I will try to read and understand the epics and other literary books which can't be understood easily when we open those books when we are feeling bored.
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    There exists a difference between boredom and peace. Both are related to our mental states. In the former case, our minds remain preoccupied with negativity and the job being undertaken is not providing pleasure any more causing disturbance but in the later case, there is extreme satisfaction in attaining the peace level.
    Hence yoga always stresses the need meditation so as enjoy the mental peace with the different postures. This will ultimately improve our mental faculty and we can enjoy the level of peace with the practice of yoga.

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    I would put it precisely in a different perspective and would say that time before activities might be a boredom sometimes but time after activities is a time to rejoice and have peace of mind. The word boredom comes in the life of only those people who are lazy and inactive for the reasons best known to them. Action is the nectar of our lives and all the consequences are based on that only. The satisfaction of doing something positive and constructive in our lives in a creative way gives much more solace and peace to us and there is nothing in the world which can be compered to it.
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    I do not think the alone living gives rise to boredom and in fact I would be more busy with attending my tasks and the the time was utilized productively. There are people who feel blessed with loneliness. Leo Tolstoy story which was shown as a skit in a serial has the answer for this post. Two friends who are very rich have the bet for few crore to live lonely for 10 years without consulting anyone and stay put in a room. One friend accept the challenge and start living alone. As the years pass, the other friend gets into stopping him his challenge keep opening the door but he never comes out. The ultimate day comes and the challenge was won. When the other friend asked him to come out and accept the challenge amount. He refused and thanked the friend that for 10 years he gave peace to him from maddening crowd and life and for him money is nothing.
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    While being alone what a person should do is the question the author has raised in this thread and she knows that mostly people would like to spend their time with their mobile and the rub is that everybody seems to be alone but this situation he likes to welcome because being with his mobile or laptop is more than enough for him and generally he doesn't like to be disturbed by other people. The author has suggested something about him what he should do when he is alone but her suggestions despite being good will not be welcomed by mobile addicted.
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