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    We have more positivity in spiritual places.

    When we are troubled due to any reason or we get a lot of happiness, then we go to some spiritual places, be it a temple, mosque, gurudwara, church, etc. We get a lot of peace by visiting such a place. Perhaps with the worship of God, all people believe that faithfulness gradually gets involved in the environment of that place. And so when we go to such spiritual places, we feel the same positivity. This type of situation is created even in the presence of humans, we feel more confident due to some people being around us.

    I have experienced this experience even in the temple of my own house, sometimes if you are upset or tensed, these places are such mediums to give you mental support. I am sure it must have felt by everyone in its life, it is just the difference of place.
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    Meditation is supposed to be a great source of attaining solace and peace in our minds. It is the way to achieve and learn spirituality in our lives. Many people concentrate and focus in their lives through worshipping the unknown power called God. It may be there or not but it works.
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    Going to the temple, praying the God is for peace and for feeling positivity only. When we want some peace it is our nature to visit a place of worship. When we go to such a place we will try and concentrate our thoughts and looks at God there. We will focus on that idol in the temple. It will make us forget all other issues and concentrate on God. That is almost similar to meditation only. When we are in such a state we will have more positive thoughts only When we go to a temple we will have the confidence that our wishes will be fulfilled. That will make us more positive.
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    I agree with the author that as when we visit the spiritual or the religious places the atmosphere would be totally different and I felt this difference in our Tirupathi and Tirumala temple towns. All through the day and all through the night the these two places are agog with activities and we find there is no rest for the people here. The God is also given the rest of half an hour at 2.30. am to 3 am and again the temple opens for the Suprabatha seva and thus the pilgrims keep on coming through out the day for Lord darshan. One thing is sure the entire hills vibrate with positive energy as the songs in praise of Lord goes on audio live. The shop keepers and petty shop vendors have good sales all through the day and thus a way of living is assured to all in this temple town small time business people who thrive on their sales.
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    Life is a tough journey full of struggles and competitions. During its vicissitudes, it so happens that a person becomes discouraged, disillusioned, and demoralised which can many times bring in negative feeling in life. That sometimes leads to depression also. Our ancestors could understand these things quite scholarly and they had devised means like visiting a sacred place, meditating, concentrating in thoughts about the super entity God, refraining from worldly attractions, and things like that. It worked miraculously and magically and people found rejoice and peace in doing these things and these are some of the established techniques and methods to keep ourselves calm and contended. Incidentally it is not only in our religion but is present in varying forms in various communities worldwide. People at large are already being benefited by these endeavours and it makes sense to join such established means of activities for getting positive in our lives. Being positive in ones life is the greatest achievement.
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