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    Answers to logical questions should also be logical.

    Many times young children ask very logical questions like - Why does it rain, why do we have tears when we cry, why the moon and stars shining, etc. But many times parents or elders do not give logical answers to their questions, but by treating them as children, they ignore their questions or explain them according to themselves, and the child understands that's the right answer.

    We should understand that when a child is asking a logical question at such an age, then he/she will also understand its logical answer. You just have to work a little bit to explain it. So the next time if a child asks why it rains, do not tell him that the sky is crying, rather explain the evaporation and weather changing process, maybe that child will always remember your answer. In such a situation, for the children, the moon is not their maternal uncle, but only and only one satellite that is orbiting around the earth.
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    if the questions asked by the children are genuine we should tell them the answers in such a way that they can understand the point in our answer. When a child asks you how it rains or why it rains? we should answer that question. Many of us know the answer and based on our knowledge and as per the age of the child who asked you the question, you should make the child understand the answer well. The answer should not mislead the boy. If you go too many technical details they may not be able to understand the answers. So we should explain the answer in a way that kid can understand. Then they will appreciate our answer. So the answer should be as per the age and the understanding capacity of the kid. Then only they will understand our answer. If you go for logic sometimes the kids may not be able to understand it well, Ultimate aim should be to see that boy who asked the question should get satisfied.
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    Even answering to this thread seems to follow the logic as the the transparent ad box on the right just beside this reply box is not allowing to post unless moved little up.
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    It is a logical argument of the author to give  logical answers to the logical questions of  children. Considerate parents understand  their children and they try their best to satisfy them. As we have read about Thomas Alva Edison.  His teacher was not able to answer his logical questions but when he was expelled from the school his mother played a great role in shaping him into a genius. She studied to answer his questions. Some people get angry if any child out of curiosity asks any question to them. This is not good behaviour of  these people.  If they don't know the answer theý shouldn't rebuke a child. It discourages him from asking questions.

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    Questions asked by the children or even adults are in the nature of query and need not to be logical in their structure or content but it is the responsibility of the responder that he or she should give a logical and correct answer as per his knowledge and understanding so that the person asking the question is satisfied. Now in many cases the responder might not be knowing the answer to the question and he should acknowledge this fact and tell the person that he is not having knowledge about that and would come back after finding the correct answer. Meanwhile he can also tell what his guess or assumption about the query could be and give some hints to the person. Some people do not follow this logical train of answering queries and tell some answer which apparently satisfies the person but later he finds that the answer was completely in incoherence with the query. That is of course a bad situation and the person asking question starts doubting the credentials of the responder.
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