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    Reduction in admission fees by schools - Good news!

    In another wave of good news and relief provided by schools of India, many schools have offered discounts in the admission fees for the students.
    Also called as One time fees, processing fees, Donations and Admission fees, many schools have offered to reduce the admission fees by more than 50%.
    This comes as a relief for parents and family earners who are being left cash strapped as they struggle to pull up financial burdens caused by the Corona pandemic.

    Admission fees for schools can go up to 90,000 to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees for high end schools. Parents taking fresh admissions, transfers and other related movements face such fees when taking admissions for their wards.

    There is an expectation that the annual fees and tuition fees may also be reduced in the days to come as classes may still continue to be conducted online through 2021.
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    It is a piece of really good news to the parents of the students who are getting admitted into the schools now. Corona has made many people suffer a lot and many lost their jobs also. Many people are still searching for a job to pull on their families. But they can't leave their children out and somehow they should see that their children will get a good education. For such people, this reduction in fee is a real boon. They welcome the decision of the educational institutions. Many people told me that they are not able to pay the school fees. Now if the news is correct, they can pay fewer fees and send their children to schools.
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    This will definitely a relief for the parents. Last one year was very challenging and due to corona many people were financially hard pressed. Schools also have reduced overheads as there are many expenses like bus service, electricity charges etc. So they must be in a position to reduce the charges significantly.
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    Ever since the lock down happened the education was neglected and the govt failed to give proper guidelines and the sudden closure of schools for months together has made the parents fume at the schools which kept on asking paying the fees but no classes. Annoyed over this some parents went to court and got the orders not to ask for fees when the teaching was not done. And thus some schools started video classes in huff without much planning and rules and not even knowing that many parents does not have video facility phones. Thus the matter gone bad to worse and the managements of the schools has to take the back seat and give the concession of 50 percent for school fees . This way the enmity and the face off with the parents would reduce and normal schooling would be started for all classes.
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    This is really a hard times for the guardians to get their wards admitted during the phase of corona pandemic when we have seen many of the work force have lost their regular jobs. However, the parents or guardians would not allow to suffer their wards in this critical situatigons. The school management is aware of the fact that the guardians are now no more capable of paying the full fee of the schools because of loosing the jobs. This has created a helpless situation to the guardians. Many school authorities have lost the strength of students due to their inabilities to pay the prevalent fee of the authorities and finally they shifted to some government schools to save their fees. The school authorities would not like bear the loss any more. Hence they have decided to entertain the students at the reduced amount of fees in the existing regime of low earnings of the guardians.

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