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    Your character is your great property

    Those who are our elders and forefathers , they always cherished their great legacy of personal traits which amounted to great character among the family and the village society and thus those people are recognized just by their name and huge respect was given. They never told lies, nor they skipped their promise for selfish motives. They have done the work more than enough for the family and village and every stranger who pass by the house had the meal of the day so that they always used to consult others before they set to eat. That was their great character which was their personal property indeed.

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    I agree character is the great property. Our elders had a very kind nature and a very good character because of which they will always be remembered. I hear stories of serving food for the travelers or a needy and hungry person who comes near the door. Always serving food to hunger and needy is good and it will leave a sense of satisfaction among us also.

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    I agree with the author that our elderly people cherished their legacy. They did not compromise their cgaractertics for some selfish gains. They had their principles which they I always abide by. They are the real people. They are so strong for their principles that they can't compromise. Their self respect and forefathers honour is important for them that they can sacrifice their personal and monetary gains to protect and preserve that honour self respect and ancestral honour. They keep their tradions intact. They love their clan values and ages long rituals.
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    Everyone has a character which they have in them. When we say that our ancestors had a legacy of of personal traits for which the family or society respected them, we should not forget that every person has a character in them which they follow. We all have some traits that we have received from our ancestors or family or from society that we try to keep but it cannot be taken as something that we always need to follow. In earlier times, our ancestors followed some traits for the sake of status even after knowing that it was wrong but for the false status and respect to elders, they followed it. The present generation has the habit of opposing some of it and thus, we cannot blame them for it. Like them, even the present generation has character whichis their property and they try to upkeep it.
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    Every individual will have a character. That may command respect from other people in society or that may make you aloof in this society. So your character may be an asset for you or it may diminish your value also.
    One should try to have a good character. They should try to help others. They should try to be good with others and they should never shout or quarrel with others, If you have such good qualities your character will be appreciated by all in society and it will bring you good fame and name in this society. So try to have a good character.

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    The circumstances in our life, our experiences, the surrounding environment, genetic properties, our thinking, desires, etc., form a character and this character creates our identity. As the author said that our character is our most important property, I agree with this. When our character is our valuable property, then we should try to build a good character, a character who becomes the symbol of humanity. When we present an example of a good character creator in society, then we enrich the value of this property.
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    Every one of us are identified through one character or the other.
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