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    Do we follow deterrence before utterance ?

    When we talk, it must be guarded and it must be measured otherwise even one loose talk would lead to confrontation and face off and the good relations and reputation would spoil. We must follow the deterrence before utterance otherwise those unparliamentary words which come out of our mouth should be stopped. Our language spoken along with the ethics are closely followed and that we must be more cautious when speaking elders, learned people and those who are well experienced in their life.
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    It is a fact that this tongue has big effect on heart.We can make friends or enemy by this tongue. We should conrol our tongue while conversing with other people. Our attitude, ettiqutes, chosen words, manner of expression, Tone and credence in speaking etc leave a big impact.  Some people are wrong but their sophisticated manners please other people whereas someone is good as a.peson but his language is has harsh , all his goodness is sidelined and he becomes the centrepiece for criticism.

    Considerate people always keep their  words in balance. Good behaviour attracts the people, we should keep good manners in writings also.

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    Keep the words in balance and keeping silence makes the living happy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is said that one has to weigh one's words before one speaks. It is a very important point and many people talk or utter some words without knowing that how much those words are capable of hurting others. People are hurt more by what we tell them rather than what we do to them. Another thing is that once we have used some foul language in an aggressive way then no one is going to forgive us for that and in all the probability we will be losing our respect and reputation in the society. Bad words spun out of our mouths are the indicators of the venom inside us and it is advisable not to show that venom, if at all it is there, in public.
    Knowledge is power.

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