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    Our preparedness to face any challenge

    Challenges and tasks are not new to us and we are habituated to go through the hectic days and achieved the success with great elan. But everyday may not be favorable to our thoughts and overtures and thus our preparedness to face any challenges and eventuality would make us more strong and determined. Preparedness can be through the work plan, keeping money aside for the emergencies and arranging people known to us to help in terms of emergencies. Are your thoughts ever gone in this issue. Please share.
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    I don't make plans I take issues as settle them when I am required to handle them. Mostly I take one issue at a time. Taking more issues to work upon may create confusing situation for me. Instant planning is preferred within my working capacity and handle out the planning for the situation.
    People may comment or create hurdle before us but I don't care about all these things. I keep my distance from hurdle-creator as entangling with them or their created situations will create more problems. Dstractio is detrimental for positive outcome.

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