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    There is no limit to the volume of writing

    Writing is an art and many people try their hand at it and learn it gradually churning out good articles, books etc and depending upon the contents and relevance they get the popularity in masses. It takes time and energy to write elaborate materials on some issue or happening in the society or even some work of fiction as the writer has to weave everything in such a fashion that the reader gets interest and curiosity and remains with the book till he finishes reading it. Some of the writers got much fame out of their work and some even had churned out voluminous work which is really mind boggling and difficult to comprehend as how they were able to write such a large material. For example the Harry Potter series that made waves across the world. Another name that comes in my mind is the voluminous Chandrakanta series of fiction in Hindi which could not get international acclaim due to the limited communication and translation technologies at that time. We have many examples like that from the past like the epic Mahabharata by Vyasa (Sanskrit), The Iliad by Homer (Greek), The Odyssey by Homer (Greek), Orlando furioso by Ludovico Ariosto (Italian epic), Ramayana by Valmiki (Sanskrit), The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (Italian epic), Beowulf Anonymous (Old English work), Paradise Lost by John Milton (English) etc.

    Seeing these big works a feeling comes in our mind that there is no limit to these achievements in the field of writing and the dedicated one can reach any heights. What do you think?
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    Everyone who can read and write cannot become a writer. It is a talent and some people are gifted at writing. The environment in which they grew up helps them. In a family, if the parents or their near relatives are already writers, their influence helps the others in the family to develop interest in writing. A writer needs an observant eye of the surroundings from which he or she can develop a plot to write a book. The language used in books differs from our day to day writing. The writer needs to develop the plot in such a way that it sustains interest in the reader to read the book completely. Some writers write big books running into hundreds of pages. In such a book maintaining the sequence, and interconnecting the various chapters shows the talent of the writer. The book should create interest in the reader such that the reader is motivated to read the book completely as early as possible. If the plot and writing style of the writer creates interest in the reader, the reader may complete reading it in one sitting.
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    It is the inner sight of your eyes which tells you to write something by seeing an object. I am watching a River and seeing water and water on it but a writer by looking on it write down an important poem of the beauty of River. This is the different of the eyesight of a true writer and a common man. Sometimes everyone try to write a story or articles but they could do a little bit with unnecessary mistakes in the theme, languages etc. After writing this he thinks that it is his best creation but the audience does not accept this. Many of us starting writing at College Magazine ,thereafter in the literature fields. A writer has no limit ,he can write down everything he want or think. There are many writers given us many pioneer novel which has really no limit at all. The creations of Guru Rabindranath Thakur can not be finished in lifetime.
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    Writing skills are innate qualities of people. They are born after centuries. Die of them have become famous in history but we don't about them. They author has mentioned some names because these names are known to us but most of the people do not know about great and lengthy work of people whose literary work was lost or got decayed over the time. Can you imagine over one thousand volumes of a book based on explanation existed in this planet. I was surprised to see the explaination of a single phrase in six hundred volumes. How it could be written !
    I am talking about Arabic literature and scholarly contributions.

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    For great writers , their thoughts flow like the river and that thoughts are converted into words, sentences and ultimately a formidable book on any matter. The writers are the great thinkers, they simply sit in the lonely place and get the cue about life and also about the topic to write, and thus once decided to write something, their thought process would ignite their passion to bring in good write up being appreciated and applauded by all the fans. There is no dearth for the volume of writing. Some writers are so obsessed and well versed that they can create a book on single word and that is their connectivity.
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    As long as the literary work is interesting to the readers the volume doesn't matter. The writer has to develop the content so that readers remain attentive and we will find many writers having a distinct style by which one can guess the name. Writing is a continuous process and it's not an easy job to produce volume after volumes on various topics. Authors also do a lot of research works to understand what motivates various groups of people and based on that, the content is developed. There are authors who are specialized in certain domains and become famous for that. For example, one may be famous for writing science fictions, another is an expert on suspense stories, someone may be more specific about the intricacies of our psychology. There are also authors who become famous for their flawless writing on any topic. When a writer becomes sure of the type of her/his works the readers like the volume of work also increases.

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    I do not think that everyone can churn out voluminous writings. It requires ideas, time, coherence, and dedication to create such big epics or master pieces. There were great writers who had spent years in writing those epics and may be their whole life time in completing them. It is a work of patience and of course knowledge and scholarly attitude is the primary requisite for such works.
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