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    Will the upcoming session also be challenging for education?

    Corona has had an impact in every field of the world in the last year and its impact on education has been immense. By the way, by arranging online classes in all the schools, children have been helped in studying, but still, there are some classes which are the base of the next class. That is, if the basics or concept of a particular topic does not clear, then children may face problems for further studies. The year 2020 has been challenging for every student, but if they do not have a strong base then the coming year will be the same challenges.

    Even if the school is open properly, the children will not be able to strengthen the concepts or basics because that could not be done during the online education in the previous class. This is also important for primary classes, so what do you think, the impact of this year's studies, will also affect their upcoming class?
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    The schools are going to open with new situation and the school managements are bracing up to welcome the students with new order that has to be followed. Now that the second phase of virus is going on in many places, the schoool managements are also worried and the vaccine project which is initiated was not given to the children so far and therefore parents are wanting schools to go wait and watch but on the other hand the academic year is going to end the schools need to fasten their activities and complete the exams and results by this year April. So the new situation is very challenging.
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    Really a Challenging situation for the students and the parents in post pandemic period. In West Bengal, schools for class 9th to 12th has started and corona patients has also increases slightly. Parents are worried about their children's healthcare. Vaccination started for the old people only, when this will be available for the children is a great question. The administration could start the school after giving vaccine. But now what is going is beyond our controll as it is the matter of future of our students. So staying with the corona virus???? is only solution.
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    2020 will never be forgotten which affected the whole world. It changed the life stype even mindset of the people worldwide. We experienced how to live in isolation , completely separated from outsiders . We stayed away from interacting with our friends and relatives. But we learnt to cooperate each other and helping needy people.

    We experienced to work from home. The author has focussed on education.  I agree with the author that study of students was badly affected. Online study was the new experience for students but they couldn't study  as they do in the classroom . They have been promoted by their respective schools though but they could not get as much knowledge as they're supposed to get.

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    Whatever may be the challenge a way must be found to overcome the challenge. Students couldn't clear many of their doubts during the classes conducted online because of various reasons and unless those doubts are cleared they will find it difficult to progress further in many cases. I hope special care will be taken by teachers so that the doubts of the students are cleared and for that extra classes have to be arranged according to the situation. Relaxation was there because of the situation but students should not get distracted. They should make use of this time to prepare well for the subjects which they find quite easy and must make a note of the portions they find difficult. Some parents may also come forward who regularly look after the studies of their children. They can take initiative to teach the friends/batchmates of their children so that they do not find it difficult to learn the complicated portions. There are parents who are teachers in different schools and they can come to help to ease the complexity faced by various students.

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    Though the last year was extremely bad for the students having many confusions in the mind since the doubts could not be resolved due to the online classes where there was no room for resolving the doubts cropping in their minds. However, the new session would be entirely different than that of the previous one. Here they would get the opportunities of clarifications of their doubts through the teachers because of their personal contacts. They can get their doubts clarified and the study pattern will prove to be more interesting due to the mutual interest.

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