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    Parents, everyone’s irreplaceable property given by God.

    We all love our parents and they are the only person who always supports us in our endeavors. They are called the person next to God. We all have read or heard that God cannot be everywhere and hence he gave us parents who are the only people in the world who will be there in every up and down in our life. They are the only people who want us to prosper, face every challenge in life and lead a happy and peaceful life. They are the ones who know us inside-out, our silence, our anger, our reasons behind our silence or tears, our dreams, our love, our fear, our joy, etc. Even if we have fights or give tantrums, they are the only ones to bear it, console us, and understand us. They play every character like a teacher, doctor, a maid, a coach, a trainer, a guide, etc. and they are the best in every role so that we learn and get everything in life. They shout, they correct, they beat, and they make us learn everything so that we can face the outer world without feeling left-out. They are like the candles that provide us light even after knowing that in that process, they will fade but are always up to show us the right path. In our society, children have generally considered the property of their parents until they get major or the age of 18 but for us children, our parents are always an irreplaceable property that cannot be replaced by anyone or anything. Do you feel the same? Do give me your feedback through your valuable comments.

    (My entry for the Topic based TOW contest for February '21- 'Property' .
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    Truly said by the author the parents are with us in the good and trying times and therefore they cannot be dispensed with or separable from us. Instead of referring our parents as the property should have chosen the life so that it would have given the right meaning.
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    Parents are the greatest gifts of God. Their love for us is selfless . Those people whose parents are still alive are the luckiest ones. We are to be serious about  them. We should never hurt them. How disgusting those people are who expel their parents for sake of their wives How a son can ask his old parents to leave his home. Although the home was built by his father but now he expels his old parents. When  I see such real incidence I feel shame. Those parents who devoted their whole life for raising his son, educated him, both parents could not sleep if he was ill. They fulfilled all his wishes. They sacrificed their happiness to give him a happy life. They happily got married him but he chose the the decision of his wife to expel them. I saw a video of Ritz Dhawan in which those helpless parents were shown crying while sitting In a park.
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    Parents do so much for us that we cannot repay it in our lifetime. Their love and dedication is beyond description. They love us so much and it is a one sided affair that even if we do not like them, they continue their good wishes for us. We must understand their importance in our lives and should understand very clearly that whatever we are today is all by their grace only and respect and value them accordingly.
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    I beg to differ. Parents are not commodities, some kind of tangible goods, and material possessions to be clubbed as 'property'. They are our family. Property can be replaced, not parents. One has to stop looking at parents as just something in the background, and stop considering their love and nurturing as something to betaken for granted. They are not things, they are individuals who are a core part of our lives.
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    You stated, "How disgusting those people are who expel their parents for sake of their wives." Why blame the wife? In the same breath, you said, "How a son can ask his old parents to leave his home." Exactly. Isn't the son to blame for the shabby treatment of his own parents? I had once read a horrifying report of a son who threw his aged mother off the terrace. He claimed he took her up for Surya Namaskar and left her there, that she likely fell or jumped. A CCTV caught his lies. He just did not want to bother to have to look after her because she was very old.

    I also feel one should not be judgemental. Often you hear people talking about children going abroad and abandoning their parents. A wish to set up an independent life away from parents whether elsewhere in India or abroad does not mean an abandonment and does not necessarily make the son/daughter a bad person. In fact, parents can take pride that their child soared and share in his/her success. What matters is to always have the same love for them, wherever you may be, and be there for them when they need you. That's what family ties are about.

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    As you mentioned that "Parents are not commodities, some kind of tangible goods, and material possessions to be clubbed as 'property'. Property can be replaced but our parents are our family."
    I do mean the same, that when we talk about 'property', in broad term, "property" does not point to a limitation, it can be the physical material, behavioral character, scientific understanding, mechanical, thermal, Electrical, fundamental(some principles or laws ), any system, etc. Here 'Parents' when we talk about rights of control through the eye of the law, children were generally considered the property of their parents up to certain age but as a family, we all have a physical and emotional bonding through which we all are attached with. This bonding may not be visible through the naked eye but that is the universal truth. When a child gets hurt, the pain can be felt in the eye of their parents and vice versa. Here property means connection, link, or attachment that they share among themselves.

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    Parents are the Gods whom we can see. We are in this world because of them. If they are not there we are not here. So we should treat them as our visible Gods and worship them. respect them and take care of them always. When we are kids they hold our hand and taught us to walk. Now they are old and they are not in a position to walk. So it is our responsibility to see that they can walk with our support.
    We all should remember that we are like this today because of them. So we should see that they spend their old age happily. Some people put their parents in old age homes and say that they are paying huge money and taking care of them. But here the requirement is not money. Even the government is giving old age pension and many people in villages are living with that money. But they want a person who will ask them how are they doing? They want a person who will ask them did they had their food. So ask them to be with you and see that will fell at home when they are with you.

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