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    Self respect is your only valuable property - Don't lose it

    We can always measure our physical property and make as many as we want. If we somehow lose our physical property, we can still make them again. But we will not be remembered by how much property we had. Our richness should not be measured by our property but by our values and for the person we are. And there can is no other valuable property for all of us than self respect. We should never lose our self respect and do things that is gonna hurt our self respect. We should first respect ourselves only than others will respect us. Do not let any one take you for granted or take advantage of you. Know your worth, know your value and keep your self respect high. Your self respect will always lead you in right direction and will not let you know anything wrong or against your values. So never lost this valuable property which will make you a great person.
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    Rightly said by the author by self respect we intend to live with dignity and pride and even if small remark our name would spoil our reputation and that would be great difficulty to regain the name and fame. So the self respect need to be maintained, and there should not gossips against others, be punctual and do the duties rightly without causing cause harm to others. And above all be reasonable and meaningful towards others when they approach for help and favors and thus self respect plays important role to those people who are in public relations or politics and they mean what they have to behave.
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    I completely agree with the author. Self-respect is the most important asset of any person and the defense of this asset is under our own control. Till we do not respect ourselves, we should not expect respect from people. First, keep your actions in such a way that we can remain honorable in our eyes, after that the world will honor us itself. The most important thing is that we should also grope ourselves. The moment you realize that a particular person in any community or society is such that there is no value of your self-respect, then make some distance from them.
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    Self respect  is great asset of people but our respect  may be established in the sight of other people by doing such activities that are expected from us to be performed. Money plays a vital role to get our respect established. But respect coming because of money is founded on weak foundations . Those who are respected for their characterstics and good works have strong foundations. They are respected from the core of the heart.
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    Self-respect is very important for everyone but I don't think it is the only thing valuable to us. Self-respect can be said as doing justice to oneself. We should not overdo anything. We should assess our capabilities and act accordingly. If we do not do that, people will get the chance to find our faults easily which will make our level of confidence much lower. Respecting others is always important and if someone fails to do so, there is every possibility of retribution.

    A bit of correction to the title of this thread is better. Make it 'Don't lose it' instead of what you have mentioned in the latter part of the title.


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    Thank you for the correction Sankalan. I have made the changes.

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    As rightly mentioned by the writer that physical things can be made or repurchased if lost but our self-respect if lost will ruin us from within. As mentioned in comment #724566 by Sankalan, Self-respect can be said as doing justice to oneself, it is true that we all have self-respect and will not be ready to do anything against it. We all have set respect to which we will be ready to do or go in order to keep a relationship, etc but if it tries to cross that line, then we may never try to recoup.
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