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    The next burden - Increased cost of living

    The other day I wanted to purchase a tablet for my uncle. This is his Diabetes medication and something which is required everyday. So I purchased the tablet and did feel that the medication has become costlier.
    When I returned home, my uncle checked the strip price and we both were surprised to find that the strip price has increased by 80 rupees. Very shocked but these are the changes coming up after the lockdown. The income possibilities of people are reducing but at the same time, since business are not able to sustain, they have to increase the prices. Even the latest news is that LPG are going to become costlier by 25 INR. Petrol prices are touching 100 INR.

    What is the way out of this? How do we sustain ourselves in this neck tightening situation?
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    i do agree that post lock down everthing is getting changed and we are burdened with more cost and even by creating non availability the cost is increased. Added to this this is the election time in many states and the political parties approach for the donations and the traders or the manufacturers would pass on that bug to the customer and thus we are getting inflated prices in every product. There is no propoper oppostion to voice the concern of the common man and we are only having vote as the tool to change the system but again the parties bribe the voters and do the trick
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    The price Index is increasing day by day but Govt. has freeze the Dearness allowances for one year resulting no increase in salary. Two events, Covid-19 and Election, both has indirect effects on inflation. But all are to the cost of Common man. So you have to pay your income tax accurately, pay indirect tax on every purchase of consumables, pay vehicle tax, insurance etc. timely. Govt. has only one slogan responsibility is on the citizens. Due to the act of govt. there is uncontrollable price hike. Everything is going to costlier. Both Govt. and businessman are equally responsible for this. I think this will be in next higher level after election. The Middle class people is going to face the tough situation in future. Then people will decide what will be done.
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    Price hike is not in control and people can do nothing in this regard. Governments don't curb price hike. Inflation is also beyond their reach. Sufferers are none but common people. Politicians , big businessmen and industrialists do not know what price hike or inflation is. Also government employees will not be in any trouble but those who are working in private sector or are jobless and have big responsibility of their family they find it hard to survive in these circumstances.
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    Fiscal discipline is one way out of this situation. The central government and State Governments have to sit together and reduce the diesel and petrol prices. Any increase in the diesel price will have a cascading effect on all consumables. Petrol is used by all people to commute to their workplaces. The Central and State Governments have to cut down on the expenditure. The priorities should be decided as per the existing situation in the country. Wrong priorities increase expenditure.
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    Price hike in every walk of life what we are seeing at present. Cost of fuel for vehicles, LPG, cooking oil, grocery items, vegetables, fruits very much increased. City bus charges and auto charges in our city become doubled. Milk price increased Rs.4 per liter in AP. Onions at present are sold above Rs.50. For farmers, fertilizer charges of Urea are increased by Rs.100 per bag. House owners increasing rents as governments are increasing house tax heavily. While people are losing their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and also cut in salaries for those who have jobs are facing a tough time to lead their lives. Recently RBI governor advised Central and State governments to come together to reduce the burden of fuel cost on the common man. He also commented that if it is not done on time, it will have a drastic effect on the economy of India. So it is the time for central government to take some stern decisions to keep the common man comfortable.

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    It is really a very tough situation to manage our domestic expenses due to erratic surge of the prices of all the essential items such as oil, pulses, onion and other groceries especially when the government has taken a stand to freeze the DA for a year at least to the workers of government undertakings. The employers of the private sectors have already downsized the strength of their employees during the corona phase. Hence the present system of inflation will continue if the government is not serious enough. Instead of stabilising the prices, the government is trying to collect more excise duty by way of selling the petrolium products. This will further the escalate the prices and we will attain the stages where we would need to curtail our expenses with the periodical reviews of the prices and the purchases of some of items showing inflationary pressure has to be curbed.

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    Price rise is a normal phenomenon in the sense that it is happening since ages and not a new thing. But it affects those people whose income is not increasing correspondingly. The poor class and labour class earnings are not increasing in that order so they are the main sufferers. Govt employees and top position holders in private are not affected as they get a good hike in their salaries. Jobless will also feel the heat of price rise. The only way to meet this challenge is that Govt should create jobs may be small small ones and at the same time restrict the salaries to a limit. There is no point in giving a fat salary to the Govt employees when a large number of people are earning very small amounts. We have to bring some consistency in the system. More jobs with less salary can only check inflation to some extent. How to implement or execute this dream is definitely a challenge for any Govt.
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    The financial experts say that a little amount of inflation is good and beneficial for the economy to rise. However a large inflation will have an adverse effect. So, a balance in this parameter is an important thing and RBI takes many measures for controlling it. On a longer perspective many people gain also from inflation. Of course poor and downtrodden would not be the beneficiary because of the obvious reasons. Let me cite one example. In 1990 the gold prices were around Rs 3700 per 10 gram and the middle class and upper class who are the main buyers of this commodity are having that gold as jewellery or some other form with them and its rate today is hovering around Rs 47000 per 10 gram. That is their gain because of inflation and price rise. Let me cite one more example that if we see a Govt employee who was retired in the year 1990 and was getting a pension of Rs 1000 at that time will be getting a pension of approximately Rs 40000 today (at the age of about 82 years) which shows that Govt had already compensated them well for the inflation. The private organisation employees are deprived of this. The persons depending only on the bank interest for their monthly expenses are also suffering.
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