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    Our postive vibes would create wonders for others

    There are people who want others to initiate something and then they would follow. That means they cannot start on their own and if some one pass the positive vibes about the situation they tend to get energy and work soon. There are people who captivate others through their work and they also give the pep for the others to work in tandem with them and those people gather the leadership quality through which they mind and control their own peer group much to the satisfaction of the organization or company they work.
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    That's why it's called positive vibes. The energy it creates spread to a lot of people and brings positivity to their actions. Many people fear to start things of their own and they need to be motivated. When they see others doing the same thing and getting a desirable outcome they also start to follow in the same direction. Leadership is a special quality that influences others to act. Most of the people are followers and not leaders and so they need some kind of motivation to go ahead.

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    Some people do not have the confidence to take initiative for new tasks, but if someone realizes them about their strengths and goodness by motivating them, then such people can also achieve great success in their life. But there are some people who need motivation every time and such people are not sure of any work till they are given positive vibes or trust by someone else. Difficult tasks also become easier for people who know the art of motivating themselves.
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    Yes, who is going to bell the Cats. We all are looking on each other's for taking an extraordinary task until someone accept the opportunity to do. There is the difference between leadership and followers. In every fields of our society this theory is applicable. The reason behinds it also differ base on variety of objects. In some specialized case, all is not sure enough to take the decision due to want of technical knowledge, in some other cases due to low confidence level, sometimes due to fear factors etc. So if anybody seen that someone has started , they follow them immediately. This is humans psychology . Very nice threat.
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    I agree with the author that some people are eager to take initiative. They don't wait for others to step rather being courageous and innovative they move and encourage others to follow them as their satellites or set for their efforts within their individual capacity. Such people can be distinguished in the crowd. They are the real pragmatic people. Their self-confidence excels rest in the crowd. Sometimes, these people are singled out from us whom we did not expect to be starter but quite unexpectedly they take initiative and surprise all commoners who're rapt in thinking, meanwhile, they come out from them to startle everyone
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