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    We always expect for the best, from good people.

    Some people are so good and humble with their nature that If someone talks to them once, then definitely he/she just gets glade on them. Such people have the quality of patience, restraint, politeness, etc. which make them favorite among the people. We always expect good from such people every time, and if for any reason such good people say something bad to us or what we do not like, then very soon we feel to be sad. Just like a white paper is so clean that any stains can be seen quickly in it, similarly, other people catch the shortcomings of good people quickly, and sometimes this also becomes a big reason for good people to always behave well with others.
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    Expectations is the only reason for such situation. When we expect a lots from someone and in return couldn't gets, our mind set disturbed . After your expectation all your further act with the particular person go through keeping in mind the parallel thought untill you get a reverse bounce back in the mindset. It is surrounded everywhere in the society, not from any famous good person, even from your own families you can get similar experience. Under the situation you should express your thinking to that particular person immediately to clear the doubt if any for pain release. I think for the purpose there is a line in the 'Gita'- do your works always and do not expect any results.
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    When we are good we expect the best from the others and that is on the expected lines. But when we are not cooperating and expecting good results from others is something very bad trait. And those who are habituated to do good things are always the best performers and we need not doubt their credentials. And those who are taught to do good things sometimes skip our ideas and suggestion and try behave on their own giving way to bad performance or even worst performance. Such people always created trouble for us and we must be away from them not expecting any kind of performance.
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    It's true that our expectations are high from well-mannered people though, it's better not to expect. The situation may be such that one has to act tough. We always expect something good from everybody irrespective of their nature. If a person doesn't behave well with you you will not feel good. Similarly, we have to remember that the same is applicable to others also when we do not behave properly with them. I would say that finding shortcomings of others may be regarded as a trait and there are people who always remain ready to point out the shortcomings of others. Our expectations must match our activities but the problem is in many cases there is a mismatch between our expectations from others and the way we behave.

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    A good person will be seen with respect and regards and it is expected that he would never err or misbehave in his life when it comes to the inter-human behaviour and cordial relationship. If due to any personal or other reasons he suddenly misbehaves then we feel surprised and start doubting his good image. But sometimes due to some compulsion it is like that only and we should also ignore it as the person will soon return to his actual behaviour.
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    Genuinely excellent human beings are endangered species and they are close to extinction. Most of the good and humble people are inclined to subjectivity, a few people may be abide by objectivity. But at least we are still in a position to say that we see some kind people around us.
    Being humane is the essence of human beings but gradually humanity is dying. I am apprehensive to see worse days to come. You can say that I am pessimist about humanity but I have a list of inhumane activities which are often occurred around us too. Detailing about it will not be conducive for our discussion.

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