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    How much time do you take to get into sleep after going to bed?

    Dear Members,
    I am raising this question after listening to a speech of a tall congress leader RG in English and interpreted by a TN congress leader in Tamil. During the course of his speech, the leader said that he takes only 30 seconds to get into sleep after going to bed. The reason for this quick sleep is his corrupt free life in politics. He wanted to know from other leaders as to how much time they take to go to sleep. Does he mean that corrupt leaders don't sleep? Does corrupt free people get into sleeping mode within few seconds?

    Members, I wish to know (not as a politician) how much time do you take to get into full sleeping mode after getting into your bed?
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    After reading this post I split into laughter as to how RG is ignorant of the facts and simply says something which gets trolled for his innocence and no knowledge. If he gets sleep within 30 minutes because of corruption free life, then I get sleep within five minuites of laying down then I must be more happy because I work hard and get the sleep out of my toil through the day. Getting sleep within minutes is really a God gift and some would read book, chat on the phone or even watch tv to get the sleep but I do not need anything to get the sleep, just I have to move to the bed and and straighten.
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    You haven't read my thread properly. RG goes to sleep within 30 seconds( I repeat) 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. Don't be in a hurry to respond without understanding the post.

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    I have never noticed how much time I take to sleep, however, I take a few minutes only. What Rahul Gandhi has said is his personal matter. Practically it doesn't appear to be possible to sleep within 30 seconds. It may be taken as an exaggerated statement. Perhaps he meant to say that he takes no time when he closes his eyes to sleep.
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