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    The story behind the advent of advance payments

    Yes, the advance payment of tuition fees! Those who have studied in coaching centres during their student days may find this story quite interesting. One of my friends was describing this story to me today. Once, his batchmate in a coaching centre offered him a trip to the Eden Gardens, Kolkata to enjoy the cricket match between India and West Indies. It was at the end of a session in a particular class when the tuition in that coaching centre was also about to be over. Since his batchmate was offering the tickets to watch the match for free he suspected something and didn't go. His batchmate offered the tickets to some other guys and they all went to enjoy that match. As usual, the whole incident was not disclosed to their parents and nobody suspected anything wrong. Things took a new turn when one fine morning the father of that batch mate suddenly came across the teacher of the coaching centre inside the market. They talked about the performance of the batch mate and during the conversation somehow the issue of the previous month's remuneration to the teacher came up. The father of that guy got to know that the teacher didn't receive his remuneration though he handed it over to his son to pay the remuneration in time. On returning home, the father enquired where the money went and I think now it's anybody's guess what happened next. My friend also told me during this discussion that there were a few guys who were habituated not to pay the tuition fees to the teachers on the very last month of their sessions in the coaching centre. The teachers were at a loss during the end of a session and maybe that's why many have decided to take the tuition fees in advance nowadays. Members, do you have any such interesting incidents to share?
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    A friend of mine who is a teacher conduct coaching classes of maths and science. He is not very strict in collecting tuition fee from his students. If any student doesn't pay his dues he doesn't pressurise him/any student. Perhaps this is the reason that every year he incurs a big loss of money.

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    Though funny the author has chosen the story to show case how the advent of advance payment came into fore. It is the fact that those who render their services need to be paid and it is really pity that those who are engaged in education and providing coaching are made to wait for their fees. The story shared by the author truly portrays as to how the students take the ride of the tuition teacher not paying the fees even though parted with by the parents. It is better the parents hand over the fees directly to the hands of teacher so that nothing wrong takes place in future.
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