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    Promotions are based on seniority or on works accomplished?

    In private organizations and companies, promotions are the matter would be always questioned and challenged because the right employee who is due for promotion and increments are sidelined and the new employee who creates some all rounder performance are treated best and even given promotions out of selective authority by the management thereby earning the wrath of regulars who fume at the decisions. What is your take on this subject? Should the promotions be based on the seniority and experience of the employee or his accomplishments?
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    Performance is the most importat criterion for promotion and increment in salary. In private sector company aims at profit only. If employees are giving profit to company they are welcome else the company will not tolerate and carry their burden. We should be professional in performing our duty and responsibility.
    Some other factors also work in private companies but the most important is that an employee must build his positive image in the eyes of the senior employees. Management collects internal report from senior employees also. These senior employees may be manager or supervisor or experienced employees who are reliable and committed to management.

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    In every business organizations there are specific laid down norms which should be taken in to accounts while deciding promotion of their staff and officers. Generally key task are consist of :
    1. Educational qualifications both academic and professional :Marks is awarded 60:40 ration.
    2.Seniority in the grade: Minimum qualifying years plus 5 marks for every years of completed service in the grade.
    3.Performance appraisal evaluation: Last three years annual performance value taken based on individual grading sanction/awarded by their respective HOD.
    4.Extra ordinary performance regarding cost efficiency/Capacity utilization/contribution for the country -special marks is awarded.
    After taking in to above parameter ,total marks are awarded to each employee and promotion order issued for the highest marks holders serially for numbers of approved budgeted manpower to the next higher grade. Generally all reputed Private organizations except small business entity follow this guideline. One can demands under the right to information Act. the promotional details of that company also.

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    Here I am talking about a new employee getting promotion overlooking the seniors.
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    Sometimes while appointing any new employment , the management can commit to any specific person to give promotion to a grade after successful completion of certain period based on his special quality or qualification. In case of Campus selection, many such event occurred during interview. I think there may be such incident. Otherwise it may be due to a special case duly approved by the Board or Management. However in normal situation that shouldn't be happened.
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    Generally, weightage should be given on experience and seniority and in government organizations, it is followed. In the case of private organizations performance can be the only determining factor because performance is directly linked to the growth of the organization but in some cases, being in the good book of the management is also given some advantages. Those who get promoted for being in the good book of the management may not see the growth in their career at the same level if there is a change in management and at a particular level their growth may be stuck.

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    Seniority is one of the important considerations in case the promotion of an employee is to be awarded. The employers should also take adequate care of maintaining quality output of the organization with the tapping of their inherent potentials. Hence keeping this thing in mind the employers should fix some quotas for such brilliant candidates to inducted in the organization for better health of the company.

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    In private organisations, generally, the promotions would be based on the merit and the work which has benefited the organisation or some radical business idea that makes the organisation suddenly go up in the competitive world. Everyone cannot perform or deliver like that and it is the reason why only a handful are promoted to the top. At the same time there are personal biases also which can only be understood from the complexities of human nature and actions and in that case sometimes the personal choice can supersede the meritorious candidate. Though in most of the cases the capable will only move up but aberrations are everywhere in this world and private segment is no exception and it is true in some cases for the rise of people in private organisations.
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