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    Be the example to children

    Children are our great treasure and we cherish their every moments of life and they are the keen observers of parents especially the mother and they ape what the parent does. So as the parent we have to be very keen in behaving with small children and even the words used by us should be guarded, we should not tease others in front of the child , and as for as possible good deeds to be taught to them and they will grasp the bad words immediately and try to revert back in same language with others.
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    Unfortunately, many forget this important thing and start blaming various things as the cause of certain unacceptable traits in children. When children see things they quickly imitate them and apply when required. Children spend most of their time with their parents and learn most of the things from them. If parents are not cautious enough and fail to correct children immediately when they notice their unacceptable behaviour children will repeat it. Children do not know what is right or wrong and it is the responsibility of the parents to make them understand what is acceptable to all and what is not. If parents tell the children to behave properly but they themselves do not behave well with others, children will not listen to their parents. Therefore, it's essential to be an example to the children so that they can learn by observing the activities of their parents.

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    The author has raised an important social issue which should be taken care of. It's true that small kids begin to learn about life by observing family members . How they talk to each other. Their manners, language, family ambience- everything affects their minds. The effect never gets reduced as it leaves long lasting effect on their personality.
    All parents should be well disciplined before them. It is their responsibility to raise their children carefully.

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    The author has rightly said, children are innocent by nature, and they observe the environment and people around them very carefully. Parents should take care of what should be discussed in front of the children and what kind of behavior should be presented. The understanding of children is similar to that which is why they believe the same as what they learn, the same image is created in their mind which we present. If parents want their children to be cultured and cultured, then, first of all, they should also pay attention to themselves.
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    It is true that children learn by observing others and we as parents should be very careful in front of them. My daughter even imitates the tone of us elders and uses all the words we use, to this minute extent every child will observe. Unfortunately, many forget that children are observing and talk the way they want, even often keep fighting before children which will definitely have an impact on them.

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    Children are keen obervers and good traits must be made known to them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    You are absolutely right sir. Children start learning through imitating their surroundings. Mostly, they observe the parents and learn from them.

    There are many things that can't be taught instead they learn by imitating their parents and other elders in the family.

    If you want your child to have good behaviour and morals, even if you keep chanting in their ears, the does and donts they won't understand. You should possess those values in you. If you follow your child will follow you.

    The way we speak, the way we treat others everything they learn from us. "Yadha parents thadha children". So we have to be good we want our children to be.

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    Children have a tendency of mimicking the seniors. They will try to do what they see others doing. Their mind is like a blank slate and during the initial growing up period we can ask them to do anything and they would take it is a play only. The parents have to be cautious in their behaviour and other things with the other people because the children will be watching them and given an opportunity will pick up those traits easily.
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    Surely parents good traits would be followed by children no matter they are modern and educated.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Children will learn from their parents and hence parents are considered as their first teachers. So parents should keep this in mind always and they should behave well in front of them. They should not quarrel with each other in presence of their children. They should follow the discipline and see that their children will always follow the same discipline. This will make them good citizens of our country.
    Definitely, parents will be the role models for their children at least till they go to college. They think what their parents do is correct and they will also do the samething. This is to be kept in mind by all the parents.

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