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    Start the day with some expectations and end the day with lot of experiences

    In life, every day is a new day for us. So, start the day with a lot of new fresh expectations. To achieve the expectations, put in your efforts. You may succeed in achieving the expectations fully or partially or you may not achieve anything. If you achieve it completely that will encourage you to take up new tasks. If your achievement is partial or failure, that experience will teach you to correct your mistakes to full fill your task. For example, a homemaker tries to prepare a new dish, one has to start to try first. Even if it is a failure at the first time, that experience of failure guide to success next time. Without starting you cannot achieve anything. Experiences of failures become success stones of the future.
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    Every morning brings new hope. Hope of happiness and success. When we start our day we should completely what went wrong the previous day.We are in the age of tough competitions. If you are in sales and marketing field. You have many other marketing personnel convincing their clients. Everybody is running after achieving given sales target. Our hope should never die. Diligence never fails. It always brings best result.
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    Whether it is success or failure after an attempt, both enhance our experience and I think that experience gained is something very important as that teaches us some concrete lessons for our future attempts.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The heading is very captive and natural to the core as the Sun rises in the east the day begin with the right earnest and we do not know what is in store for the whole day. We may have planned things that are going to happen but there is a saying that Man proposes and God disposes, and that means nothing in the hands of us as the very next minute what is going to happen is the big question mark. But having toiled the whole day the end need to be relaxed and winning and if we end up with result oriented day, we would be happy and rearing to go for the next.
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    Every day is a new day in our lives and have new hopes, expectations, apprehensions, and uncertainties as what would be the outcome of the activities done previously or to be attended now. A positive mind would always think in a constructive manner and do the tasks in that mind set only but the end result at the end of the day might not be as what had been expected beforehand and due to this a setback feeling or failure sets in the person who had devoted so much time and efforts. I agree with the author that whatever be the consequences at the end of the day, we are at least richer in our experiences and can do better next time.
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    Everyday is a learning experience and we need to focus to learn something and consider the experience. As the author said, we need to start somewhere to do something and to learn from it. I have seen so many people (including me) who plan on doing many things but never start or even attempted to start and thus the task never progresses. We need not worry about the end result. Our only duty is to start and maintain the consistency. If we successful then we will have good experience and if at all we fail then that will be the best experience to correct our path and think in many different ways

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    We will have our own agenda for the day. We will try our best to complete the agenda without fail. Sometimes we may be able to complete all and the results obtained will be positive. But sometimes we may not be able to catch up to the required speed and sometimes the results may not be encouraging. As an individual, we should not get over-excited for the success and we should not get depressed with failures.
    We are seeing many competitions in our life. Many times we participate and we will try and do our best. This much is only is in our hand. We may win or may not win. The result depends on so many other issues not alone on your performance. The performance of others may be better than yours. The evaluating officer may view your work as inferior to others works. Like this winning is not in your hands. So what you acquired is your experience. So I agree with the author that start the day with your expectations and end the day with the experiences.

    always confident

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