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    What traits can we learn from Virat Kohli ?

    Virat Kohli is often criticized by others for his aggressive behavior. But I am sure, he must have some good qualities also as he reached this level. What traits can we learn from Virat Kohli ?
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    The biggest advantage of his trait is that he could come the position of a captain through his hard work and getting along with the team players. When other seniors are there, the board has chosen him to lead because of his good play, good leadership quality to take good work from bowling , batting and fielding. And being the run better himself and make a formidable player , minimum performance was sure from him and that kept the average graph in tact. Nevertheless he is the icon for the youth across the country and world.
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    Virat Kohli is an excellent batsman. Since he was selected In national team he impressed the world by his talent. His batting style and level is high. He is one of the greatest batsman of the world.
    He is aggressive and sometimes, this aggressive attitude is advantageous for his batting but as a captain he needs to change himself. He should learn from Dhoni how to remain cool and calm even under tremendous pressure. He is not away from him.

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